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    More Scrolling Problems

    Like a lot of others I find the scroll wheel stops working after a short time. Mainly it will scroll up only, sometimes it will not scroll at all, sometimes it will work normally for a short while. I often press the side bars without wanting to also very annoying. Seems like a very poor design.

    As a new Mac used I'm not a happy bunny!

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    Mighty Mouse Swallowed Kryptonite

    Like most of the reviews I've read, I too have had trouble with the scroll ball on my second Mighty Mouse. The last one only lasted a few months before it quit working, and will be my last. You can't even take it apart to clean it without prying it open and taking a chance of tearing it up for good. It's a shame such a great computer comes with such a P.O.S mouse.

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    Advice: I would not buy this mouse

    This is the second one of these mice that I've had in 1.5 years whose scroll ball has jammed due to debris, and thanks to Apple's innovative "you can't open it" design, has turned into a $50 paperweight. Just brilliant. Off to buy a non-Apple mouse now.

    Apple, I like your stuff, but this mouse is a lousy design--form before function. A real lemon.

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    Scroll Ball BAD

    I've been through two of these. They're absolutely brilliant for the first six months, then you struggle with dodgy scrolling for three months, then you spend another AUS$99 for a new one.

    Not going through that again until they improve the scrolling technology. Shame, because they're great in the first instance.

    Now to find an alternative.

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    Almost useless!

    I cannot believe the price Apple charges for a new wireless not-so-mighty mouse! This product is simply not up to Apple's usual high standards. Within a few weeks my mouse ceased to scroll down, of course I checked online and this is a common problem with many methods of cleaning for a solution. Now I find the mouse needs to be 'cleaned' at least once a week just so it can scroll down. This is simply not good enough!

    Many reviews give the mighty mouse 3 or 4 stars and claim with proper use and the right cleaning everything is fine! I fail to see how this is an accurate reflection of the product (or logical). I have had many PC type mice last for years with no cleaning at all and absolutely no maintenance. They are nowhere near the price of the so called Mighty Mouse and not an issue to replace either.

    Needless to say I will be looking for an alternative wireless mouse, although I doubt it will be an Apple. Time for a redesign!

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    Overpriced mouse

    I have had my mouse for two months and the super scroll button is already broken. 49 bucks for this mouse might be a little high! I have a cheap PC mouse that has lasted me three years with no problems. Mac product should be better than that, not just higher priced...

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    Scroll ball again...

    Lots of negative comments already re the scroll ball, but I thought I'd add my voice. Yes, it clogs up in no time. Rolling it around upside-down on some paper helps, especially if you moisten it with suitable cleaning fluid first, but!! After a while this did no good, so I took it apart: the thing was clogged with fluff, and try as I might I couldn't get it going again, even after cleaning rollers. Should I keep it in a sealed dust free room?! Point is, it desperately needs re-designing to isolate the works from the outside world. How to do that is Apple's problem, but where there's a will there's a way. One star, cos I've ditched it and gone back to an old mouse I had knocking around.

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    Trackball tech needs work

    Just threw away my third mighty mouse with trackball. They only last about six months. Maybe I should use this as an excuse to my wife for a new computer with a new mouse? Haha.

    Anyways, wouldn't recommend this mouse if you need to do a lot of scrolling.

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    brilliant but needs improvements

    i bought this mouse for my macbook and i am having no problem with the scroll ball.i am left handed so the cable is long enough for me.the squeeze things are too sensitive so i turned them off.overall it is a good mouse

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    All these negative reviews really surprise me.

    I've had the wired mouse with my macbook pro for a couple of years and I love it. Never had a single problem, the ball is easier to use and more functional than a wheel. The only thing I can imagine is that some users must have awful dirty hands if their balls are getting clogged all the time! Seriously, it is a great mouse. I just bought a wireless one to get rid of the wire and I'm expecting the same flawless performance. Funny, seems that some people always have problems with their equipment and others rarely do. I wonder if it depends on whether you are a "hard rough" user (like my kids) or a gentle one. I own many apple products, but have never experienced any of the mechanical issues that some seem to have.

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    Awesome'st mouse ever!

