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    well it looks good...

    bought this mouse about 6 months ago. It looks great... It feels great... so it works great too right..? wrong. Basically my mouse has lost the ability to scroll down... it can go left, right or up... but not down. Tried to clean it as others suggest but without success. Ok so I know it's not the end of the world, I mean originally it had no "magic scroll wheel" so you had to slum it using the scroll bar/buttons but this one HAS a scroll wheel and the fact that a £35 mouse basically packs up after this amount of time is really poor. Do yourself a favor and spend like £10 on another mouse with a scroll wheel. These work great with the mac - in fact the one I am now using does just fine... and is over 4 years old!!!

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    Fantastic Mouse

    I'm a photographer and videographer, and it's essential I have a speedy mouse at my fingertips. When you're editing 400 photos from the last photo shoot, and need to access through your Photoshop Actions menu, this little mouse comes in quite handy. I love the scroll wheel; the 360º wheel is exactly what I need to fly through presets or photos. I also have a Logitech MX, and like it for its sturdiness and greater button features. The Mighty Mouse is a good mouse just for the scroll wheel, but its build quality is low, and it's just too light. I like mice that are heavier because I can get more control that way; but this mouse is just too light for adjusting the small two-to-three-pixel editing I do on Photoshop.

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    Works Well with MacBook Pro

    I wrote another review saying I didn't care much for the way the right button functions didn't work to well. I also noted the tracking was slow compared to the Logitech Bluetooth Mice. I wish to amend my previous review.

    I like this mouse with my new MacBook Pro. For scrolling through lots of files in a hurry, it is quite amazing. I'm using it on a molded plastic table and it's working well. I will try to find the perfect mouse pad, if there is such a thing.

    I would give it a 5 star review, but I feel there is room for improvement, however slight.

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    Short Mouse

    I recently purchased my Mac and love it, but the cord on the mouse is shorter than the keyboard and will not reach where I want to put it.

    I will try the wireless.

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    I have had this mouse for over two years and have had no problems!!!! I wipe it clean each week, so I have not had any issues whatsoever with its trackball not working. Great mouse:)

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    Two years later.. working fine!

    This mouse gets some pretty terrible reviews.
    Mine however is still working great after two years.

    Admittedly I have had to clean the trackball two or three times in that period.
    What has worked for me is to unplug the mouse, take a wet paper towel and use it scroll the ball in all directions for a minute or two. Then let it dry for a few hours. Works for me - back to new.

    It's a shame the wireless mighty mouse isn't as flawless.

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    Mighty Mouse??? HA!!!!

    I HATE this mouse. I was forced to get it a few weeks ago because my old mouse finally died. I have a forum discussion on this question as I do not want to have to replace this mouse with a non-apple, and seek workarounds. I have been an Apple person since the $4,000.00 SE 20some years ago. That am forced to say anything negative about an Apple product....

    In any case, I am using this mouse with System 10.3.9 and an e-mac. Apparently the mouse does not deal well with either this older System or me. Not only does it waste my time, but argues with me all the time, and causes excess frustration, A job that used to take 20 minutes now takes at least an hour. I simply wish to place an insertion point. Instead of doing that very simple task, it gives me a stupid menu I don't want or need, THEN it requires AT LEAST three clicks to get rid of that stupid menu.

    The mouse deletes stuff, gives me menus that takes AT LEAST three clicks to have go away, it takes AT LEAST 3 clicks to launch ANY Application on the dock, apparently has conflicts with both Safari and Firefox, in that if it highlights any block of anything, I have to Force quit by keys and when I re-launch, I have to make absolutely sure that no anything is highlighted or do the Force Quit, Relaunch AGAIN. I have been unable to bid on lots of stuff because of that.

    Apparently it will not do the extended keyboard with the exception of the delete key. The fact that I cannot use the numbers on the extended apple keyboard is a MAJOR no no for me in that I do bookkeeping and HAVE to have access to the extended numbers. I have figured out that if I use ONLY my finger lightly on the Apple icon on the mouse, it sometimes doesn't argue with me. It sometimes puts the cursor where I want it first try that way. I'm sure the scroll function works well, but I can't get past the fact that this obnoxious mouse doesn't do as I request. In terms of working, I do text, photos and bookkeeping.

    I hate to use a non apple product on my mac, but I have to. This mouse wastes my time and is dangerous in that it deletes stuff.

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    lost downscroll

    I am new to mac, having started with a new intel imac at the beginning of sept. I have been very happy with the whole package up to now and still am...but a week after i set up the imac the downscroll on my mighty mouse wouldn't work so I cleaned it according to instructions after which it worked fine for just over a month. Now it has stopped working again and I can't fix it. I am greatly impressed with the imac itself, the keyboard, and the fantastic software, but this mouse seems flimsy and judging by reviews it is. Given the reputation of apple products I had really hoped to be trouble free for more than 2 months.

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    Not at all, impressed with this mouse!

