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    Avoid This Rubbish

    That the so called "Mighty Mouse" is still Apple's mouse controller, is nothing short of appalling. Every time I buy a new Mac I get one, and every time I'm forced to buy a replacement a few months later.

    The simple fact is, the track ball is such a fundamentally flawed piece of design, you will spend more time holding the mouse upside down blowing into it than you will using the mouse. Oh it works fine for about a week, and then that's about it, you'll be locked into the use/clean cycle for the life expectancy of the device.

    It's junk, and I'm amazed that Apple have left it on the market so long.

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    3 dead mice

    I love the way this mouse works. Too bad it doesn't work very long. I'm on my 3rd mouse in less than 6 months and now this scroll wheel only scrolls sideways.

    The scroll wheel has been the item that failed on the 2 previous mice, also.

    Great concept... poor delivery

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    Mighty Mouse remains mighty!

    Don't give up on the Mighty Mouse if you think the scroll ball is dead! Just get a damp cloth, turn the mouse over and rub the ball vigorously across the damp area of the cloth (these instructions are in the apple knowledge base). Viola! Your Mighty Mouse will roar once more!

    I never really thought much about computer mice until I started using this one. Now I find it hard to use others, especially if there is no horizontal scroll. It is hard to believe how intuitive it is to use the scroll ball. Another design success for Apple - looks great and offers great functionality.

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    Not really impressive

    My iMac is 24hrs old and my mouse is not working properly. Its hardly working on any particular surface. its not working on normal wooden table, not my old mouse pad, not on any white blank paper. its working on one of the black paper in magazine which is mostly black. its not working on something that has text written. Its not working on Formica, glossy or even any Matt surface.

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    awesome mouse that needs frequent cleaning

    I love this mouse. The scroll button is a feature that I can't live without...which is why I was so upset when it stopped working. Then I sprayed all-purpose cleaner on a paper towel and rubbed it around on the scroll button and it started working immediately. Phew! I hope this mouse lasts a long time because I love it and it's expensive so I don't want to have to replace it.

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    Don't buy this mouse

    This is simply not a good mouse. It functions well initially, but the scroll wheel quickly gets dirty with everyday use and becomes unfunctional. This wouldn't be so bad if you could open the mouse up periodically and clean the device! However this is very much not a user serviceable mouse -- its glued together. I got a few months of use out of mine before the scroll wheel totally died.

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    Bad and expensive

    Apple is great but their mouse has a great problem with the roll-ball: after a while no more scroll-ball and no way to clean it! I tried everything. My advice: AVOID!

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    Extraordinary pros & cons


    + I am addicted to its scroll ball, and
    + it looks and feels great (glossy, light).


    - But it sometimes right-click when I left-clicked, or the reverse, and it's getting worse over time;
    - Also, I sometimes need to clean the scroll ball, and
    - we cannot simultaneously click both left and right buttons, and
    - right clicks are not 100% accurate, and
    - right clicks cannot be done fast enough for action games, and
    - the optical sensor makes the mouse cursor sometimes jump, while my non-Apple mouse never fails on the same surface.

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    Don't bother

    I am so frustrated with the scroll wheel is not even funny, after I am done typing this I will finally treat it "office space" and the copy machine. It worked beautiful for 3 months though.

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    Easy to Restore Scroll Function

    As mentioned in other reviews the scroll ball does have a tendency to gum up and fail. After running into the same problem, I simply sprayed some cleaning solution on a paper towel and rubbed the scroll ball around. It immediately restored the full function to it. On the whole a great product with a flaw that's easy to correct.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Mouse - looking more than great - it works!

    Has used the Mighty Mouse for a year or more now. It not only looks great - it also does the work for me.

    I guess that for some dedicated (win?) gamers and others with special needs it might not be the first choice, but for one who spends many hours every day writing, reading and browsing, and eventually entering some figures into a spreadsheet, this mouse is perfect. OK, from time to time one has to clean the scroll, but that take 30 seconds.

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    Great while it worked

    I absolutely love the Mighty Mouse's functionality, but am sorely disappointed with its longevity. The squeeze buttons are great, the 4-way scroll ball is unmatched, and the discrete left and right click is elegant & effective.

    The problem is the life span. Mine died after just over a year of light to normal use.

    I thought I had a dud, but didn't feel like shelling out another $50+ for a mouse so I plugged in my 4 year old Logitech optical mouse that still works as well as the day I bought it. I considered replacing it later, but having talked to many friends who have had the same problem, so it simply wasn't worth the cost.

    As a former die-hard PC supporter, the quality of construction & design was part of what pushed me over, but this device simply does not measure up to the mac standard of excellence that first attracted me to the platform.

