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    Serious interference also with Apple 30" Cinema Display

    I experience the same problem as many others. Serious interference/noise on black parts of the display connected via the Dual-Link Adapter.
    This is unacceptable. One simply can not work with that kind of interference on the big screen!
    The weird thing is, i can even record the interference using SnapzPro.
    Have a look: bit.ly/dav7WR

    I have a brand new MacBook Pro with SDD Drive connected to an older 30 Inch Apple Cinema Display (which works as expected connected to other Macs) via the Dual Link Adapter. I have even gotten a replacement Adapter from Apple Care which unfortunately didn't cure the problem.

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    World of difference for Me

    I just got a Mac Mini and used my 28" LG monitor. Before using the Dual Link Adapter i had a slight grainy display. I read about this adapter and went over to my Apple store to discuss. The Apple gal told me it will help and if i was not happy, bring it back within 15 days.. After trying this out,, it is not going back. The Dual Link Adapter was like night and day, It provided instant improvement. My display is very vivid, crisp and sharp. A hundred bucks is a bit step but what else can you do? this is it!!! For me it was worth it,, I did not have any issues some of the folks talk about and i intended to use the IPod power adapter some of you talked about but i could not find a male to male USB cable,, Where are you guys/gals finding this cable.. I went about every where i could in Sacramento and could not find one. So far i dont need it but now im on a mission to find one. HELP.... Back to the Dual Link DVI Adapter,, It's awesome,, go get one.. It works awesome.. and if you find the male to male USB,, tell me where.

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    Needs fixing still

    I'm onto my 2nd adapter now and still getting issues with it. I have done the usual trick of plugging the USB into an iPhone wall charger. I am getting the horizontal flickers across black screens, strange distortion from sleep and occasionally it will flick on and off quickly. I am also on the latest firmware (1.02). If you are thinking about this adapter, I'd suggest waiting until it's all sorted out. Currently I wouldn't bother. From the information I've found on the internet, I gather it's an issue with software as the adapter works fine on bootcamp. Hopefully Apple are working on a software update to fix these issues.

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    What a Difference !

    I am using my old 30" Dell 3007WFP monitor to my new 15" MacBook Pro. I started with the Single-Link DVI adapter and was terribly distressed with what the monitor was doing. I began to research single verses dual link and decided to go ahead and try this adapter. It has turned this old 30" diaplay into a new monitor. I am running it at 2560x1600 with unbelievable crispness. I have had no problems with either the adapter or the monitor since plugging it up. I strongly recommend this for anyone with a large display!

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    Sometimes works

    Expensive piece of hardware, but is amazingly flaky. I mean it works most of the time, but is subject to random problems is the form of messed up displays (get used to unplugging and plugging back in). It's a digital to digital converter but it produces artifacts that you would expect from a analog to digital converter.

    Seriously, can this not be done better?

    (yes I have the latest firmware)

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    Horizontal lines on black areas

    I have a mid-2009 MacBook Pro, 30" Cinema HD Display and adapter v.10.2, and suffer from the same errors on black areas as everybody else. The display is 4 years old and has worked perfectly until using this adapter.

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    My worst Apple product ever

    The 30" Cinema Display shows static, is less sharp that the direct DVI used to
    be, and from time to time doesn't detect the proper resolution
    (messing up all window sizes and positions from sleep) -- for
    which the only solution is to go back to sleep, unplug it, re-plug
    and wake the MBP again. Even giving it its independent power through
    an USB hub doesn't help.

    I find it really disappointing that Apple won't find a solution for this,
    even after so many months.

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    Works as of February 2010

    I've been using this adapter for a week with my HP LP3065 30" monitor and it has been trouble-free. No flickering or other display issues.

    My gripe is that the adapter should come with a USB patch cable at this price. The adapter consumes power through its USB connector and doesn't leave much current to power other devices from its output. So, I would have to patch the adapter's output to my monitor, or some other powered USB hub, in order to plug in only one USB cable when I set up my MacBook at my desk. For now I'm just using the other USB port on my MacBook in addition to the one used by the adapter.

    Not a big deal but $99 is already plainly expensive.

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    Works perfectly with power

    This is a fantastic product. Ignore everybody who gives it 1 star and insists it doesn't work: They're using it wrong!

    Dual Link requires more power to transfer its data than the mini display port can provide. That's why this has a USB dongle: Plug it into a self powered USB hub, which will give the USB connection all the power that the monitor needs, and it works great! It makes more sense than requiring that the adapter also have a plug that goes into the wall.

    Using my Mac Mini with a Dell 3007WFP, running fast and fine at 2560x1600!

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    Woe is me

    Just like everyone else ... it's bad enough to pay $100 for a cable, but then it's really bad when it gives you white static lines across areas of the screen that are black. To make it worse, I bought two of them.

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    Works with DELL 3008WFP, but price is silly

    Plugged it in, selected correct source on DELL 3008WFP, worked first time and no problems yet. Not had any of the problems reported in other reviews.

    Price is steep (about £30 would have been reasonable, £69 is rip-off -- you can buy an iPod for less than that!) hence 4 stars.

