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    Pretty but that's about all

    Like many others have said, the rollerball just stops working after a little while. For me it was 2 months. I'm only using it because it came with the iMac. I would never buy this.

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    Good idea, badly put together

    The mouse is bad for the first week while you get used to its sensitive side buttons, great for the second week, and a waste of money by the third, because by then the scroll ball is so clogged as to be worthless. While you can clean it for a while eventually it becomes unusable. If you could remove the ball like old mice balls to clean it properly it'd be fine, but you can't.

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    Surface Issue

    The roller ball is cool yet wondering when it will deliver problems like most have reported. My issue is it won't work on my desk! I have to lay a piece of paper down to get any free-flow movement of the mouse on my computer screen.
    Same surface feel as the Apple store surface where the computers are displayed. And it worked at my computer consultants house on her dining table. Lame!
    Apple should offer credit to purchase another mouse!

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    "Unmighty muse"

    As we are all already aware, this mouse has a couple of problems such as the 360 scroll ball which (for me) stops working every now and then. Rubbing it against plain paper will get it working but will lead to more buildup of gunk and dust. Avoid

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    Mouse malfunctions

    The "Mighty Mouse" is an example of poor design. The base picks up dirt easily and, worse still, the scroll button pulls dirt inside the mouse and stops it working. insertion of thin paper around the ball helps to clear any obstruction temporarily - but once once problems start it is only a matter of time before the mouse seizes up completely.

    This brings us to the worst feature - the mouse is a sealed unit which cannot be taken apart for cleaning. Once it bungs up - there is no remedy.

    Surely, the manufacturers could provide a dirt-proof seal - or provide a means of access for cleaning.

    A poor and unreliable product not worthy of the Apple label.

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    Have been having rollerball trouble for months now. have tried various methods of cleaning, soft cloth, paper towel, water, alcohol. Some work sometimes, not other times.
    Time for Apple to design a new one that works all the time. And then replace all the defective ones out there gratis. Let's go guys... do it now!

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    Scroll ball dead after only 5 months

    The scroll ball no longer works and the mouse needs to be replaced after only 5 months of use. For a computer that cost me well over $2,000 I expect better. I would not buy this product again and am looking for an alternative mouse to replace this one with.

    Also the side buttons are awkward to use.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Worst mac product

    Went through three of these before I gave up and spent 30 dollars on a gulp ! Microsoft wireless mouse. Sick of the rollerball dying and the lack of an ergonomic feel to the thing. Put this in the closet if it comes free and buy a better mouse with your Mac !

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    Terrible Product but could be great

    This mouse works well when it works. Problem is the scroll wheel is constantly a problem. Mine will not scroll up at this time, only down. The function comes an goes. Also the side buttons are entirely too hard to push, and are too far forward. So much so, I stopped using them. There are way better products out there are half the price. This could have been a great product if Apple had taken the time to actually test it in the real world. Until they fix this mouse, save your money and buy another one. I will now call Apple and ask for a replacement for this mouse. Mighty is not the work I would use to describe this flawed product.

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    Trackball Poorly Designed

    This mouse would be good except for the design of the trackball. The trackball assembly easily collects lint and dirt which causes it to stop working. Apple designed the mouse with no ability to clean the trackball assembly. I have one of these because I purchased a new Mac. Other than using it because it came with my Mac I would not buy one and now that I am having problems with the trackball I'm looking for a different mouse.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I agree with those complaining about this mouse. The rollerball thing stopped working after three months (it now only scrolls up).

    I also find the side button squeeze feature more a distraction than a help, though others may have better luck with this.

    Apple ought to recall this mouse and provide costumers with a better one.

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    In my opinion, this is Apple's worst product. It's a decent mouse, but I would much rather use something else. The main problem is the roller ball, as it can get stuck which requires cleaning and regular maintenance. When it comes to a mouse, I think it should just work without having to clean it once a week. Also, the side buttons are pretty awkward to use. It just needs a complete redesign.

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    very bad quality

    very short cable,scroll button doesn't work properly

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Happy Life, Tragic Loss

    Great mouse. Had it for a year. No problems. And then one unfortunate and tragic day, the roller died. I haven't been the same since. I feel that i've just lost some of my aesthetic quality.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    THis mouse is great. I love it! All these people who give it bad are idiots that don't even try to fix something when it's broken. When my scroll ball started sticking I just went online and found that all I needed to do was turn it upside down and roll it around! I just do that ant time I have a problem with it (which is very rare).

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    Finicky roller ball

    My mighty mouse officially lasted 2 1/2 years which sounds good compared to some of the other reviews. Just this week the roller ball quit scrolling upward. NOw suddenly it will scroll upward, but not down. It doesn't appear to be dirty, but I followed some of the advice on other reviews and rubbed it on a soft cloth and now it seems to be working. Since I can't take it apart to clean it more thoroughly, I'm wondering how much longer it will last.

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    turn it upside down before you criticise!

    Instead of going off on one...just turn the mouse upside down and firmly roll it about on a flat surface...always works!

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    Don't waste your money

    This mouse is terrible, after just a month of using the scrollball goes completely dead

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    Noticeable Design Flaw

    I wouldn't recommend this mouse. It has some major design flaws. First of all, to right-click, you have to move your finger all the way to the right edge of the mouse, because if you press too close to the center of the mouse, it will left click, trust me.

    Second of all, the side buttons are to easily pressed, believe me, when you're just gripping the mouse in your hands, you notice expose or another app that you've assigned the buttons to will pop up.

    Third of all, the scroll balls can get dirty very quickly, from dust or other substances on your finger. Mine wasn't able to scroll up, only down, and that was a big pain in the back for me. There is no way to clean it, unlike other mice, this mouse is sealed.

    Overall, I think that this product is a waste of money and if you don't think saw, try it for some time and you'll soon agree with me.

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    Mouse balls

    I am in full agreement with the reviews lambasting apple for the exceptionally poor life span of a functional tracking ball, this poor quality of construction in peripherals and accessories seems to be a disturbing trend with Apple. The amount of use you will get from the mighty mouse and for the price they ask if you are looking to replace it, spend your money on one of the other brands of mice being sold. Mighty mouse ain't so mighty.

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