    I had come from the Windows world and I'm not saying that mice manufactured for this OS are not as good as the Mighty Mouse but... OK I am :D I use both Windows and MacOS now and both are awesome just has different uses. I absolutely love simple, understated designs. The Mighty Mouse looks simple but behold it's packed with features that allow you to do almost anything you can with a mouse and more (it can't left- and right-click simultaneously as mentioned so Maya users and the like are out of luck). I've had my Mighty Mouse (bluetooth variant) for about two years and I won't lie the scroll-ball does get dirty and you won't be able to scroll anymore ... UNTIL (wait for it) ... you clean it! How? Grab you Mighty Mouse, hold it upside-down with the scroll-ball facing down and rub on moist cloth and after a couple of strokes all should work again; also works on jeans ;) Therefore, 5 Stars!

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    Dead Mouse

    One year and the mouse had to be put to sleep. Great in the beginning. Horrible life expectancy.

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    Bad Mouse wired or wireless

    I am a recent convert to Mac from a PC. I was extremely pleased with my Mac. I found it easy to use and the software is great. My system came with a wired mouse and it soon stopped working so I purchased a wireless mouse and again a few months in it stopped working. I did all the quick fixes they worked for a short time but the scroll wheel would stop working again. I turned to the internet and found that you had to take the mouse apart to fix it. The base is glued??? so you have to break that seal and after that the rest is easy and it worked. I had to use hot glue on the base ring so I could get into it again when needed. Come on now guys lets stop with the software advances and make a good mouse. Make a mouse with a removable track wheel so we can clean it when needed. Why would you glue the base ring on when you know it needs to come off to do a cleaning, do you think we are made of money and buying a new mouse every few months is your idea of a good product? I hope this is the only hardware issue I will have, time will tell. Software 5 out of 5 , Hardware 1 out of 5. Makes Mac look bad when you have something good going on. Lets not let this be your down fall.

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    When the ball killed the mouse!!!

    As many of the reviewers on this page, I must agree that this mouse was a very nice mouse. It was slick and very nice to play with and did many tricks that other mice didn't do. Unfortunately, with time, this mouse gets sick and tired of doing tricks with the scroll ball. The ball gets dirty, and there is no easy way to clean it, and the mouse won't be attracted to play with it any more. You will get mad at the mouse and probably kill it for not playing with the ball... and that is the end of the story.

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    Maybe it's time for PC manufacturers to make an ad that shows a confused young woman who needs a mouse that "just works.. you know, with no special 'rub the scroll ball upside-down on paper tricks'"..

    Then when "Mr. Mac" gets all flustered, the "PC guy" will dust off any of hundreds of Microsoft or Logitech products, which even after years of use never have these ridiculous problems.

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    Excellent mouse for all users

    I hesitated upgrading my mouse due to the negative comments. The time came for my old mouse to go, and I have been happy with the change. Right-click works with a mouth stick, a rarity for Apple products, and has worked well in the few months I've had it.

    The scroll button takes a little getting used to, but works well.

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    This Mouse is in fact a Turkey

    This mouse represents the triumph of Form over Substance....The scroll wheel is so small that a tiny bit of fluff renders it inoperative. If you buy this mouse, be prepared to have to clean the tiny 'wheel ball' on a regular basis. Sadly, its a badly thought out real world solution.

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    Easily the worst Apple product ever

    The mouse itself looks alright, however it feels very tacky. My mine gripe however with this item, and the reason I have decided to write this review, is the scroll ball.
    Easily the most useless scroll on any mouse, ever created. Simply the natural grease from your fingers will render this completely useless within about week of owning it.
    I have to clean mine using compressed air and a specialist cleaning foam about once every few days just to keep it working.

    Sort it out Apple!

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    Nice Design but Flawed

    Fits very well with the iMac design. Unfortunately, it does not quite match the quality of the iMac. It collects dirt and dust and the mouse stopped scrolling forward after less than a year. Cleaning proved impossible. For 34 pounds this is not what consumers should expect from Apple.

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    Nice, full feature set with minimalist design

    I love the mighty mouse. You folks complaining about the trackball, trying cleaning it! And clean your grimy hands once in awhile so you don't clog it up!

    Mine works perfectly and I love the light, minimalist feel to it. You get super easy scrolling with minimal movement.

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