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    This mouse can and will ruin your first experience with an iMac. Please, Apple, for god's sake put a couple more product engineers on this one. It's a very important part of the computer.

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    Scroll wheel? What scroll wheel?

    I'm already onto my second Mighty Mouse in six months and I'm about to return it for a third. The scroll wheel on this mouse can barely be considered functional — regardless of how clean one keeps their paws this flimsy little ball mechanism will get clogged with dust and stop working. It can't be properly cleaned and it appears that even oxygen particles will hinder its functionality.

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    Sorry Apple

    Great idea and design... poorly built. This device gets a little dirty and quits doing what is supposed to do. I had to go to a dollar store and replace 'mighty' for a $7.00 mouse. The only thing I lost is the horizontal scroll. Sorry Apple.

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    Flawed Mouse

    Love the scrolling in both planes and the sensitivity when using fine movements but Hate the inconsistent right click - sometimes it will, sometimes it is a left click. Drives me crazy when navigating web sites. I actually sent mine back as I thought it was faulty but the replacement is just as bad. Why cant we simply have 2 buttons like every other mouse out there?

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    Mighty mouse review

    Scroll ball stopped scrolling down after 4 months use, very frustrating. Luckily I found the advice of turning the mouse upside down and rubbing the scroll ball like mad for a few seconds seems to have fixed it. For a $70 product though it's terrible. Apple have really dropped the scroll ball on this one. Dragging and dropping across the screen is also very difficult.

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    Apple tries too hard sometimes

    We use a lot of Macs for our business and there are three things that just irritate me and everyone else.

    1) The dang scroll ball gets too dirty and using it turns my joy into frustration.

    2) The pair of buttons on the side are useless for the user who does any sort of drag-and-drop (grabbing the mouse for a drag-and-drop operation improperly invokes the button squeeze). I always turn this off in System Preferences.

    3) The left-click / right-click "areas" on top are just not intuitive. Even after I turn the right-click option ON out of the box, people just don't know where to click for a right-click. Apple, face it... we live in a right-click world and we don't need a 'Mighty Mouse' - we just need a mouse that works like people expect.

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    Dragging Long Distances

    I love the look of my Mighty Mouse. I also love the scroll ball, even though I've had the same issues with it that others have had and have to clean it often, I'm still spoiled by its action.

    My main complaint is this: it lacks basic mouse functionality. If I need to click and drag something a long distance, since my very first mouse I've been able to click, drag, pick up the mouse while still clicked and move it over, then drag some more. Because of the Mighty Mouse's no button design, this is nearly impossible.

    I still give it three stars. If they can figure out a way to fix click-and-drag and make the scroll button work better, I'll give it five.

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    I bought this mouse yesterday and when you click it is sometimes squeaky and the trackball gets pushed out of place sometimes. But overall its a decent mouse.

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    Scroll Ball Worries

    Like most people have said, the scroll ball on this mouse is rubbish. I don't know a single person who's had one, where the ball has lasted more than a couple of months. Sure you can use some heath robinson methods to get around it; take it apart, rub the mouse upside down like crazy for a couple of hours etc. but why should we? these things aren't cheap, and we should expect better.

    If you want something that lasts, buy a PC version, if you just want something that looks nice, but is ultimately going to fail, go crazy!

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    Thank you, Kensington

    My track ball stopped working, again, but this time in the scroll down instead of up. Again, I reached for my 8 year old kensington mouse (solid parts) no external scroll or perturbing scroll, or however the *^%$# you want to put it, and continued with my work.

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    Cleaning mouse/no scroll down or up?

    People. this mouse can get dirty like any other mouse. Take some rubbing alcohol along with a rag or sock and really clean this sucker. Wipe it in all positions for about a minute. My mouse quit scrolling down completely and I really cleaned the scroller with alcohol and got it to work again with no problem. I just now periodically clean it more since the scroller picks up dirt and other material.

