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    Works Great No Problems!

    After reading all the reviews on here I was almost thinking of not getting it and not buying a 30inch monitor due to all the problems people were claiming. Well I wanted to come in here and say I am not having any problems at all! It is working great with my 30inch monitor been using it for hours no flicker nothing! I have my resolution maxed out as well! I am wondering if people are not setting their resolution correctly or something... Or maybe their cable is bad? Anyways I am having no problems have been using for several hours on boot camp windows XP and also Mac os X leopard! I think the adaptor is a bit pricey but worth the money! So at least try this adapter our before reading everyone elses reviews you can always take it back if it doesn't work for you!

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    alas, this mac hardware does not work well

    it's the only way for me to attach my macair to 30inch LCD monitor (Samsung 305T), but it does not work solid at all. Every couple of hours or so image gets bad and I have take it out and plug it in again. Hopefully it will be fixed or 3 part cable will become available on the market.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Unfortunately I have to chime in and complain.

    I'm using this with a Samsung SyncMaster 305T. Some days I have to unplug and plugin this adapter to reset things once or twice a day. Other days though it's Every 10 minutes to the point I'm about to throw it in the garbage. The screen goes "blurry"... it's kind of hard to explain how it looks, but it's definitely unusable in that state.

    I'm hanging on till the day that Apple may be able to solve this issue with a software and/or firmware upgrade. PLEASE!!!

    Don't buy this counting on reliability.

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    New 17" Macbook Pro and 4 year old 30" Cinema Display. I have my display set to "Higher performance" in the Energy Saver preference pane.

    When displaying large areas of black on the Cinema Display there is clearly flickering horizontal lines. I once tried unplugging and replugging in the connector and the flickering was a bit less. But I do plug the adapter in virtually every day since I commute with the laptop. Generally speaking it will flicker when displaying black areas.

    I will probably try to return it for another one to see if it varies.

    I can live with it if there is no fix as the flicker is only there in black areas.

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    Does not work. Please fix it, Apple.

    Tried this with a Dell 3007 monitor. No luck. It worked for 4 hours, then the picture changed to look like an old TV - lots of snow. Waiting for Apple to get this product working correctly. Hope it is soon!

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    Doesn't work as it should

    Connected to a Dell 30" screen ; the picture goes fuzzy every few minutes. You must unplug/replug the mini-DP adapter to fix the problem.

    A real pain... And no update from Apple after month of having this issue. And I'm not alone.. Hundreds of similar post with the problem

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    Fragile and unreliable

    The Mini DisplayPort IMHO is a disaster!
    Received two new MacBook Pro's a couple of weeks ago. First time one was used we had problems with Dual-link DVI display
    Second unit developed a fault with its Mini DisplayPort to VGA connector (no blue displayed - very embarrassing during a client presentation!)
    Apple need to deal with this

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Worst Apple Product Ever

    I've had two of these so far...I tried them both with a 30" Apple display and a 30" Dell display driven from three different computers - a 24" iMac, a 13" Unibody MacBook, and a 15" Unibody MacBook. In every case the end result produced either a flickering display or a display image that had no depth (i.e. it looked shallow and out of phase).

    To begin with, it's disappointing that Apple forces you to buy this for their new line of MacBooks and iMacs. But to produce a product this lacking in quality, it's ridiculous.

    I'm so disappointed with this product, that I've just downgraded to a 2.5 GHz MacBook Pro so that I can run my 30" display without problems.

    Apple needs to fix this or design a new product! I'm not buying a Unibody MacBook Pro again until you do.

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    Works beautifly with Dell 3007WFP-HC

    Hooked up new 30 inch dell monitor to new imac - no problems - recovers from sleep perfectly.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Terrible - defective junk

    Bought it for my uMB, tested it and it left all sort of distortion lines everywhere. Slightly better if you plug the USB into an external USB power adapter but that lasts 10 mins. There needs to be a recall on this. I returned it the same day.

