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    Pretty Good...

    I bought this last year and it is still in good condition i love the scroll ball..

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    Whatever you do, don't buy this!!!

    I was given this as a gift about 6 months ago. About 3 months later, the function that occurs when you mash both the sides together (dashboard) would happen every time I barely touched the mouse. I had to disable that in order to get anything done. Shortly after that, the mouse started to confuse the left and right clicks. About a month ago the scrolling button stopped working. What a piece of junk this thing is. My friends have had the exact same problems. 1 had to disable the dashboard function within a month of buying. Don't buy, you are wasting your money.

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    Same complaint as a few other people...the scroll ball quit working at about the 3 month mark.I'm disappointed.

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    Superb Mouse

    Despite all of the negative comments, I want to recommend this mouse.

    Our 2 mice were bought just after the Mighty mouse was introduced, and, after initial adaptation to the different way of right-clicking [you just lift your finger off the left side of the mouse] we have had no problems.

    One scroll ball did need cleaning, once, and, yes, we did have to open the case. Easier access to the scroll ball would be the one major way in which Apple could improve this item.

    But, to be fair, our PC mice, used on Linux boxes, have had to be opened and cleaned numerous times within the past year. That's probably the reason why 'normal' mice are designed with easier access for cleaning.

    Using other mice seems odd, after using the Mighty Mouse. And, if given the choice, we would use the Apple product any time.

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    BEST MOUSE EVER!!!!!!!!

    This is the best mouse ever!!! I am typing on it right now!!! Yes, this mouse is really great. It has perfect feedback and I tend to make less typos! I would recomment this mouse to everybody! It is a two button mouse with a one button look. To program it to use two buttons, you have to go to System Preferances. It is really great! The only thing is that the scroll ball gets dirty and malfucntions after about 2 months but if you get some alcohol pads and wipe the ball with them a few times then it is as good as new. This is way better than the Apple Pro Mouse before it! Do not beleive in what everybody else says! They probably just want you to go and get a lesser quality keyboard! I give this 5-stars for truly being the MIGHTY MOUSE!!!!!!!!

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    Shoddy Cord Frays Easily

    While in general I've liked this mouse, since I carry it back and forth to school in my backpack the cord has begun to fray where it meets the mouse. This is highly annoying and Apple should have known better because they had the same problem with flimsy cords on their laptop power adapters. Simply putting some stronger rubber around where the cord comes out would have solved this problem, but oh well Apple has to be stylish. I won't buy this mouse again.

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    Tip for cleaning the scroll wheel

    We have ~20 of these wired Mighty Mice in our office that are all about three years old and I have not had to replace a single one yet. Yes, if you have dirty hands or eat greasy food while using the mouse the scroll ball will malfunction. That is just common sense. Luckily I have been able to fix problems with scroll wheel malfunction every time by using an alcohol prep pad. Rolling the pad over the wheel does a really nice job of dissolving any built up grease, oil, and dirt that may have accumulated from use. After a good cleaning the mouse is as good as new. I have tried other methods for cleaning the scroll ball, but it is the alcohol that is key. Remember, a mighty mouse is a high tech input device, treat it like one by taking good care of it and it will last. Cleaning your mouse should be something you do anyways to stay healthy. As my computer science teacher always told me, "Its not the tool its the fool."

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    Cheap and Lousy

    By far the worst piece of Apple hardware in the company history, this mouse has one good idea going for it: the scroll-ball. Too bad that the execution is as dismal as the rest of the mouse: the left-click works only 40% of the time, otherwise the clicks are transferred to the right-click command; the scroll-ball gets loaded with dirt every few weeks and after a few months it can't be cleaned anymore; the cable used is of the cheapest, stiff variety that can't be straightened; it's impossible to open and clean the mouse without damaging it badly, because of the cheap and fragile plastic used... I would almost say that it shows how Apple is turning into a new Miserosoft, selling trash for lots of money, but in fact Microsoft mice beat Apple to pulp and dust even though they don't have the scroll-ball. Admittedly, the wireless version is even worse, but these two mice firmly hold the spot as the worst garbage ever to come out from Apple, with those insensitive and miniature keyboards following closely.

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    What utter excrement...

    The creators/animators of the beloved Saturday morning cartoon Mighty Mouse are rolling over in their graves thinking that their name is now associated with this kind of junk. It lasts a few months and then the wheel quits working. Garbage, utter garbage. Avenge yourself Mighty Mouse! There are pretenders in the land!

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    As the previous poster said, the scroll dimple stopped working for me too. Up and not down. Apple are you listening??

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    Let Down By Dirt

    When it works the MM is a great mouse. Mine worked for about six months before the scroll ball stopped working in one direction. I found the Apple support note on cleaning the track ball and its surroundings. It worked fine as described, for a couple of weeks then it started failing to scroll again, more cleaning fixed it again and regular cleaning was required every week or so, and then every day or so, until... today it stopped scrolling up and nothing would make it work again. No amount of rubbing with lint free cloth, no slightly damp cloth, nothing.

