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    DVI-D Single Link (Digital only, 1920x1200@60Hz)

    This is the Mini-DisplayPort to DVI-D single-link adapter.

    DVI-D single-link means that ONLY DIGITAL signals will be output, with the maximum supported resolution at 60Hz being 1920x1200 (2.75 megapixels to be exact).

    The adapter easily plugs into the Mini-DisplayPort jack of new aluminum unibody Macbooks and Macbook Pros, and the other end is female DVI-D. Be aware that you cannot physically fit your DVI-I cables into the DVI-D female end. However, since all 24 pins are open, DVI-D dual-link cables can physically fit just as well as DVI-D single-link cables, and can be used to carry the SINGLE-LINK signal to your TV or monitor.

    I was surprised how light-weight this adapter is; a plus for carrying around. I was worried that the relatively heavier cables would pull the plug out from the notebook, but the adapter fits quite snugly in the Macbook Pro. The two screws on the DVI cable I used could not reach their holes in the adapter (female end is not deep enough), however, it was not a concern since the cable still fit tightly into the adapter.

    So, if you don’t have a DIGITAL display larger than 1920x1200, this adapter will be fine. Since HDTV is 1920x1080 this adapter is good enough for me. If you are looking to drive larger digital displays, get the dual-link adapter instead. Also, remember that analog is not supported with this adapter.

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    THIS IS A DVI-D!!!

    so lets get to the REVIEW of the actual product.

    QUALITY: quality is excellent. i have been using this since the day the new MacBook Pro came out. i connect/disconnect this plug to my macbookpro at least 6 times a day; and so far, the connection fit is still tight as the first day. this product in terms of quality is solid! it doesnt feel cheap and flimsy! it is also very light and weights almost nothing.

    MONITOR: im using a gateway FHD2400 (24" LCD monitor) and it works fine. my monitor supports DVI-I, DVI-D, VGA, HDMI, Svideo and a few more.

    IMPORTANT NOTES: MAKE SURE YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK/RESEARCH before you buy this connector. make sure your monitor supports DVI-D... search on wekipedia if you are not sure...if your monitor doesnt support DVI-D, then DONT BUY IT and give it a bad rating...wait untill apple comes out with one that works, or an updated one...or simple go talk to an apple genius and see if they can give you a legit reason.

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    Works with my Samsung 22" 226BW

    This dongle works with Samsung products. When connecting, sometimes the screen would display noise(which looks like noise from TV on the wrong channel), but it clears up after 20 secs or so and it starts working perfectly. I haven't had any issues, but I sort of wished that the connector would indicate the right side up, a couple times I tried to plug it in upside down.

    Anyway, great product, but a little on the pricey side.

    Some of you that have issues, you might want to get a better DVI cable as it my be interference due to poor signal that's not allowing your display to connect.

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    Does not Support USB like Original DVI

    I purchased this adapter along with one of the newest Macbooks thinking I could connect it to my home theater system just as I had done with all of my previous Macs.

    It does not function properly due to the lack of a USB signal that's missing from this new interface. Without this signal, the "Options" tab within the System Preferences>Display properties is missing, and is only present when a USB signal is detected for the display. The ability to remove "Overscan" within the "Options" is needed when connecting to any television, or the desktop is to large to view properly

    The USB input signal, presently is only supported with the new $99 DUAL-link version of this adapter, which has not been made available to this point.

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    Works Like A Charm!

    I was up and running with my Samsung T260HD external display in a matter of seconds, this adapter does exactly what it' supposed to do.

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    it works

    With a simple product like this, it either works (5 stars) or it doesn't (1 star.) It works. I wish Apple would include it with my $2,000 computer though.

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    DVI drops Analog signal, DVI-D only

    We know the Mini DisplayPort can output an analog signal because there's a Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter. So why does this adapter drop the analog signal and go strictly to DVI-D (Digital only) instead of DVI-I (analog & digital)? The old MacBook Pro's had DVI-I. So this adapter is not a replacement to what used to come standard on MacBook Pros! I'm left very frustrated.

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    Dell 24" LCD

    Works fine with the Dell 2405FPW.

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    Works great with Samsung 204BW

    I bought it along with my 13" Macbook (aluminum) and it works great. Only thing I've noticed is that if I put my laptop to sleep, and wake it up several hours later, the secondary monitor (connected by this dongle) doesn't come back to life (it just keeps flickering.. almost likes its trying, but cant). I am not sure if this is a Macbook issue or a dongle issue. It definitely isn't a monitor issue, as I have done this successfully in the past.

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    Great product that breaks after a day

    I received this Adapter yesterday and was very satisfied with it. It works 'out of the box'. But suddenly it didn't work today! I'm very disappointed with the Quality and Control of this product. The worst Apple product I've ever bought.

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    Works great with Dell 2405 FPW!

    Purchased this with my new MacBook. Works perfectly with my 24" Dell 2405 FPW monitor. Seems quite a bit more rugged than the MiniDVI to DVI adapter I used for my old MacBook.

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    Takes a Little Elbow Grease

    At first I thought that this didn't fit the cable for a Dell monitor, but after reading a forum post suggesting forcing it I pushed a little harder and voila.

    As stated in another review, it does not, however, work with the DVI->VGA adapter.

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    Does not work with Dell 24"

    Purchased along with MacBookPro and connected to Dell 2407 FPW but doesn't work well with.

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    Be sure of your pinouts

    This is a DVI-D (single-link) connector - look up DVI on Wikipedia, if you're not sure of the difference. You can NOT simply connect to a DVI-I connector, like Apple's own DVI-VGA adapter, because of the extra pins in DVI-I.

    With the correct cabling, it seems to work just fine.

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