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    Best Mouse on the Market

    I have used the wired and wireless version of the Mighty Mouse for several years, and it has become my favorite. The secret to reliable use of the scroll ball is to keep your hands clean -- not a bad idea anyway when using any computer peripheral. The left and right and multi-click commands were a little tricky to master at first, but now even that seems natural now that I have mastered the movements. Overall, a great mouse!!

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    I have owned plenty of "mouses" in my lifetime and the Mighty Mouse is by far the sorriest.

    What is so annoying about it? Imagine surfing online and when you go to left click, (which is nothing but a command to stabilize your curser) the command all of a sudden turns into a right click command. Suddenly your right click and left click become one and the same. Absolutely annoying. On top of that, the scrolling ball will act up as well. Sometimes the ball will allow you to scroll up, only to refuse to scroll down. After getting beyond frustrated, I shutdown and restart my Mac, hoping it will resolve the issue. Within minutes of the reboot, I can scroll down with the scroll ball, only to be denied of scrolling back up. Completely insane.

    It's 2008, folks. I cannot believe a mouse can be this bad.

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    Sorry to see it go...

    I love this mouse, but it didn't last more than 4 months. I have tried to clean it and get the scroll ball to work again, but it's useless - it just won't scroll down anymore. Anyway, don't buy this mouse until Apple resolves the issue with the scroll ball.

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    what's wrong with the mighty mouse?

    I bought my iMac just over a year ago, and absolutely love the mighty mouse. like everyone else here, I had issues with the scroll wheel just a few weeks/months after my purchase. something that I was told by Apple when I called in: use a CLEAN sock and some rubbing alcohol to clean the scroll wheel-just rub it around & back/forth, and it'll come clean. this makes the wheel work again!
    if you use your computer a lot, you'll have to do this pretty often-or wash your hands more often. but it's WAY better than wasting $$$ on a new mouse when this one works just fine.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Shocked and Appalled!

    When it works, it's great. When it's dead it dies when you are on a short deadline. This is my second half dead mouse. The first mouse lasted 1.5 years, the second less than 7 months before the track ball stopped working. I've cleaned them with alcohol, scrolled them while upside-down, left, right and sideways. This only fixed one mouse. The second wont scroll down. Forced to use my grungy old Sony mouse from my door-stopper computer! Shame on you Apple. These should have been upgraded by now.

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    Looks great dreadful to use

    The mouse looks great and the idea is sound. BUT to use it is truly awful. It lacks finesse - regardless how you set it up double clicking is dreadful and in conjunction with the scroll ball you just keep clicking when you don't want to. The buttons are positioned too far forward and my wife endlessly complains that she is therefore uncomfortable using it. But it is the scroll ball that is the worst feature - seems great when you first use it but wait until it packs up. I have cleaned it endlessly and now less than 12 months after buying my iMac it has now completely packed up. I bought Apple because I was told by its proponents that the quality was way above any PC - I feel somewhat let down.

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    Needs clean space

    This mouse came with my new computer and it was great while it lasted...Not even a year into it...the mouse got some gunk stuck inside where the ball is and i wasn't able to scroll down...I got frusterated and took the mouse apart...bad idea! I got the inside cleaned out, but now the mouse is inoperable of scrolling/side button features, do not take this mouse apart, everything comes loose! My advice...allow this mouse to roll around in a very clean area...

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    It's a great mouse

    I have two of these, and four friends have one as well. The roller ball does get gunked up and stops moving, but a few really quick back and fourth movements on the ball while the mouse is upside down always fixes it for me and my friends. And I usually have lunch at my desk, so there is plenty of opportunities for the ball to get mucked up.

    Scrolling sideways is awesome. The side buttons as the app switcher saves me a fair amount of time. Sorry to see some people have trouble with this mouse, it has been great for me.

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    easy fix.

    Okay, so my mouse's trackball stopped working and I pretty determined to buy a new one, that wasn't an apple brand.
    But then I went to see what everyone else's problem was, and they had the same. Grease in the trackball, malfunctions, and what not.
    But after taking the advice of 'printer paper, roll mouse up and down and all around for 60 seconds' and the 'rubbing alcohol wiping'.
    Just try those before you give up.

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