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    Another broken mouse...

    Mouse worked fine until the scroll ball went out. It won't scroll down anymore. Cleaned it once and somewhat worked after that but won't scroll down anymore. Time to buy a new mouse... but it won't be another one of these!

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    scroll ball

    scroll ball broke after using 2 monthes. i used it carefully. Apple wasted my time and money.

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    Start counting the days before it breaks...

    Just like almost everyone else, my scrollball only lasted a few months. I live close to LA, so the air quality is bad. The ball would constantly get clogged and lock up. I was able to clean it by sliding the edge of a sheet of paper around it. But it became such a constant hassle, that I finally had to stop using it.

    I will say that my office Mighty Mouse, with its filtered air, is still in use and only has to be cleaned once in awhile.

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    Wow Really Good Mouse!

    I was using M$ mice since I liked the smooth scrolling. But after upgrading to leopard I've had issues with it so I figured lets try the apple mouse and after configuring it in systems preferences to the way I want the buttons to work I'm very happy. All works, I have right-click as this is one main feature I needed since I develop code. A++ highly recommend. On a personal note I like how its one button but the mouse has pressure sensor to know if I hit right click.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    I don't know what everyone is complaining about!

    I've used this mouse for six months and it's by far the best mouse I've ever used. The scrollball has not failed me. All features work as advertised. The only reason why this mouse has a low rating is because all the people who received faulty mighty mouses have complained while the people who received working mouses have not rated the mouse because it JUST WORKS!

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    mighty mouse

    My mouse lasted a little ver one year with mininmal use. It became increasingly difficult to click on anything, then it ust wore out. My remedy was to smash it and but a new one with hopes that this was just a fluke. We"ll see.....

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    “good looking” before functional

    Apple just does not get it! Why don’t all these cleaver technicians and designers behind all the great apple products understand that the input devices such as mouse and keyboard has to be function and not “good looking”. Coming from PC and starting to use mac, I had so many problems adjusting to the mac mouse. I could not believe that the only settings for adjusting was “tracking speed” and had to discover that there was no way to turn of the default acceleration…. WHAT! I mean…. WHAT THE…..

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    it's sad but true

    sadly, this is one of the most unreliable apple products I have ever purchased.

    within only a couple of months use, the scroll ball has stopped tracking downwards, and will now only scroll up -- such a pain.

    what really gets me is that this product has a fairly high price point -- all of these problems should be addressed immediately by apple. this is defective by design, and for all those of us (sad saps) who bought them should be able to get what we paid for ... a fully functional mouse :(

    take a look around and see how many other people are saying the same thing

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very good product

    Most people say it breaks within a month. However I have had my mouse for almost 6! it still works like it should even with heavy usage. Its integration with 10.5 is flawless. Sometimes the tracking goes off by a hair but otherwise it is wonderful. It does require cleaning so it is not meant for people who are too lazy to take care of things properly or a mouse which requires no work it all (which does not exist). Apple does know that there is a scroll ball problem and addressed it by adding cleaning instructions. The people who bought it and gave it a bad review more than likely did not clean it.

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    Apple can do better

    In the beginning it works fine. But after a while the scrolling ball doesn't work properly and random clicks appear. I will not buy an updated version or the wireless as long as the technology remains the same. It should be redesigned from scratch.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Scroll Ball Will Break

    I have now purchased 4 Mighty Mice and every single one has broke. After about 3 months of heavy use the scroll ball is guaranteed to break. Otherwise I love this mouse. However, I am finally going to have to stop purchasing this mouse in favor of one that will last. Warning: Only purchase this if you can afford to replace it a few times a year.

