• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Curse You Teeny Tiny Tracking Ball!!!

    Like most of these other reviews, I love Apple. And I even love this mouse. But the tracking ball - oh the tracking ball. Cleaning the exposed surface of the tracking ball is all well and good. The inconsistency of its performance is also affected by the dust and fuzz that gets built up AROUND it. Meaning, INSIDE. So like everyone else here has noted, Apple needs to make this puppy open up. So we can clean out the build up around the tracking ball. And I certainly won't dish out $49 every time my tracking ball gets gunked up. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to look into getting a mouse from a different company. And I'd really rather be putting my money into an Apple mouse.

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    Love apple, HATE this stupid mouse!

    I can't believe Apple designed this mouse.

    Every Apple product I own is AMAZINGLY well designed - even down to the lowly Apple remote.

    But, this mouse is TERRIBLE. The right click never works properly, and the scroll wheel... oh the scroll wheel... I have nightmares about it.

    The reason we switched to laser mice is because wheel mice kept clogging up. So who in the F thought it would be a good idea to essentially use an upside-down wheel mouse instead of a scroll wheel?

    After a couple of months and a few cleaning attempts I bought a white Microsoft Arc Mouse for $38 and it works beautifully with Snow Leopard. The only functionality that I lost was the (useless) horizontal scroll.

    Please apple, redesign the mouse...

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    Cant fault it

    had this a few days, no problems at all. scrolls perfectly, i like that you can have just a single button, or use it with 2 buttons. i dont like the side buttons personally as when i used the mouse sometimes application switcher would open, but you can turn it off, and even change the function of buttons with ease and anyway way round you want them. Exactly what the customer should get, a fully customisable product. no problems with cord length, i have a macbook (usb on left side) and im right handed and it reaches around the back fine with plenty of slack.

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    Worst mouse ever

    The track ball on top fails without cleaning every month and it's too small.

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    It's just the pits.

    This mouse has cool aspects to it, but the scroll ball is completely useless after a few months. You can clean it a little, but not very well, and the amount of time the cleanings work for get smaller and smaller until they just disappear. The mighty mouse scroll ball is hands down, my biggest complaint about apple.

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    Not Good

    I love Apple hardware and Mac OSX. But I have to say the negative reviews on this particular mouse are true. In less than a year the mouse became a malfunctioning irritating annoyance. So bad, I went out to the back yard and threw the thing as far into the distance as I possibly could. One day it just went bonkers and out of control as far as point and click non-cooperation. Went to a Dell track ball mouse I had on the shelf. Will dig out my old imac mouse once I remember where I put it. I definately will not buy another one of these.

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    Don't Buy

    Most things about the mouse are great. But the scroll button will stop working after a few months of use, and you will have to throw the mouse away. And this mouse is super expensive.

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    short cable

    Because the cable on the Mighty Mouse is so short, it cannot be used with a MacBook unless you place it on the left side of the computer, which makes it useless for right-handed mousers.

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    Epic Fail

    I am a major Mac fan - got it all: macbook, imac, iphone, ipod, you get the picture. The mouse that came with my imac started to booger up about 6 months after purchase: scroll ball becomes temperamental. Eventually stopped working all together. Got a second one ... now 8 months out, same thing. I'm done with this "Not-so-Mighty Mouse"! I'll be getting a different mouse. It's the only Apple product I've had problems with, but geez, after searching, this is a chronic issue with this product - FIX IT PEOPLE!! Why would you want us to have all these fabulous electronics and get a lame mouse to ruin the experience! Needs a redesign, that's for SURE!

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    I now have a MacPro 8 Core. Everything Apple makes is usually the BEST money can buy. HOWEVER, this Mighty Mouse is an absolute joke. The scroll ball seizes to function on a daily basis. It is so sensitive to harm that the price of this mouse could be better spent somewhere else.

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    Why all the fuss?

    I've had a great experience with my Mighty Mice. (The only reason I have more than one is because I have two computers.) It's precise, reliable, and yeah -- the track wheel gets dirty, but all you have to do is turn the thing upside down and give it a couple rubs on the mouse pad and you're good to go. Nothing's perfect, but the Mighty Mouse is darn good. How can you beat 360* scrolling? If you have special program needs that the Mighty doesn't meet, don't buy it. But for the money, the Mighty Mouse is just fine for me. (And it looks super-sexy sitting on my desk.) ;)

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    another scroll ball failure

    I've owned my imac for 5 months... add me to the long list of defective scroll balls. My mighty mouse no longer scrolls up. It's a shame a company that puts such a high price on quality products has missed the mark with such a critical component.

