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    clean the scroll wheel and it works fine!

    if you spray a bit of antibacterial cleaner over the mouse and clean the wheel with a cloth it unblocks any dirt and works fine!

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    Right-click? Sometimes yes, many times no.

    I've had two of these mice -- and they consistently fail to detect a "right" mouse click. They are unreliable, and one of the worse products in Apple's product line.

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    I love the trackball and have had no problems

    Clearly there must be some kind of problem with the trackball due to the number of reviews that say so. However, I have been using mine for a year now with no problems at all. I have worked on Macs for a living for over 10 years and I find my mighty mouse fantastic in relation to all the others I have used. I can't get on with my other mice now and end up taking the one mighty mouse that I do have from computer to computer. I just came to the site to buy another one and can't believe the reviews! The track ball makes menu/window scrolling and general navigating so much quicker, simpler and more fluid: just so altogether better that every time I pick up an old mouse (and I have two with click wheels) I feel frustrated. I bought a new Mac Pro to save me time on retouching and I honestly feel like the mighty mouse saves me a significant amount of time to doing everything else.

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    Good initially, but the scroll ball is obviously poorly engineered...

    I have had my iMac now for 6 months and have been using the corded mighty mouse that came with it. I came on here to purchase a new mighty mouse, but after reading the reviews I felt I should concur with me follow posters...this mouse is aweful. Once the scroll ball breaks down, the mouse is useless!! 6 months, are you kidding me?? Now I have to pay another $50 to get the same thing!! Yeah, right. I think I'll get a mouse elsewhere and I would recommend you do the same thing! Come on Apple, really?!

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    Scrolling issues!!!!

    The mouse is a great idea but things could be improved I had an iMac for christmas and just recently about the start of March the vertical scrolling stopped working so this is definatly a flaw in the design as I have read many reviews with the same problem so I am going to go back to the store and demand for a new one no cost!!! (hopefully)

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    Cleaning the scroll ball

    You can clean the scroll ball using a can of compressed air to blow out the dirt and wipe the ball with an alcohol wipe. It is annoying when the scroll ball stops working but the above is a quick and easy fix.

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    Mighty Mouse Solution

    Thank you, thank you, thank you to the reviewer who said to roll the ball on a piece of paper on a hard surface to clean out the dirt/lint/whatever else is in there. I did just that and it did seem a bit abusive to the ball at first. However, my Mighty Mouse is once again Mighty! Works like new again and I just saved myself $50 since I didn't have to get a new one. TRY IT...IT REALLY DOES WORK!

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    Great Mouse

    This mouse works just great. I've had the wired and wireless versions of this mouse and both of them are just great. The wireless sometimes takes more than expected to connect to the Mac but other than that, it's great. From time to time, the scroll ball stops working, but nothing that a soft cloth and alcohol can't fix! I put a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cloth and turn the mouse upside down and scrub it up/down, left/right and it becomes fully functional again! Clean your Mouse, people! Don't return the mouse... It's uniform shape and size makes it very easy to hold and isn't awkward at all! Buy it!

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    1-star is too high a rating

    Other users have nailed it. Nothing new to say here... a mouse should just work. IT SHOULDN'T BE THIS FRUSTRATING TO SCROLL UP AND DOWN A PAGE. If you get this mouse, get used to using the scroll bar on the right side of the window, because the scroll ball won't work after 3-4 weeks.

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    Side buttons are sensitive

    Side buttons are too sensitive that even if you don't touch them they activate from time to time. Had Apple replace it but the problem is still the same. The only solution is to disable it. I searched the internet and a lot of people are experiencing the same issue. Apple should do quality testing of their devices before putting it into market and/or fix it and do a product recall.

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    scroll ball useless

    This my first mac after 20+ yrs of computers. Must say that Apple's mouse is the WORST!! I am on my SECOND MOUSE due to scroll ball failure. LESS THAN A YEAR OF OWNERSHIP. Now using a non apple mouse and it works flawlessly!!!


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    What's all the scroll ball fuss?

    Let me start off by saying I have had this mouse since November 2007. March 4th 2009 and Never had a problem with the scroll ball. Either I'm just very lucky or I have the worlds least oily fingers (quite possibly the latter as it takes me 2 months plus before I wear out guitar strings and I play at least 4 hours a day)

    Only gripe I have with the mouse is that sometimes it can't tell if your clicking the primary or secondary even when clicking in the exact same spot on the mouse.

    Other than that the mouse is good. could be a bit more sensitive but all in all 4 out of 5, comfortable, stylish and a nice weight in your hands.