    I had finally reached the point where I had to disassemble the MM completely and clean out it's innards as described in several web pages (Google "cleaning Apple Mighty Mouse" and you'll find them). It took a couple of hours all up but now my MM is scrolling like new again.

    The problem is the MM was not designed to be disassembled, the outer ring on the bottom is glued to the upper shell! Glued! What were they thinking when they designed that? Removing it in one piece is possible but not easy (it requires careful and determined use of a sharp Stanley knife/box cutter/scalpel).

    Back in the days of mechanical ball mice it was easy to remove the ball and clean around the wheels/rotors by unscrewing a circular holding plate on the bottom of the mouse - the scroll ball on the upper shell of the MM is virtually the same only smaller, but there is no easy way to open it and remove the ball for cleaning, this is so dumb I can't believe it was "designed by Apple in California"...

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    great product...only a couple issues.

    Apple has always been a company that redesigns and improves current computer products with excellence however the mouse, in my opinion, has always been a problem for them. Don't get me wrong the mouse is great with the always simplistic design however i only have one issue with it. Since they used the old tracking ball design but only reversed the problems that created demand for improvement over the old design still applies here. You see that the tracking ball getting particles from use stuck on it and the response is sometimes inhibited. I have to from time to time flip the mouse over and run the tracking ball over the mouse pad to clear it out. This usually works and it starts responding as design again. Another drawback is this is the only option with apple - wish there was more since it feels a little uncomfortable when using it.

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    wouldn't recommend

    Haven't tried the damp cloth thing yet, but the scoll ball stopped working completely after 3 months. Seeing as I paid $49 for it, that's more than just a little bit irritating.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Everyday office dirt and grime becomes Kryptonite

    The rigors of the real world leave the Mighty Mouse wanting -- especially the scroll ball. Yes you can clean it and it may work fine (and maybe not), but I never had to clean the wheel of my old mouse, which I now use once again!

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Very poor functionality

    I am not concerned too much about this mouse's appearance and price, but its FUNCTIONALITY has screwed me up for so many times. Just to name a few:

    1. The cable is UNREASONABLY SHORT to use with almost all computer desks and laptops without USB on the right side.

    2. If you use this mouse daily, be prepared to CLEAN its internal EVERY YEAR since the scroll ball gets dirty pretty quickly. This cleaning process is ridiculous. You have to carefully disassemble the scroll ball and clean each tiny plastic piece very carefully, which can easily cost you 1-2 hour. What is more, you need to find some glue to stick the bottom frame back - a design that I strongly believe as a means of discourage self-cleaning.

    3. There is no means to press BOTH the left and the right button together, making this mouse a useless rubbish when playing Minesweeper and some other games.

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    just died

    Peeve #1: I bought this mice on the 23 Nov, after moderate use, it died within less than 16 days of usage. i mean nothing worked. it was not detected on my mac mini or any other computer i have! This is simply not acceptable!

    Peeve #2: it makes a squeaky noise!!! randomly at times and freaking me out!

    Apple, your macs might be great but your mice needs serious reworking short of an overhaul!

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    mouse dies within first year

    As noted by so many others, this mouse breaks down within the first year. My first mighty mouse quit working within four months (scroll ball and side buttons). Apple honored the warranty this time and shipped me a new one. But then the new one stopped working after about four months (scroll ball and side buttons).

    At the time, the failure occurred periodically. Apple did not honor the warranty this time. I had to bring it to an Apple certified location for testing. They didn't notice a problem, though confided that the mighty mouse is their most frequently returned product.

    Well, my one year warranty is about 3 months finished and go figure the scroll ball is now consistently not working (scroll down). This mouse is great conceptually but it just doesn't work in the real world. Apple, should recall these mice and offer a rebate to all those who have had to replace them within the first year!

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    Poor Quality for Apple

    The corded Mighty Mouse is a cheap, poorly-designed mouse that Apple should be ashamed to sell. The wireless version is only slightly better. The cord is stiff and unforgiving. The clicking mechanism has poor mechanical contacts. Save your money and buy any Logitech or Microsoft mouse.

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    worst thing apple has made...

    this has got to be the worst thing apple have made. i have gone through two of these now as the scroll wheel breaks just after a few months.
    the rest of it seems ok but its the scroll i want.
    DO NOT BUY. :(

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    Too Expensive for a Low Quality Mouse

    I usually love all things Apple but I have to say that I'm appalled with the Mighty Mouse. There's nothing "Mighty" about it. Besides looking good with your Mac, it's more or less $50 eye candy that will not last. I've used it for about two months at work (Brand New) and the scroll wheel is already broken. I am not the only user to experience this either. Several other co-workers have experienced the same problem and that's just unacceptable in general much less from an accessory this expensive. The buttons feel fine and it was good for the time I used it, but in the end, I would stay away from this mouse unless it came with your Mac. Even then, be sure to have a backup.

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