    I have had my I mac for about 2- 1/2 weeks, like most other reviews, the good ol track scroll button took a dump! and it's not a dirt issue, other thing I dont like is the wire, its too stiff, apple should have used a softer wire that moves around easier, I also own the wireless mighty mouse, it seams to work ok,"knock on wood" If apple can work out the scroll button problem, I think it will be a pretty good. all in all though I love the new I Mac, so put the genuises at work at apple and design a mouse that works! come on apple, u can do it!!!

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    Too short a scroll-life

    Apple has been great about replacing the mouse when the scroll stops working. After two replacements, and religious cleaning and washing of hands, I'm convinced the scroll ball is just not a good design. I have other mice with scroll wheels and they have worked for years with no problem. I love Apple products, but I have to say the scroll ball is simply not up to Apple standards.

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    Doesn't Work Good...

    Well, I got it with my new iMac(which is awesome) and the keyboard works perfectly (awesome too) but i do not know what happpened. Iworked with iDVD for one day, left it on, checked t in the morning, the dvd as out but then i couldnt get my screen saver on and found out, it jsut doesnt work at all...
    I will take it to a geuis in a day or two....
    P.S. I only used it for less than a month, and the scroll and light are fine, just not hte mouse.

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    Not bad

    this mouse is one of the best mice that ive owned, and i havent really had any problems with it. I think its due to how you use it, because i look after mine, so the scroll ball hasnt clogged.

    The only problem ive had is that the USB cable is catastrophically short, i can only just get it around my MacBook from the USB ports, the design element in that was useless.

    The design of the mouse itself is fantastic, if i could warrant the £50 to buy the wireless one i would, because that one im sure is flawless.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    After only 8 months, the Mighty Mouse scroll ball is giving up. I can still scroll left and right, but now, the up and down scroll ball appears to be dirty ... it only works about half of the time.
    The mouse also appears to be too sensitive at times ... it does some funny stuff, like magnify the screen contents (???) I have no idea which button I pushed to do that .. then of course, I couldn't get it to stop. Probably 'cockpit' trouble ... or maybe it just has TOO many features.


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    Just OK

    I really wanted to like this mouse. Came with my new iMac along with the new silver flat keyboard (which is amazing) and I gave it a try. I probably used it longer then I would another mouse just because I liked the way it looked and wanted to to be for me. But alas, this mouse is not very user-friendly. The scroll wheel is nice in theory, but in reality it is too small and too sensitive. Having only a single click that registers which finger is being used and then appropriately respondes with a left or right click just doesn't work. Too often I have my right finger still slightly resting on the mouse and it doesn't register my left click, which gets really frusturating when working Excel.

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    Mighty mouse??

    I bought this mouse a little over a year ago and it no longer scrolls and it "clicks" at random times. It was a good mouse for the first year. I'm disappointed that Apple can't come up with a better mouse that doesn't need to be replaced every year.

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    feels very V1.0

    Never before have i had to teach myself how to use a new mouse - how to hold it so as not to open Expose accidently, to lift my index finger before right clicking, or how to "middle click" without accidentally scrolling. Mine seems to be hyper-sensitive as well - holding my hand 1mm above it still registers a "side-click". Feels like it's not quite perfected yet, but a good try at a multi-button mouse. Spend the A$70 on a decent mouse or wait til Apple gets this one right. AND don't forget the Wired version IS NOT laser so won't work on white or shiny surfaces!

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    Scroll ball clogs

    Works fine for a couple of months, then the scroll ball clogs up. You then need to crack it open with a screwdriver (forcing open not unscrewing), unscrew the scroll ball assembly, clean the minute rollers, put it all back together and super glue the base back on.

    Repeat this routine every 2 months (I've done it at least a dozen times). Helpful technical support people suggested buying a new one when I complained, and then put the phone down when I pointed out that this was rather an expensive option.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great!! If you don't mind buying a new one after a every year!

    This mouse worked great for about a year then the problems started. The scroll bar and the laser tracking actually still work fine, the problems I started having were with the sensitivity of the top shell and the side buttons. While I would be scrolling over windows on a web page or even folders on my desktop it would click down on it's own and open new windows and folders by itself! A little frustrating it you are trying to get some work done. The side buttons, which i had set to expose all windows and apps windows would constantly be going on and off and the dashboard would always open by itself (this was my center button). I did try to clean it but this didn't work, and bringing it to the apple store and having them try the fix it isn't worth $60/hr so i just bought a new one, hopefully it will last longer than a year!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Great the short time they work!!!

    Great mouse but I've had three so far in two years. the scroll ball works a treat for 6 months then give up the ghost very quickly. Plus the cable is ridiculously short for any use you might want to put it too.

    so why have i bought three? design looks, and the desire for a scrolling mouse, but i would not recomend these to anyone. Plus the apple shop staff get very funny when you mention the quality in the shop.

    DON'T BUY!!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars


    the mighty mouse is good, and it has a nice list of features, but there are some things that just aren't right. for example, every time i am in photoshop selecting or cutting at image, the sides of the mouse get pressed and it activates expose, also, the trackball is very sensitive to dirt and stops working after a while.

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