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    Too Expensive for a Low Quality Mouse

    I usually love all things Apple but I have to say that I'm appalled with the Mighty Mouse. There's nothing "Mighty" about it. Besides looking good with your Mac, it's more or less $50 eye candy that will not last. I've used it for about two months at work (Brand New) and the scroll wheel is already broken. I am not the only user to experience this either. Several other co-workers have experienced the same problem and that's just unacceptable in general much less from an accessory this expensive. The buttons feel fine and it was good for the time I used it, but in the end, I would stay away from this mouse unless it came with your Mac. Even then, be sure to have a backup.

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    I've had this thing for 4 months and the scroll wheel broke. That is absolutely unacceptable that Apple hasn't fixed this problem (seeing that lots of others have it too) Don't buy it... there's a very good change you will be replacing it very fast!!!

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    The lowest quality mouse I've ever used... Big disappintment

    So this is my second mouse after the scrolling ball stopped working 3 months after I bought my iMac, same problem with the first mouse, the first time I went to Mac Store, the guy took the old one and gave me a new one, it was great experience, the second time, the guy wanted to check the "bad mouse" he hooked it to a laptop and it worked normally, that was a month ago, few days ago the problem started again, no scrolling down, I tried to clean it, shake it.. nope, it just does not want to work.. I've been using my dell mouse for years and it is still working fine.

    Sorry, but this is a really bad quality product, I'm afraid I'm going to have some problems with my iMac later on.

    Mac lowered their prices, and it looks like the quality as well!

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    Worthless after a couple of months

    This mouse worked great when i first got one, but after a while the scroll ball wouldn't scroll down and the side buttons spasm by themselves. If I were you, just buy a $30 VX Revolution... those mice are beautiful if you dont mind the small wireless usb transmitter.

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    Was good...

    Same Problem. Great mouse until I couldn't scroll down anymore.

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    I read many reviews about the scroll. They are right. The scroll button doesn't work after a little while. Apple should fix this problem.

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    expensive and unreliable

    The scroll dimple stopped working after about a month. Now it scrolls up but not down. I was thinking of adding it to my pile of broken Apple keyboards, but the $50 price tag is a tad insane. It was nice the few weeks that it worked right.

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    Thousands can't be wrong!

    Thousands can't be wrong: DO NOT BUY IT!!

    Like pretty much everyone else - my "Mighty" Mouse stopped scrolling down after about 1 year.

    I have tried every single method to clean the rodent, with no success.

    I think it is absolutely appalling that Apple knowingly flog such a poor product to its loyal customers.

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    Completely Disappointing

    No matter how I adjusted the tracking speed this mouse just could not handle quick movements. The cursor would jump all over the place and even go the opposite direction if I happened to move too fast for it - which did not need to be very fast at all. I've had other much cheaper mice that could keep up with me just fine. Using this for any kind of graphic applications was an exercise in endless frustration. Definitely the worst mouse I've ever purchased.

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    Great....when it works!

    These are great mice/mouses (you chose). Perfectly ergonomically designed and beautiful to look at. However after a few months of 'normal' use, the scroll ball will pack up. The reason for this is that the mechanism inside gets clogged up with dirt. For a while you can get by if you use a little drop of Apples LCD cleaner solution. Putting a little on your finger and scrolling the ball to coat it. Eventually though, this too will cease to free the scroll ball when it sticks again.

    Sadly, Apple in their wisdom have sealed these mice so in order to properly clean the scroll mechanism you must literally break the seals on the the little grey ring at the base of the unit. It's relatively easy from then on to take it apart and clean the mech every so often but the mouse will never look as pretty as it did when you bought it.
    If Apple only made one of these with a scroll ball that was completely sealed making it impossible for the dirt to get in, then this product would be perfect.

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    not worth the fifty bucks.

    the mouse was great at first. the scroll ball worked with ease.
    after only two months, the ball stopped scrolling downward. now, after three, it stopped scrolling at all. now, im debating whether i should buy a second one and risk it or just buy one from target.

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    Its all good until a couple months down the road hit and your mouse's scroll feature doesnt work. thats basically the whole point of this thing!! i should have known better than to use this junk. DO NOT BUY IT!!!

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    rubbing alcohol does NOT work

    the scroll ball on my mouse wont scroll down, so i read a few reviews about using rubbing alcohol to fix the scroll ball-not-working problem . so i tried it, but now the scroll ball completely doesn't scroll . this mouse is a waste of money and you're better off buying something else .

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    Good, but a bit unreliable

    I like it and yet the scroll ball needs constant cleaning to keep working. See Apple's support site for their advice which is just water and a cloth.

    The side buttons are a bit flakey. They've spazzed out on me a few times where they 'click' by themselves fairly rapidly.

    It's neat how you right click by just pressing the right side of the mouse and yet it's not as reliable as just having a dedicated right mouse button. Sometimes you'll find a finger barely touching the left side of the mouse for instance and a right click won't register. Doesn't happen alot, but enough to annoy.

    The short cord is nice for plugging the mouse into your keyboard.

    Left clicking is what I like about the mouse the most. It just has a great feel to it and you can use all your fingers. It's why I still use the thing.

    A redesign should make the scroll ball require less cleaning. It should better sense when you are right clicking even if your index finger remains touching the left side a bit (if possible.) And the side buttons should be easier to click.

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    This mouse is a rat!

    My scroll ball also stopped working after a year. It still scrolls upward in a jerky fashion, but not downward. I tried rubbing alcohol, but that didn't help. I even tried to trick it into scrolling downward by turning it around 180 degrees and then scrolling upwards to scroll downwards! That didn't work either, and that's when I decided this mouse is a rat.

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    Keep mouse in good working order use damp cloth

    Don't worry if you don't have rubbing alcohol you can use a damp cloth, it works the same. Dampen a cloth and rub the scroll ball in a circular motion. After a moment or two the scrolling functions are restored. Keep that money in your pocket you won't need to get a new mouse.

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    Cool design

    I love the design of this mouse, although, I will consider the wireless version next. The wired is great for an iMac maybe but not ideal for the Mac Book that my wife uses. The USB connections are on the left hand side of the Mac Book and the cable to the mouse isn't very long. It is still enough to reach where she keeps her mouse, but there isn't much slack at all. Other than that, it's a mouse. Really hard to mess that up, but at least Apple made it look really good.


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    Mixed Feelings

    To start off, the mouse looks great. Simple and elegant, and continuing the classic white that Apple has become famous for. The pressure-sensing side buttons work really well, and the integrated left and white click buttons underneath the casing are great.

    It all falls apart at the scroll ball. For the first few months mine worked absolutely fine, and it was great to move 360 degrees around any page or application. The vertical movement mechanism quickly died when it was exposed to dirt and became clogged. Left and right seem to be unaffected!

    So in summary, a really flash product with wonderful extra buttons, but only really worth buying if you're truly obsessive with cleaning your scroll ball.

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    tried the rubbing alcohol, didn't fix the problem for mine. I agree that 50 bux for a mouse that works for a few months is a huge waste of money. I pulled out my old Logitech I used on my old mac and it works fine...paid $14 at walmart! The only good Mighty Mouse was the cartoon!!!

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    not so mighty mouse

    After about a year of use the side buttons went out and then the downwards scroll feature. Just not a very reliable mouse.

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