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    I have loved this mouse ever since i got it, and was just about to replace the mice on my old computers with these new ones when I noticed it stopped scrolling!! DARN!! I was flabergasted, then I came onto this site and saw all the bad reviews and my heart sank... THEN !!!!!!! I did what the OTHER reviews said which is to rinse the scroll ball with rubbing alcohol on a Q-TIP and WHAMMO... IT WORKED PERFECTLY again!! So my faith in Apple is restored once again. I just wish there was someway for the other users to find out that this Rubbing Alcohol + QTip works like a charm. Dip the Q-Tip in alcohol and rub the ball around in the solvent for about one minute (maybe less will do) then rub the scroll ball with a dry Q-Tip and when the solvent dries, the scroll wheel works agaiin like a charm. Its faster and easier than the old mice that had to have the dust cleaned out of them, this is much less of a hassle, so don't despair, just pull some rubbing alcohol out of the medicine cabinet and your problem is solved!!!!!

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    not the best...

    The mouse is good and light, but the ball in the middle feels as if it is going to fall out or brake. Sometimes when I try click the wrong click comes up and I have to click again. but over all it is a great bit of technolgy but needs a bit more inprovement! :)

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    I've used this mouse for several months now, and primarily because of the "Scroll Ball", it has offically become my favorite. The scroll ball enables me to be more efficient than ever before with my mouse hand, allowing very small movements instead of the constant back and forth motion to the scroll bars that old mice forced me to do. Tack on that you can configure the mouse to have a "Right Click" and it has quickly become my fave. Sleek design too. Bravo!

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    Great control, 80% reliable wheel

    The overall mouse is great and very percise. But the scroll did become "dislocated" after about a month of use. But it was simple to just pop it back into place. This mouse has amazing features. A good choice.

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    Very Nice

    This is a great product if you are looking for something that is well designed, cool looking, and inexpensive. The mouse is very light, tracking is a breeze, and you have many options for what you want the buttons to control. However, this mouse has a mild but annoying down side. Every so often, you will barely touch the side buttons (usually by accident), and the mouse thinks that you have pressed the sides. Obviously, if you have the side buttons serving no function, this is not a problem. Other than that, the mouse is a wonderful product.

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    Lasts Forever!!!!

    I got this mouse when it first came out it shipped with my iMac G5. First of all it lasts forever i have had it for almost three years and it still works like new. EXCEPT the scroll ball nevr went down. This mouse has been through all sorts of things but it still works. I haven't even had ant trouble with the right and left clip part. All around it is a good looking mouse that will last a long time but if you need to use the scroll bar then don't get this.

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    Great at first

    I loved this mouse for a few months, then the scroll ball started going wonky. I read through a bunch of reviews and it turned out everyone apparently had been having issues with this.

    So I followed other reviewers' suggestions and regularly cleaned it etc. and that helped but eventually (this week) the scroll ball has completely stopped working no matter what I do. That's six months with the mouse, three months frustration.

    The ball is a great idea, and when I'm on other computers I wish I had it, but the idea was poorly executed. Come on, Apple. You really expect people to buy a fifty dollar mouse with only a few redeeming qualities that break after six months? Please, please, please fix this mouse.

    Bottom line: If you're looking for a high-quality mouse that'll last, skip this one.

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    Scroll ball is the Achilles' heel on this mouse

    I like every thing about this mouse except the scroll ball which now does not work after just five months. Apple needs to go back to the drawing board. Until they resolve this problem I am going with Logitech

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    Get something else!!

    Scroll ball stopped working. For $50, this mouse isn't even close to worth it without the scroll ball.

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    Almost comical

    I love my imac, my ipods. I've always used macs. I don't know how an otherwise clever design team could foist a piece of junk like the mighty mouse on a loyal bunch of customers like us Mac users. Don't think I'm totally negative here, the mighty mouse is the best mouse I've used if you're willing to spend fifty bucks or so for a mouse that'll last about two or three weeks and then start with the clogged and uncleanable scrolling ball. I really don't enjoy sitting at my computer with cleaning fluid, cotton swabs and compressed air which I have to use every couple of hours use. New mouse on the way now, not a mac sadly. Hope they can fix this mess because it's a good concept, just a horrible execution.