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    Really Disappointing

    I got my first mighty mouse with my iMac in June this year. Last month I had to take my mighty mouse back to the store because even just doing normal mouse orientated tasks, it was only working intermittently. They agreed to replace it (free of charge) although they did put a bit of a guilt trip on me with the 'I'm going to get into trouble for doing this to you' because I refused to leave until they did something. Now, one month on, although I can do the usually mousey stuff, like everyone else it seems, the downward scroll function of the mouse no longer works. I'm not wasting my time and energy going back to the store again, and I refuse to pay £35 for something that is going to pack up in a couple of months. Apple really need to pull up their socks with this stuff. It's really letting them down in an otherwise superb system!

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    Try this before buying a new mouse!

    I went to purchase a new mouse due to my scroll ball failing about a year ago. They were out of stock of the wired mighty mouse, so I thought I would just order it online. I then read the feedback regarding cleaning the scroll wheel by soaking a Q-Tip in alcohol and thoroughly cleaning the ball. My mouse now works like new, just out of the box! I hardly remember it working so well, as it is close to two years old. I guess the oil from our fingers (probably mostly due to my kids fingers because they are the ones that are always messing with my Mac; they can't keep their hands off of it) gets into the mechanism and needs to be cleaned. Try this before buying a new mouse!

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    Not for CAD users

    I've been waiting years for the ability to run AutoCAD, which I use daily for work, on a Mac. With the death of my old Dell laptop I recently bought a new 24" iMac. I love it, Parallels is working perfectly.
    My only complaint is this lousy mouse. My mighty mouse is functioning perfectly, but ergonomically, its a disaster.
    I've been using mice for drafting for years and have tried a variety of mice. Any CAD user will tell you the right mouse is essential. I've had severe problems w./ carpal tunnels in the past.
    With all of their wonderfully designed products, I wish Apple would decide to put some time into designing a mouse geared towards those in the design profession who need to use a mouse as their primary input device.
    The mighty mouse looks nice, sure, but there's no way I would use this mouse to draw 7 hours a day.
    I'll be getting some other type of mouse, which will cost me additional $, and will most likely not look too nice w./ my beautiful new iMac.
    Apple, please consider designing a beautiful AND ergonomic mouse.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    This Mouse is so frustrating plan on returning it. Hopefully you have apple care you will need it!! Then again you need it ith most of Apple's products. To much money for what it is maybe $20.00

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect for apple computers

    In apple's defence I've had my mouse for 18 months and my scroll wheel still works fine (touch wood). After struggling to clean my mac in the past I now only use it with clean hands so I can't help but think all the people complaining about the scroll wheel have blocked it themselves by getting dirt down there. Apart from that it's a really good mouse, the only problem being the very short cable. I assume this was designed to compliment the wired keyboard, which has USB sockets in it, but it's not very helpful for people without one.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    single most disappointing Apple product I've ever bought

    Out of the box the force sensing side buttons go crazy and I'm in Expose every minute, even when my fingers aren't on the sides of the mouse. Believe me, I am not rough with equipment. All it takes is any kind of top button clicking. Traded it in and got another one that does the exact same thing. Now that the weather has changed it is even worse, whatever tolerances the new mice are being engineered with is simply ridiculous if this problem is this easily reproducible.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    2 Years+

    I used my Mighty Mouse For 2 +years and i did not have any Bad issues Whit the scroll ball

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    Scroll Problems.

    Did not work well over time. Had two Mighty Mouses that developed the same problems; they would not scroll properly as they aged. The apparent problem is that dirt/dust (from finger usage) will over time get in to the roller/scroll ball internal mechanism causing scroll problems. There is no easy way to remove the ball to remove the dirt/dust such as with a Kensington mouse I owned which had a much larger ball that could be easily removed for cleaning.
    Purchased a Microsoft Optical Wheel Mouse as a replacement and it has worked perfect.

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    Doesn't work as designed

    I have used this mouse for about 10 times now and the scroll bar doesn't work in any direction. The mouse also clicks sometimes randomly. I am trying to determine if I should return this one for a new one or to use a different brand all together. Apple is sending me a new one so I will give it one more try. If not, I am switching to some other brand. The length of the chord is also a pain...as some others have noted (just not long enough).

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