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    Hate hate hate

    I've had a mighty mouse for a few months, and I have nothing good to say about it. It is very jumpy (I will be using it normally, and the cursor will jump across the screen for no apparent reason.) The scroll ball needs to be cleaned every few weeks, because the tiniest bit of dirt from standard use will disable it. This is ridiculous! No mouse should need that kind of maintenance! Also, I am a gamer, and this mouse makes it extremely frustrating to play games. Yes, it does have a right click, but if you don't click it EXACTLY right and raise your left finger EXACTLY right, it won't work.

    It is a very annoying mouse, and have heard nothing good from other owners I know. SPEND YOUR MONEY ON A DIFFERENT MOUSE!

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    Mighty uncleanable scroll ball

    My first Apple in decades and I'm extraordinarily disappointed in the poor design from the originators of the mouse. The scroll ball is virtually guaranteed to quit working - unless you're one obsessive-compulsive hand-washer. Your natural body oils plus any lotions you might use to care for your hands will gum everything up and there is no way to remove ball to clean internal mechanisms. Better to buy some other brand in this case.

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    Works great if you wash your hands

    I've had the wireless version of the mouse for nearly a year, the wired version for about 4 months - they work fine without a hitch. But if you like to eat greasy food (or wash your hands only once a day) you're doomed to gum up the scroll ball and dirty up the bottom of the mouse (creates drag).

    My keyboards are clean as well - some people tend to dirty up everything their hands touch so if you're one of those people you might not like this mouse.

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    Keep your money!

    I have several of these "Mighty Mouse" and they are not mighty. They always work well at first and they don't scroll at all. I just use my old USB mouse from my 8600 PowerMac and it works fine.

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    Great Ideas... Weak Execution

    I got this mouse standard with the iMac and the scroll ball stopped working after 4 months.... shouldn't be doing that. Everything else is really cool through style and technical design.

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    Don't waist your money

    I was glad to see apple finally came out with a mouse with a scroll ball and right click, I mean Apple makes real good computers so the mouse must be great. First I bought the wireless mighty mouse and the scroll ball quite working after three months so I went on line and found out a lot of other people were having the same problem. So I put the mouse in the drawer and starting using a 20.00 logitech. A few months went by and I thought that I would try it again so I bought the Mighty Mouse with a tail. Well after about three months the scroll ball stopped working as well. So I cleaned it and it started working for a entire week. I have gone back to the cheap logitech. Apple still makes great computers but they make a terrible right click/ scroll mouse.

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    Mac Mini

    I just got this mouse today and I love it, its works way better then all my other mice I have used in the past. The ball on top of the mouse is is very nice when it comes to the internet and other things where you have to go up and down and left to right, its nice they put all that in one button. Apple did a good job making this mouse.

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    So weak

    I only use it one month and it was broken. I just put it in my bag and it cannot work at all.

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    Would love to give 5 stars....

    As a college student the extra buttons it made life easier. With the side buttons for expose and the middle for dashboard, this made researching online a breeze. Then the scroll ball failed after only a couple of months : (. Boo Hoo, but with the extra buttons making it easier iv found myself trying to find a poser mouse that you can clean the scroll ball.(or find one that has a wheel). P.S I can tell the scroll ball needs cleaning because sometimes when i push it hard it scrolls a lil. If they made one that you could clean this would be a great mouse!

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    nearly perfect but not quite there yet!

    I was ready to to give this 5 stars but its not the perfect mouse i think it has great potential the little things i find wrong with this mouse are the scroll ball sometimes sticks and the secondary can sometimes be a bit of a pain but i think the squeeze buttons on the side are great and the mouse does feel great in the hand and is feather light which is a big plus as some mice feel like your holding a brick. As usual the ascetics of the product are great it really does shout apple style.
    Nearly perfect but not quite there yet!!

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    Whoever designed this should be taken out back and shot

    I've been through several of these and none of them lasted more than a couple of months. They work great when you get them, but within two months the scrollball stops working -- and regardless of what the company says about "cleaning the ball" as a troubleshooting solution, it doesn't work. The only one that did show some signs of longevity made it a couple of weeks past the warranty (3 months for replacements), and then stopped working. I'm waiting for someone to call Apple out on this, so the company can issue free replacements to everyone who suffered with these pieces of garbage repeatedly before finally giving up.

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    Best Mouse Ever!!

    I have just got one and I love it. I use it on my Dell along side with my G4. The secret right click was an amazing idea. ;) Keep it up apple!!

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    The mighty mouse is fine apart from the fact that the trackball won't scroll up.

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    Cool look, awful to use

    I've never had to think about using a mouse before.

    The track ball clogs up, the side buttons are easy to inadvertently activate, right-clicking is always an adventure, and the cable always seems to get in the way.

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    not so mighty!

    I am on my 4th mighty mouse now and I think I am done for good. The scroll ball consistently quits after about 3-4 months and now that my warranty is expired, the mouse can not be replaced by apple. It is not worth the $50 to buy a mouse that is only going to stop working after a few months. I would sttay away from the mighty mouse until apple fixes the scroll ball problem for good! I'm sure there are much better products out there!

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    Love Functionality But Needs Work

    The Mighty Mouse has excellent features such as Exposé buttons, no top buttons, and the center button placed under the ball. Most of these things work great all the time, BUT, I have had problems with the secondary button, Exposé, and every once and a while the scroll ball seems to get "jammed" and I can't scroll down. The problem with the Exposé buttons is that they seem to go on the fritz when you have a lot of windows open. The last problem is the secondary or Right-click button, as soon as I discovered it (I was a PC user previous to my iMac) I started using it. Of course all good things must come to an end, but in 5 DAYS. It just stopped working, but if you didn't know this, you can still bring up the option pane (COPY,PASTE, etc..) by holding CONTROL and pressing the primary button. I have owned this product for 2 1/2 months.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great.. and yes you CAN clean it...

    The Mighty Mouse is wonderful! I have had mine since I bought my computer over a year ago. I did have trouble with the scroll ball failing a couple times, but if you follow the online instructions to cleaning it, it will return to normal functioning. Highly recommended, but I just wish I bought the wireless one instead :-/

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    Great Mouse!

    Works great, best mouse I've every used. The scroll wheel does get clogged but you can clean it out with rubbing alcohol and it works like new afterward. Lokks great and works great. So what if you have to clean it every few months?

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    Beautiful but...

    IT DOESN'T WORK!!! Will you Apple guys do something?

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    scroll ball

    We just got the mac computer 3 months ago, and already the mouse stop scrolling down.

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