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    Not as great as it sounds

    This is a great idea but needs further research. There is no visible distinction between the left and right button so many times I've had to click the very front edge of the mouse to register a right click. Side buttons and top scroll button work fine. Since it is a white glossy finish, it is bound to get dirty with "real world hands" as another reviewer put it. I usually clean it with a household cleaner once a week to keep it from looking grimy. Maybe the mouse should have been silver since my iMac that it came with is ALL silver/aluminum and a matte finish? Just a suggestion to Apple. This mouse is mostly useless for those that need to use with any digital media, graphic design or any content creation software. I'd go with a nice Logitech, Microsoft mice sometimes freak out even though they are claimed to work with Mac's.

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    Re. Method to Clean the Scrollball....

    See the review entitled 'Method to Clean the Scrollball...' dated Nov 3rd 2007. My scrollball hasn't worked for months. Tried 'the method' and now it does. Hurrah! Thank you so much for passing this on. I too was frustrated with my mouse but refused to pay for a replacement.

    LC you get 5 stars. Apple only 2 for the Mighty Mouse (but I still love my iMac G5)

    Please Apple do something about this.

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    "Mighty Mouse" - scroll wheel problems

    I recently bought a imac and 2 months after having it the scroll wheel on the mouse stopped working!
    Great idea pity it doesn't seem to last longer then 2 months

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    Awful mouse - avoid if possible

    This is simply the worst designed piece of equipment I have to use. After the 10.4.9 update my Microsoft mouse I had been using, stopped working reliably (it interprets single clicks double or triple, making OS X a hazardous place to mouse around in).

    So I'm back on the bundled wired Mighty Mouse, which sadly is an oxymoron. It's too low for my medium sized hands and the scroll button needs cleaning several times a day now.

    I don't have grimey hands, just 'real world' hands. It's odd that so many bad reviews, all about the flawed design of the scroll button go unnoticed.

    It's been out for a while but could definitely use a second generation that addresses these problems. Or they could fix it that my Microsoft mouse works again, since that one's ergonomically sound.

    This one was bundled, I won't be buying a replacement and advise everyone to stay away from this flawed piece of tech.

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    Great look but...

    Again the scroll ball gets dirty every couple of weeks. Laser is unprecise. It happens often that the pointer goes straight into a corner evev if it was in the center of the screen a split second before.

    The squeeze buttons are way to sensitive sometimes. Right click is not too precise neither.

    Dont waste your money on this mouse. Get any other mouse.

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    Bust out

    I've had it for about 4 months and the tracking ball won't go down. Pretty disappointed because I like the concept.

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    Class mouse

    Been reading Mighty Mouse reviews - a disconcerting experience. After buying the new updated and top-drawer Mac Mini (super drive), I thought I'd also treat myself to a Mighty Mouse. It's one of the best Mac products I've bought. Period. Listen guys, it does actually do what it says on the box. But, if you use it while guzzling your doughnuts with cream and cafe au lait, well, it's gonna get..., sticky. So what? But, it's easy to sort. Just read the advice! Rub the ball, upside-down, with a damp (not wet) cloth a few times, and it's brand new. Can you guys not read or something??? Just do it and stop grouching! And roll on!

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    The scroll problem can be fixed!! but Im still not impressed!

    I find this mouse unreliable in just 1 MONTH the scroll stopped working up and down.
    I fixed it as good as new by rubbing the roller ball quite hard up and down and in a circular mothion for a good couple of minutes with a cloth and some cleaning fluid and its now working again. I do think the design is un reliable though! Ive had problems with the mouse getting stuck so I cant click and I find the spaces feature helpful but also irritating at the same time as it seems to go to spaces even when I havnt touched the sides.
    Ive never owned a mac mouse that hasnt broke. This one came with my new mac but I have a feeling its not going to last long.

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    Cleaned the scroll and it works!

    I was having a problem with the scroll button until I stumbled upon an advice on this page to clean it with alcohol. I used my facial toner instead with a cotton wipe and viola! My scroll button is working again. I was about to buy a new mouse. Thanks guys!

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    I have had no problems with this. I highly recommend it.

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