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    Two new mouses=same problems

    Had my I-Mac one month now, and had nothing but problems with the MIGHTY MOUSE.
    The right click only worked, intermittently on BOTH new mouses. The pointer jump all over the place. (too jumpy). After hours and hours on the phone with APPLE tech
    support and being sent two "NEW" mighty mouses, the right click still didn't work. I
    Went back to my "old" DELL mouse and right click work fine. Finally got a new
    KENSINGTON mouse which also works fine..Also USB wire was too short.

    THIS WAS MY FIRST EXPERIENCE WITH APPLE after using Microsoft for 12 years. Many many wasted hours and a "TERRIBLE" experience. Ha ! What a joke,I was led to believe APPLE was trouble free and superior to MICROSOFT. What an introduction !!
    Thanks apple !!

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    Had this computer less than 2 months

    I bought this computer the last week of Feb. Already the mouse will NOT scroll up, and the little ball "catches" when scrolling. Can't wait to see what else with happen.

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    More Wire Please...

    The Mighty Mouse is really easy to use and i expect allot of people will choose this because it is £15 cheaper and that they can put up with an extra wire. Don't. I have measured the wire and it is 70cm which isn't enough. So my advice is to go for the Wireless one.

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    What a bad product!

    I just got a fantastic brand new IMac, but I had to - after one day of use - get rid of this mouse and use the old one from the previous generation (that was great). The problem? The laser behaves erratically, it completely lacks precision and makes the user experience terrible. I'm a graphic artist and need a mouse that works.

    This product is NOT up to Apple standards.

    So what's next? Do I have to get a PC mouse? Please don't make me do this! Design a better mouse!

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    Partial solution!

    So, I have had this mouse for a bit over a month (using it with a Macbook Pro). I was having some problems with the mouse skipping (i.e. the pointer would suddenly jump to a corner of the screen and I had to disable Expose because it was making me craaazy!). Some people were saying that even mousepads didn't fix the problem. I found one at Office Depot for $9 - it's by Allsop, it's very thin and flexible and can double as a screen protector when your computer is closed, and the surface is some kind of microfiber. Anyway, poof goes the problem!

    As for the scroll ball, I fully expect it to give out eventually, but at least the tracking problem is fixed!

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    Thanks reviews!

    I was just checking the price of a new MM since mine stopped scrolling up/down after approximately a year of fine service. I view blueprints on my computer and enjoyed the ease my little scroll ball brought to this task. I tried the paper trick--no luck! Thanks to the reviews I will not be purchasing another MM.

    P.S. my hands are always clean when working on my computer, isn't that a no brainer?

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    Love this mouse

    I bought this mouse about 2 years ago and love it to death. Whenever I work on another mac I realize how useful this little guy really is. One minor downfall the scroll wheel after using this thing for two years has now given out on me. I'm off to buy another...

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    Problems with scrolling

    This is the second mighty mouse I have owned after the first one's scroll wheel failed. The same has now happened this one. I would expect that a company such as Apple would treat it's customers with a little more respect and stop selling such utter rubbish to them. i will not be buying Apple products again.

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    not so mighty mouse

    I would have to agree with the majority of the comments on this product. I was a bit luckier as mine died after about 1.5 years of use. Instead of buying another one of these mouses, I opted for a Logitech mouse that works way better than the so called "mighty mouse" ever worked. It should be called "wimpy mouse" really.

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    Side to side

    I used this mouse on the job for over a year, full time, and never had an issue with the ball sticking. I recently purchased a Macbook and have been shopping for a mouse locally because I forgot to order the Mighty Mouse at the same time. No other mouse can scroll side to side as well and up and down. Once you get used to that feature, the other mice are incomparable. So, I am placing my order for Mighty Mouse right now!