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    It is broken

    I have the same issue often reported here of flicker and noise coming through the adapter. For those who think it works, I suggest you test with a black background (or play a movie) as the high contrast makes the noise impossible to miss.

    It maybe, as one reviewer suggests, that people complaining merely have a defective adapter and it should be returned. Well, I did that and it still doesn't fly. Given the number of complaints here, I think it is pretty clear that the adapter is faulty. I tried two Apple Cinema displays with a new mac book pro, and I get the noise. My old macbook pro works fine. I am a huge supporter of Apple, but this product needs to be replaced.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Awful product

    Have this connected to a mini and my Dell 30" ... after wake from sleep, the screen will invariably muck up (as described in other posts) requiring me to reconnect the adapter.

    I expected better Apple. I expected it to work.

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    If it is broke, RETURN IT!

    For those with the 1 star review, did any of you brainiacs think of returning it for a replacement? I had the colored lines interference, and this may be a surprise to some, but I packed it up and went to the store to exchange it for another one. The "Genius" tested out the broken unit to verify that it was the cause, and then brought out a new one and verified that it worked properly in store. Yet another great example of good customer service from Apple.

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    works for me

    I just got this adapter delivered a few hours ago and its working fine so far. I'm using it with a 30" apple cinema display and a month-old macbook.

    I was worried about whether it would work ok after the negative reviews here and elsewhere, but it seems to be just fine for me - I can not tell the difference between connecting up to my previous-model macbook pro (which has a dual DVI port built in) and my new macbook.

    Of course the price is still rather outrageous, hence no 5 stars.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Works exactly as described... no issue here! Remember, most people satisfied with this adapter WILL NOT post a positive review!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great connector

    I like this so I can connect my mac book pro to the 30 in screen. It is nice because it keeps most of the cords out of the way. I recommend this to anyone who wants to hook their 30-inch to their macbook or macbook pro.

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    So Far So Good

    Despite months of negative reviews I bought this yesterday for my 2.53Ghz Unibody Macbook Pro. When I first got it home I was seeing all kinds of problems running it at 2560 x 1600 on my Dell 3008wfp. The image was shifted making text blocky and unreadable. Just when I was about to go return the adapter, I tried the cable that came with my monitor. Since then I've had no issues running at full res for about 24 hours in and out of sleep both with integrated video and dedicated. I'm using a USB port on my MBP with no special configuration. If you're having issues, try swapping out your DVI cable with a high quality, short length dual-link DVI cable.

    I'm suprised and happy that it's working great, but still mad at myself for investing in a laptop that requires a $100 adapter to use with my monitor.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    fail, bigtime

    When the computer wakes the monitor up out of sleep, it has about a 1 in 4 chance of having lost sync with the monitor. So I get two images superimposed, about an inch or two apart; impossible to use. This same monitor has worked flawlessly with my previous-generation MBP (which had direct DVI out) for almost two years, so it is either the new MBP or the adapter. I suspect the latter; I tried a lower-resolution "normal" mini displayPort to DVI adapter and had no problems at all ... other than the lack of resolution. Apple support seems surprised at the problem; odd, given the feedback on this page. I think I'm going to return the MBP and go back to the old one. Sigh.

    Minor problem: occasional flicker, but limited mostly to waking up.

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    Don't buy it until fixed

    I just bought the adapter at the Apple store today. I though they possibly could have fixed the flicker and distortion problems seen by other users.

    Hooked it up to my Dell 3007 only to discover both the flicker and distortion are present intermittently. Approximately two times an hour. Forcing me to put the display to sleep and wake it up to resolve the problem

    I would stay clear of this until a working fix is released.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Serious noise / interference problems - as widely reported

    I purchased one of these (expensive) adaptors for use with a new MacBook. Unfortunately there is serious interference on black parts of the screen. Many other users have encountered this, so I don't believe my experience is uncommon.

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