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    Worst mouse in the world...

    I have only had my iMac for two months and the scroller already doesn't let you scroll down. I can scroll up if it is having a good day. I plan on replacing it, would love to buy another one (nobody else has the cute white mouse), but I am afraid it'll break too!
    I wish they would make a better one!

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    an abomination

    The batteries in my Microsoft wireless intellimouse explorer 2 recently died and I was forced to dig this thing out of my closet. Don't get me wrong, I am a total diehard Mac fan-boy and Apple keyboards are super but ironically when it comes to mice Apple is bad. Apple choses form over function when designing their mice which leads to mice that are absolutely painful to use and have zero functionality. The Mighty Mouse is Apple's attempt at hopping on this new "fad" of putting buttons on mice but with fake buttons. The Mighty Mouse is the single worst computer product I have ever used in my entire life, you would be better served going to Wal-Mart and buying a generic USB mouse for $10. Or better yet why not get a Microsoft or Logitech mouse, both companies make an array of excellent mice.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Probably the best mouse on the market

    Anyone switching from Windows to Mac knows how difficult the transition is going from a two-button mouse to a one button mouse. Since the introduction of the Mighty Mouse a few years ago, this has made the transition so much easier. Having a 'standard' 5-button mouse with a track ball makes working a breeze. I've been a Mac user for 8 years (although I did use a Mac in the late '80s during high school) and I love the short cuts that the Mighty Mouse provides. This mouse and the other desktop shortcuts (desktop corners) really allow you to customize your whole Mac experience. The only short fall is hitting the mouse correctly when trying for either the left or right button... a minor set back.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Mouse... Bad Eating Habits

    For a year and a half, 8 to 18 hours a day, 6 to 7 days a week, my little mighty mouse has raced flawlessly in Final Cut Pro. No issues whatsoever with right-clicking, and the scroll-ball zooms along the timeline with total precision. I have never cleaned it, I'm not a neat freak, but I like to take care of my equipment- you pay alot for nice stuff, KEEP it nice. The scroll-ball issues mentioned by so many are obviously caused by GRIME. And so I say to all you greasy-fingered Mac Trashers: LAY OFF THE CHEESE CURLS!!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Nothing Else Like It

    The Apple Mighty Mouse is very unique and there is no other mouse in the market like it. I prefer the corded because it's for my laptop which is right next to my mouse at all times and so that I don't have to put batteries in it. But like I said there's nothing else like it!!! BUY ONE TODAY!!! NO REGRETS

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    scroll ball doesnt work. not worth £35

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    The mouse that came with my spring 08 iMac died in a few days - replacement has held up for almost a day now, we'll see.

    Couple of caveats - useful features, all in the mouse control panel, like zoom, are by default tied to keys that are commonly used in other programs (ctrl to activate zoom) - be wary of zoom (if your pointer wheel goes bad zoomed in) - also - if you use spaces, you can't deactivate zoom while in spaces, so if you're zoomed in a gajillion percent on a photo, and move to the spaces screen, no amount of scrolling will get you to another space.

    Only way I've found around is to click the space I'm in (or hit esc), zoom back out to close to normal, then use spaces. Also be aware of your zoom functionality if enabled - it doesn't discriminate. Again, the zoom keyboard command mappings - highly recommend to change them to something not used by anything else on your box... or just turn zoom off.

    Tracking is ok for an optical... tried it on gamepads and foam, doesn't seem to matter much - it's an optical not much more to say there.

    Right clicking (contextual menus) are in nearly every program now, and while the MM can be right click enabled, or you can use ctrl-click - it's nowhere near as as responsive as a regular two button mouse... I've just decided to click on the very very outer edge to make sure - an awkward move, being used to lightly tapping a regular two button mouse.

    I must have bagged the bad combo here, cuz I've got lag in the keyboard and mouse (fiddled with the control panel, still unpredictable), and they're wired... mondo, whatever.

    Fingertip moisture, from whatever source (just drank a cold soda? sweaty?) - turns that wheel into a slippery sucker fast - actually, the hard shell and slippery shape I don't like at all, but it's holding me out until I decide on "The Replacement".

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Worked well, died early.

    I really liked the design of this mouse, but it could use a few improvements: the side buttons required quite a bit of force to activate, and you had to lift your left finger completely off the mouse to right-click. Once I got used to it though it served me well, and the 360 scroll was its best feature.

    Biggest problem, however, was that after 11 months of service the 360-scroll wheel stopped working. I could scroll down and to the right, but not up or left.... making the mouse fairly useless to me.

    Four stars for design and function
    Two starts for longevity
    Three stars overall.

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