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    Totally useless mouse

    I have had problems with this mouse since I first bought an iMac last March. It's always the same thing - the vertical scrolling. I bought a wireless mighty mouse and the scrolling soon packed up with that too. I have persevered with this wired mouse but now the scrolling will not work at all. I have tried all the various methods of cleaning it - and no joy. So, I plugged in a USB wheel mouse from my old Dell desktop and it worked perfectly. That mouse set me back £12 when I bought it in 2003 and has never given any trouble. I cannot understand how Apple can produce such a useless piece of kit like this - one that is so important to get right. If Dell can do it, why can't Apple. It is truly rubbish.

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    basic hygiene

    people -
    wash your hands. i have an aluminum imac at work and at home. one has the wireless mouse and one is wired. i have had no scroll ball problems thus far and the mice work great. as for battery life - im 60 days in on my wireless and still have 91% life left and only use one battery at a time because i like the lighter weight. i plan to replace my wired version with a wireless but will wait until a wireless keyboard is available with a keypad and my chemist friends will follow suit.

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    I hope Apple replaces this product soon

    I really want to like this mouse, I went out of my way to purchase an Apple mouse for $50 and for a few months it was great. I use it at work and am a Graphic Designer so ease of use was very important to me. Right away I was annoyed by the lack of right-click but got used to it. Also, the "touch sensitive top" isn't. Then one day the ball became gummed up and no amount of "rub it on your shirt" or "use and alcohol pad" was doing the trick so I too it apart (not without scratching up the mouse first) and after fiddling with the micro-sized parts managed to clean it and get it working again, for a few months. Now, 8 months after buying it I am ready to toss it into the trash. Out of the blue, my left scroll is not working and I am going back to my 6 year old Logitech which I never should have put away in the first place and still works as good as the day I bought it.

    I love you Apple, but you need to face the fact that a persons first point of contact with a computer is the mouse and if it does not work, you ruin the experience of the whole machine.

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    DO NOT BUY THIS MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!

    IF you buy a mac and this mouse comes with your mac. Throw it away or never use. Do not buy this mouse. I have gone through two of them already. This is the absolute worse mouse to use. Apple really screwed up on this. Buy a logitech or Microsoft mouse for your mac. Trust me

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    Scroll up broken in two monts ....

    I brought IMAC end december, for domestic use.
    Beginnig february the scroll up started to function partially, two weeks later the scroll up is gone (I could not clean the mouse because there are no screws to open it).

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    Scroll Bar Quick fix

    after about 2 months on my mighty mouse the scroll bar stop working, then it would only go up. After researching why it did this i found that the bar collects finger grease. Causing the sensor to not recognize the ball rotating. HERE'S THE FIX: get a piece of printer paper, and place the mouse upside down, with the ball touching the paper. Then rub the mouse ball against the paper in all directions. You should see your black finger grease on the paper. Repeat about every 2 months

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    Great Mouse, If you read manuals

    One of the best mice i've used, there are a lot better ones out there but its really neat and simplistic. Please clean the scrolling ball, CLEAN IT - the manual has it there... to clean the scrolling ball... read. clean. and good as new.

    neat laser easter egg.

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    nothing but problems

    I have had some issues as well with this mouse..1 was the short cord but I believe it was designed to plug right onto the new keyboard so if you do not have the keyboard with the usb plug then you are out of luck. 2. the pointer seems to go where it wants and I see I am not the first with this issue. I have called and sent fro a new one since I am under warranty. I have not had the scroller issue yet, i will watch out for it when the new one arrives.

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    OK, except for scroll ball

    I use my Mac several hours a day, and the scroll ball has become gunked up beyond repair. None of the techniques---the paper, the air blast, the wet cloth, the toothbrush, the alcohol---work any more. It only scrolls left and right, and not in the other two directions. My only option left is to take the thing apart, and it is not designed for that. Well, I have another option, which is to buy some other model.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Scroll wheel wont scroll down...

    I've this mouse for a while but unfortunately I can't scroll down. I can scroll up and to the sides BUT NOT DOWN and this is extremely frustrating considering it's less than a year old and it's already not working. I've tried holding it upside down and rubbing it around with a damp cloth like apple suggests on their support page but nothing helps. Otherwise a great mouse.

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