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    13" aluminium Macbook drives Dell 3008 WFP just fine

    This adapter drives my few months old Dell 3008 WFP without any image quality issues, from a brand new 13" aluminium Macbook.

    It's a shame there's no mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable, though, because the 3008 has DisplayPort input.

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    I am using all Apple products... brand new 17 inch Macbook Pro and Apple 30 inch cinema display. I get random linear, static like flickers across the screen that predominately affect the darker areas. For those of you saying you don't have problems, try putting a large jet black area on your 30 inch monitor before clicking up the star rating on this defective product.

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    Works most of the time.

    Apple 30" Cinema Display, Macbook 13" unibody 2.4Ghz, 4GB mem

    I experience flickers (so far only right after the computer starts up), inserted DVD, DVD player automatically opened and full-screen, just got black screen, everything besides the mouse cursor became unresponsive. Had to power-off via holding power button.

    Its just doesn't seem stable, but what choice do I have if I only have a MB and want to use my 30" display (used to have a PowerMac G5, but sold it)

    Hopefully this is something Apple could address in the future with a software/driver update.

    $99 to use my $1600 laptop with my $1800 display. A complete rip off. I might possibly have been able to overlook the $99 if it worked perfectly without problems, but that is certainly not the situation here.

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    Mac Mini(2009) Problems w/Adapter

    Just to chime in with the rest of the crowd, I'm also experiencing flickering issues with this adapter. I have a new Mac Mini w/Nvidia graphics that powers the 30" Cinema perfectly, no graininess or distortion, except for that irritating screen flickering every 15-40 minutes. I thought the Mini had issues, I'd never suspect it was the adapter until coming to this forum. Hope Apple fixes this problem soon considering that the adapter was 1/6th the price of the Mini.

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    Works Perfectly

    Works just as described, and through an IoGear GCS1204 KVM which was a concern having seen the review about Dell problems.

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    It works - for those who can't get it to work read below

    I read all the negative reviews on here before buying and still made the purchase anyway to try it for myself. Don't forget everyone - most people who write reviews on the Internet are complaining about something. The majority of purchases that work never get written about because it is as expected. So always take "reviews" with a grain of salt.

    So anyway, I hooked this "Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter" up to my MacBook Pro (2.53GHz model) and to my 30" Apple screen. YOU HAVE TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE RUNNING YOUR GRAPHICS IN PERFORMANCE MODE to not get any color or tearing issues. You might also need a fresh reboot to make it reset as well.

    1) Click on your battery or charging icon in the upper right hand part of your screen
    2) Click on "Energy Saver Preferences"
    3) Ensure that the "Higher performance" button is selected when connected to the adapter (you can switch it back when portability is needed)
    4) Then exit


    1) Go Apple>System Preferences> and click on "Displays" in the Hardware section
    2) You can play around with the settings in here to get the resolutions, colors and displays set-ups however you want.

    **Important note - make sure your laptop is using the battery charger when connected to the adapter for all of the above to work consistently.

    Hope this helps - worked for me.

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    DisplayPort Adapter (or Nvidia driver) Freezes/hangs macbook or causes snow

    I, like many here, am having problems where one of these behaviors occur when I connect the DisplayPort adapter:
    - There's snow on my external display (Samsung SyncMaster242MP)
    - The external display blinks on then off.
    - After returning from display sleep, the monitor continues to display nothing (black).
    - The MacBook hangs when removing the adapter and then plugging it back in. But not every time I do this. And I'm usually doing this to get the MacBook to re-detect the display due to one of the aforementioned issues.

    There was mention of an Apple update to the MacBook Pro Nvidia drivers that occurred in late January. That update has since been removed by Apple from their support site.

    I'm giving the adapter a two star rating because it does work, for as long as I keep the MBP from not sleeping the display, once I convince the MBP that there is a display attached and it syncs up without snow.

    Soooo...I'm anxiously awaiting news from Apple in some form (support KB, new driver, new adapter, anything!).

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    Works Perfectly

    This adaptor is for use with the Apple 30 inch display. It says so in the advertising and the literature. It does this perfectly. Therefore 5 stars...

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    Awesome =] works GREAT!

    I got this for my 42 in PHILIPS LCD 1080p. I was very disappointed at first as it did not work, but after reading some of the reviews on here I realized I had to plug in in the USB to supply power to the dual-link (I know Duh!). Now, it not only works but the picture is crystal clear!

    hence my review title, Awesome =]

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    Apple changes product description

    This product description use to state this adapter would work for any monitor that required a dual-link dvi connection.

    After receiving multiple complaints, Apple has changed the description to include only their 30" cinema display instead of fixing the real issue.

    The adapter WILL work with my 30" Dell display, but I occasionally will experience issues (static, snow, etc) - only a reset (computer, display, settings, sleep) will bring it back. A serious nuisance.

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    Works great with MacBook Air

    The adapter works great with MacBook Air (late 2008 of course). Is seems that the USB plug is just to provide power to the big adapter, without connecting the USB cable it does not work.
    It works perfect connected to Logitech 4-ports USB hub (the hub is powered). The screen is 30-inch Apple display. Image is perfect. The only problem is that keyboard and mouse works better connected to the hub not the monitor - the movement of the mouse is smooth. Expensive but definitelly works.