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    Mighty Mouse

    I have used this product for a year and I have not had problems with the scroll button. It would be helpful for right handed users if the area of sensitivity for the left click could be enlarged.

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    Useless cord

    It works ok and it does what is described. The main issue is that all my ports are on the left side of my book and I am right handes . So using it with it reaching behind the screen gives me only 2 inches of cord if that. Rethink & revamp PLEASE!! poorly designed.

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    Scroll Wheel Will Stop Working

    I think most other reviews have mentioned this: the scroll wheel gets dirty and stops working. For me, it will only scroll up now because lint has found its way into the ball. The ball itself is the exact ball that Blackberry puts in their current models like the curve. Its VERY hard to clean on a Blackberry (pieces are magnetized and very tiny). I cleaned the ball once and bought a new one a few months later just to avoid the hassle. Apple makes cleaning the ball impossible because the plastic pieces are glued together.

    Still, I like the aesthetics of the mouse and, when the ball is working, I find the mouse comfortable and perfect for my needs. I'm not a designer and I don't play games - just read email and surf the web. So I can't say up or down if the tracking rate is better or worse than others out there.

    The cord is short and it wasn't a problem on my Mini or iMac when I plugged it into the keyboard. But now that I have a laptop, I need to use an extender to use on the right side.

    Bottom line: Looks good, works well enough but will need to be replaced once the ball attracts dirt. I had mine for 2 years before the ball got dirty enough to stop working. At $50, that's $2 a month to use or 7 cents a day and I guess that's an OK cost.

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    Mighty mouse review.

    The mighty mouse is a simple mouse, period. However, that's where the positive comments end. If you are someone that has converted from a PC to a MAC, it is an awful switch. There basically is no right click button even though they say it has one. It says it's a pressure sensitive right click button but it never works correctly. I would recommend junking this mouse or using it as an emergency spare, and buying another.

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    Scroll Ball is Bad!

    I loved using the Mighty Mouse! It's a great concept. However, until Apple get the scroll ball right you'd best stay away from it. I had to clean mine every month as it would just stop scrolling up. Alas, I must have cleaned it once too often as it has now stopped working entirely. I'll wait for the improved model before buying one again!

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    Great advice...

    I've worked with the mighty mouse for sometime, and one of my cohorts taught me a neat trick. Place an ordinary piece of paper on a hard, flat surface. Press the ball against the paper and roll it around. It seems abusive at first, but all of the gross little chunks of dirt and such spew out on the paper. Thus making your mouse mighty once again.

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    Looks cool, on your desk, but that's about it.

    I do a lot of graphic design, so I was looking forward to having a scroll ball on top of the mouse that would allow me to manipulate the horizontal scroll bar as well as the vertical.


    - Scroll ball is extremely useful for any type of graphic design and large web pages.
    - Looks really cool.


    - Even at its highest tracking speed, it's unacceptably slow.
    - Since the "button" is one-piece, you have to move your middle finger all the way to the right side of the mouse to right-click. Otherwise, it misinterprets it for a left-click. Only solution is to make the “peace sign” with your right hand to keep your index and middle finger far enough apart.
    - Makes a cheap creaky plastic sound every time you click something.

    I REALLY like scroll ball thingee, but this particular mouse has too many problems to make it worth putting up with.

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    Miserable Mouse!!! Not worth the money!

    I LOVE my new Macbook Pro, but I HATE the stupid Mighty Mouse, which I bought at the same time, a mere 2 months ago (mid-December 2008. It is now mid-February 2009, as I write this).
    Firstly, the right click NEVER works properly (not since the day I bought it), which is annoying in and of itself... However, I circumvented that problem by using Command + left click, so if that were the only problem, I could still give this mouse an O.K. rating.
    However, the scroll ball DOES NOT WORK!!! I have followed the suggestions for cleaning it repeatedly - I clean it, it works for 2-3 seconds, then it messes up again. I clean it again... same result. Cleaning doesn't do any good at all, in this instance. There is something intrinsically wrong with the design and the internal workings of the scroll ball. It started giving me trouble 4 weeks after I bought it. That should tell you something!
    I have now relegated this miserable contraption to the "used mouse" plastic funerary bag that I reserve for such infernal machinery. I got out my old, cheapo Microsoft wireless $20 mouse, and it works like a charm. Macs work FINE with regular PC mice - don't waste the $60+ for a mighty mouse. It is SOOOOOO not worth it!
    I dearly wish I hadn't wasted my money. (And I lost the receipt, or believe me, I'd be taking it back to the store, pronto).

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