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    scroll ball problems

    This mouse came with my mac but by the 3rd month the scroll ball stopped scrolling down. Now its 6 months and the ball is still not scrolling down. I've kept the mouse very clean but it seems to be a common problem that many others have experienced.
    It is a pity as the scroll ball is absolutely great when it works.

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    Very useful but different yet i love it

    I got this mouse for my new mack book pro witch posed some problems because the wire(i got the wired one because of price) didn't reach around to the left hand side however i got a usb extender so it fine now. I find the mouse to be extremely useful because of its four buttons so i am very pleased with it so i would very much recommended it although it takes some getting used to compared to other mouses for right clicking But after a while i see now problems with it so enjoy yours.

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    It's all true--the good and the bad

    I think I've been really lucky with my mouse. I have had my mouse since it came out (four, five years ago?). Anyway, I have that very same mouse to this day. I have absolutely experienced frustration with it--sometimes it stops scrolling, sometimes it stops moving at all. It's at these times I have slammed it down in frustration and suddenly it starts working again. I obviously don't recommend this. I'm just telling you what it's like for me.

    I have many Apple friends and ALL of their mouses stopped working in the first six months. I wonder sometimes if they should have waited for it to "come back" or if their mice were truly dead. For these reasons, it is very hard for me to rate this product but I will give it four stars since I am using mine as we speak.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works fine

    I bought this mouse after we replaced an old Mac with a new one which came with this mouse, and I liked the new capabilities. I've wanted right clicks on Mac for years. I thought I would put some mileage on it before reviewing it. I've now used it for 1 1/2 years nearly every day in an office environment. Occasionally it has the scrolling problem, but if I turn it over and roll the ball around (like the instructions say to), it restores operation. I like to rest two fingers on the mouse and that will confuse it on right and left clicks, so I need to lift a finger off to make sure I get the correct click. With these two adaptations, I'm very happy with it.

    I would not consider going back to my old mouse.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Right Handers Beware (Macbook)

    If are you thinking about buying a WIRED mouse for your macbook and you are right handed then beware, the USB ports are on the left side of the laptop and the wires of the wired mouse just isn't long enough to wrap around the back or front of the laptop so that you are able to use it with your right hand.

    I took mine back to the shop to replace it with a wireless mouse and I've had no problems with it at all! Loving my new mouse!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Awful scroll ball

    Scroll ball refuses to scroll down. Have cleaned it with every cleaner known to man and will not work. My partner has the same problem with hers too. There are much better and much cheaper products available.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    great, best mouse ever !!

    I use the mouse for 10 hours a day and have found it to be the best ever !

    I just use the single button, used a mac too long to play with 2 buttons, no need !

    use the button for finder expose and it works great, scroll wheel does what it is supposed to...

    all in all 10 out of 10

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not ergonomic or functional - very pretty though

    Wanted to add my confirmation of what everyone has said.
    Love the look, but:
    - Roller often ceases to work
    - Right click often fails
    - Often left click instead of right accidentally (and vice versa)
    - middle click requires practice to achieve, it has no 'intuitively correct feel' to it
    - Side buttons (button 4) is HARD to operate, ultra awkward
    - Button 4 has no tactile detection, you have to look at the mouse to feel if your finger/thumb is on it before pressing
    - Removal of battery cover is just plain difficult and is a frankly hit and miss operation and feels like it will fail if used to often
    - On/off switch is unnecessarily difficult to operate
    - roller ball is too small for delicate movements
    - Design is intrinsically 'rattley', does not feel good
    - bluetooth connection is frequently iffy, often will not connect at start up time
    - took some time for me to find the correct fixes to make bluetooth work at all (had manually download patches as they were not offered to me routinely), that is, I had to go and find them.

    Apart from that, it DOES look nice.

    NOT a satisfied customer. I would have rated it at 0 (if that was an option) because the device generally fails to function sufficiently well and the price is too high.

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