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    How to Clean your scrollermouse properly

    This is a good mouse....but I have also had the scroll ball issue for a long time but here is a good solution...

    Hold the mouse upside down and use a baby wipe yes a baby wipe any type will do to clean the ball in all directions...Baby wipes have an degreasing agent this usually gives about a working weeks relief from the dreaded dead ball !!!

    In my office this restored mice that had not worked for months.. give it a try


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    Ball can't be cleaned

    Unfortunately, after having owned THREE mighty mice (two came with new Macs), I can only say they're a waste of time. They inevitably accumulate gunk in the mechanism, which being inaccessible renders the whole thing useless in terms of scrolling etc.

    I got so frustrated that I ended up getting a Griffin PowerMate, which has worked dependably for the last 5 years.

    Why they couldn't put a multitouch sensor in a wired mouse is a mystery.

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    Scroll Ball

    Love the mouse but scroll ball gets stuck... wiping with rubbing alcohol makes it work again, but only sometimes.

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    Does not last

    Scroll wheel stops working eventually. You do tricks to clean it out a few times, but eventually it stops working. Great features and amazing at first, but in the end, it is just not worth it. It will die. You will hate it. You will need a new mouse. All in due time.

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    Can't go back to the wheel

    Love this mouse and the wireless version. Have used them both since their release and have had NO issues. How dirty are you people who have the scroll ball seize up all the time? If it's not running smoothly, just turn it over and quickly run it up and down the front of your jeans, the length of your thigh. Takes ten seconds and it's working again. I have also used a can of compressed air to blow out the dirt, when I've had a can handy, but usually this isn't necessary 'cause it works fine and every six months I use the jeans trick.

    Once you get used to having a mouse that will activate Exposé and the Dashboard, you won't want to use anything else.

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    Fixing a scroll ball problem

    I read the reviews, concerning the Apple Might Mouse, after the scroll ball on my mouse, stopped scrolling up, the down scrolling worked fine. I called Apple, concerning the scrolling problem, I was instructed to take a clean piece of paper, turn the mouse upside down, and roll the ball on the paper. I rolled the ball on the paper for about 10 seconds, checked it, scrolled up very little, so, I rolled it on the paper again, for about 30 seconds, and could feel roughness, I kept rolling the ball until the roughness went away. Afterwards, the mouse worked great!

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    Stay away from this

    I've bought a second Mighty Mouse after my first one became unusable. Still, the problem happened again: the scroll button jams itself like the old mechanical mouse. Having a mechanical scroll ball that you can't clean totally defeats the purpose of getting an infra-red mouse in the first place.

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    It looks great but not reliable

    It looks great and it works well, too. But problem arises once the scroll ball gets some dirt, making it either unable to scroll up or down. Perhaps it has to state clearly that the user should keep his hand 100% clean before operating the mouse.

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    Might Only Briefly

    The mouse works really well out of the box. Then in about 6 months the scroll ball get dirty and there is no effective way to clean it. It is not removable. For the money, there are many better choices.
    Apple, you make great stuff but you struck-out on the Mighty Mouse.

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    Short Life

    Of all the mice I have owned, this is the shortest lived mouse I have ever had. Nine months and the scroll ball no longer works, and the sealed body means you can't clean it.

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    A Complete Pain!

    I love the functionality of this mouse. I hate the fact that I have to clean and fiddle with the trackball every other day though. Apple should really offer up a free mouse of their new design (once it is released) to anyone who currently owns one of these P.O.S.

    I love you Apple and always have... but this is flat out unacceptable!

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    yes it is undeniably great at first and yes it will break.

    14 months for me and splat. stupid ball tracks up and not down. will purchase another because it is so good when it works, but if that one goes i will turn elsewhere. look elsewhere as direct from apple is ridiculous for something that should last the life of your computer.

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    The scroll ball problem

    I had the same problem as everyone else. I didn't realize it was a common problem and thought my mouse was broken. Took it to the iStore and they cleaned it. Brought it home and within a day and it was broken again. Now for the DH (and that isn't dear husband) who said wash your hands etc. there is no way the scroll ball would get crapped up in a day or two. I didn't have any rubbing alcohol handy as I read all the reviews and decided that vodka ought to work ...and it did. I guess it gives me another reason to keep vodka in the house (like I needed one!).

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    Wired Mighty Mouse

    Really poor mouse. Changed it about 3 times in not even a year because the scroll just breaks. I've done the whole cleaning thing to it, which works; for about a day. I'm in need to change my mouse for the 4th time today as it's bodged up again.

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    How to fix your scroll wheel on the mighty mouse

    I have given the wired mouse a four star rating only because it looks good, and performs well if {and this is a big IF}: it must be kept clean.
    I use the alcohol swabs you can buy at any drugstore and clean the dirt regularly.
    I too had the scroll wheel start to underperform and not scroll properly, then I learned that if you ran the swab over the wheel and turned at the same time it ran the alcohol down into the mouse and cleaned up the dirt that that had accumulated.
    Within seconds the scroll wheel worked as new.
    And it works well on cleaning the bottom of the mouse that accumulates dirt from any surface you are working on.
    Is the design poor? Yes! But if kept clean it does seem to work o.k.

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    Scroll Ball

    My scroll ball doesn't let me scroll down anymore, which really stinks because that's all I do. Mouse isn't even that old!

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    Nice mouse!

    I have reviewed a lot of products and up until now, never offered a commentary on other reviewers. Allow me this observation about the whiners complaining about the scroll ball sticking: Try washing your hands before using your computer and don't eat and type on your keyboard at the same time . . . You could also try dusting your desk once in awhile! Now that being said, we have three iMacs with users ranging from 10 to 54 in the house and have had absolutely NO problems with this mouse. It is a great design with simple to use features, perfectly matched to the Mac OS interface. So, if you can manage not to eat and use your computer at the same time (step away from the Cheetos!), you are probably going to love this mouse. If you can't steal yourself away from your computer long enough to make and eat a proper meal while sitting at the dining room table, then you're liable to have sticky computer peripherals and accessories and this mouse is no exception.

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    Frustrating but ultimately a great product

    I struggled for months with the scroll wheel working intermittently and I even put the Mighty Mouse to one side and tried other mice. But I kept coming back to it because I do love its compact size and lightness.

    I just gave up using the scroll wheel - until one day I stumbled over a review which recommended cleaning the wheel by turning the mouse upside down and running the wheel over a blank sheet of clean paper, in all directions. This worked like a charm and now, every few days, I repeat this cleaning and the mouse works perfectly.

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    Deeply Flawed Design

    1. The track ball is unreliable. Sometimes it 360's, sometimes it only goes up or to the side. Often it just sticks.
    2. The design is cool but way to slippery. There is no place where you can get a grip on the thing.
    3. Apple is down right "snarky" about this product. They won't refund money.
    4. The software to control/customize it is very difficult to use and not intuitive.

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    Bad mice

    Wheele do not work after a short period.

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