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    iScrewed again

    I bought these cables because I had to if I wanted my new Unibody MacPros to drive my great old 30" HD Cinema displays. Doesn't work work at all. (Hmm, maybe they want to force me to dump my perfectly good display and buy a new $3000 display. How green is that!) I buy tons of high end Mac equipment, at least they could provide some support on what is obviously a high end problem. When you guys screww up you do it well. Apple - Take your (eye)Fingers out of your (eye)Aces and give your core customers some decent support on this issue. And DO IT NOW! (Expletives and the letter (I) removed to appease the filters)

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    I am getting all of the same issues as the other commenters. My Dell 3007WFP which works fine with my old Macbook Pro is as good as unusable with my new MacBook Pro thanks to this adapter. Every 30 minutes or so the display gets these lines and the white static is nearly continual and especially noticeable when watching a video or editing text on a black background. None of the tricks suggested (such as using a USB hub) make a bit of difference and the Apple Store staff refuse to acknowledge the problem to the extent that I am considering hauling my 30 inch monitor into the store and showing them.

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    I purchased this cable to run my 30" screen from my new 27" iMac.

    As an 18 year user of Apple/Mac products this is by far the worst one I've ever purchased. The static lines in black areas of the screen on the 30" are annoying and distracting to say the least. If you have the time to disconnect and reconnect the cable and power on/off the monitor... yes, you will eventually get it to where it does go away. The question is... who has time for that?

    This has also been an issue for such a long time I'm floored that it has not been addressed! Can it really be that difficult? Why would you leave DVI connectors for this abomination? Looks like they really jumped the gun on the whole mini-disply port connection.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works Great!!! Just try it!!!

    Many of the online reviews for this adapter are negative. I hope to dispel some of these rumors with this review. The Apple Mini Display Port to Dual-Link DVI adapter works flawlessly for me.

    I have a new Samsung T240HD 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor that I bought specifically to use with my 13" Macbook running Leopard. I researched both the monitor and this adapter before making either purchase. I'm not happy that the adapter was $99, but I am very very happy with results.

    Without any configuration, I plugged the adapter into my laptop and attached the DVI cable that came with my monitor. After pressing the power button on my laptop, I immediately close the cover and presto!! I have a 24" monitor. The monitor goes to sleep at the specified time and always wakes up when I move my Bluetooth Logitech MX revolution mouse (with the USB receiver plugged into the ADC adapter's aux USB port) or press a key on my wireless Bluetooth Apple keyboard.

    I couldn't have asked for better.

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    Works well, limited data communication to NEC MultiSync LCD3090WQXi SV

    I use this adapter to hook an NEC Multisync LCD3090WQi SV to my 13" Macbook Pro (June 2009 edition). This monitor includes SpectraView software and an xRite Calibrtion sensor to perform color correction by changing the contents of the LUT in the monitor. For this setup to work, the software has to be able to communicate with the monitor using the DDC, a data channel that's a standard part of the DVI specification. This communication is not possible using Apple's dual-link connector box.

    So in order to calibrate this monitor, you have to buy a single link DVI adapter, hook up your monitor, perform the calibration, then switch back to the dual link adapter to get the full 2560 x 1600 resolution. It seems silly that Apple overlooked the need to make DDC work correctly; this monitor is quite popular with Graphics professionals, it seems hard to imagine it was not tested with this adapter.

    Other than the frustration of having to keep another $30 adapter around and having to switch back and forth every 2 weeks to re-calibrate, this adapter works as advertised.

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    Works Perfectly! Awesome Display on my 30" HP LP3065

    This Dual-Link DVI adapter works perfectly -- provided you supply it with adequate power (1A) via the usb plug on this adapter's cable. To ensure adequate power, you are seriously encouraged to buy the Apple USB Power Adapter ($29) with this (it should really be included in the box with this adapter :-( ). Yes, it is an additional $29, but you won't be disappointed with the results!

    The other reviewers had bad experiences because their Macs did not supply enough power to this adapter via their native/built-in USB ports. Bypass those issues and buy the correct power adapter and enjoy Dual-Link DVI excellence at 2560x1600!

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    Flaky at best

    I was so excited to get my new 17" MacBook Pro until I realized that this "Pro" product didn't work with my 30" Cinema Display anymore without me dropping another $100. I then get the adaptor to find that it is really flaky, my screen flickers few times an hour and it just seems like the whole thing was an afterthought at best. Really, really disappointed that Apple did this to their core audience who spends the most money on their products.

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    Flicker = Power Issue

    Great intentions for this apparently quick fix solution. Yeah, for what is rare to happen, Apple botched a bit on this extension. I can't complain in the end though because at least it works as desired.

    USB on almost every class of machine have the tendency to have power related issues. Devices that have a separate power adapter don't have to rely on this voltage. Bus powered devices are all trying to pull the voltage they need. In this case v1.02. If for any reason you get power fluctuations, your monitor will flicker, have issues, or not work at all.

    The Fix, plug the USB cable that is on the Y with the Mini DisplayPort and plug it into an external powered USB Hub that has its own power adapter.

    Don't have a powered USB Hub? No problem. Try using the 2nd Monitor's built in USB Hub. Plug the USB from the Y and plug it into your iMac and then take the USB out from the Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter and using a iPod/iPhone power cable and plug it into a Wall outlet for AC.

    Not sure any other way of doing it is worth it. Still glad I got it because there isn't really a better solution out there at this time.

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    Worked fine, but expensive

    I had none of the distortion/flickering issues on my Dell 30" that others have reported; the adapter worked as advertised (even with the 1.01 firmware). $100 is too expensive for a simple graphics adapter, though. Also, they really should indicate better that you need to plug in the USB cable to get the thing to work.

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