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    I thought I would be one of the lucky ones after waiting 3 months for my adapter.... I guess not. I have slight flickering and my wired mouse tends to be very jumpy. Honestly, if I would have known this beforehand, I would not have bought the new MBP.

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    Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter is terrible

    I read the reviews, but since I replaced my 2 year old macbook pro 17, with a brand new unibody, i needed this adapter. Tried 2, absolute terrible performance. Display looks grainy, it flickers every now and then, fet random bars down right habd side, and I cant see to use the usb socket on the adapter even with an iPhone - please leave well alone until its fixed.

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    Slow MacBook Pro

    After paying $99 plus tax, I thought I will be very happy driving 30 inch Apple Cinema Display from my new MacBookPro. Wrong! It is SLOW !!! Especially when I run VMWare Fusion full screen mode, my Mac runs so slowly that I fall asleep. I am not sure why they made MDP to run only half the capacity. Apple must have known this, so then they should have left dual DVI or provided a different solution.

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    Problem's with 30" Display

    As others have stated there are many problems with this adapter and using it with a 30" display. I never had a single problem with my two prior 15" MacBook Pro's and my Dell 30" display. With this adapter I experience flicker every 10-15 minutes and have seen it drop one link of the dual-link connection as well. I would avoid this adapter and had I known this would not have purchased a new 15" MacBook Pro.

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    Apple 30 inch Cinema Display Flickers

    I did not need this adapter with my late 2007 Model MBP using the internal DVI connection. However, living on the bleeding edge, I had to get the new MBP back on Dec 31, 2008. I since learned the hard way that I needed this new Mini-Port to Dual-Link DVI Adapter to match the resolution of my previous MBP. Then I got an unexpected


    This thing flickers under all circumstances. It doesn't matter if I just turned the MBP on, or after hours of use. I have been trying workarounds that others have tried and have been sifting through rumors of hardware issues, software issues, or environmental causes to the problem.

    I am not one the usually writes reviews on products, but I simply could not let this one slide. I too read the reviews prior to purchasing this product, and I did not see one mention at the time to this particular issue at the time. Now I see that others are experiencing the same problem. I encourage everyone that has purchased this product, and experiencing these issues to voice there feedback. I would tell others to hold off on purchasing this product.

    More importantly if you use an external display and are considering a new MBP I would hold off until there is official word from Apple that the issues have been identified and resolved with either this product or more seriously a new generation of MBP.

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    Does not work with 30" Dell and MBP

    We use 30" Dells and Macbook Pros at work, and between two machines and monitors, we're determined this product is terrible. I've tried working with the lid closed, re-plugging from the monitor end, the laptop end, tried the "official fix" from Apple including deleting plist files and resetting PRAM, and still see the sudden loss of clarity/fuzziness/noise issues I've seen that other have photographed. My hope is that Apple will replace this cable with one that works, my fear is that no cable will work and no 3rd party cables will be available.

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    doesn't work properly with Macbook Pro (late 2008) and Dell 30" monitors

    beware, doesn't work with a Macbook Pro (late 2008) and any Dell 30" (3007wfp /3007wfp-hc), every so often the infamous 'fuzz of death' appears and your screen will be unreadable, leaving only a re-boot or unpluging/repluging the adpater to bring the screen back, but only for awhile.

    check out the forums for details, especially the thread intitled - 'periodic Dual-link display problem with new adapter'.

    very poor show from Apple to release a faulty product.

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    Disappointed by this poor product

    As everyone else has mentioned, this product (as currently integrated with OS X) is defective.

    Apple delayed the release of this product, charged an outrageous price, and then did not provide the necessary software updates to make the product work.

    I have new MacBook Pro 2.53 with a 30 inch Apple Cinema Display.

    My mouse jumps several inches sporadically. I've seen in forums online that there is an easy way to replicate this problem. Drag the mouse in a circle over and over. Every few times, the mouse will jump several inches.

    In addition, the screen flickers, changes colors, etc.

    I'm confident that this is just a software problem. (I hope so). Apple MUST update this product, software, or refund the customers. At the moment, we bought a dud.


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    Design Engineering Staff Shouid be Publicaly FLOGGED!!

    Please forgive my possibly ignorant rant knowing I am open to any schooling from an informed source, unless otherwise corrected I believe the Design Engineering Staff at Apple should be publicly Flogged or at the very least be made to give up a portion of their paychecks to accommodate the prolific permutations of video connectors Apple has SPAWNED! Really now, Intel / PC based computers, that offer equivalent graphic performance have managed to utilize the same 15 Pin cable for 20 years!!! Could someone please tell me WHY APPLES FEELS IT IS COMPULSORY EVERY TIME A MODEL OR MID MODEL CHANGE HAPPENS THEY MUST INVENT ANOTHER *&!@#!# VIDEO CONNECTOR?!!!! One must carry a printed product compatibility map the size of a bed sheet to PURCHASE the correct $30 to $125 adapter so that one can connect AN APPLE MONITOR TO AN APPLE COMPUTER!!! Shame on Apple once again for showing absolutely NO ALLEGIANCE to Long Standing Consumers! I had hoped Intel would have put a stop to the 8Pin, D-Sub, BNC, 15 Pin, Powerbook 100 Series adapter, Powerbook Duo Adapter, DVI, VGA, Mini DisplayPort to VGA, Mini DVI to VGA, Mini DisplayPort to DVI, Mini DVI to DVI, Mini DVI to Video, Mini DisplayPort to VGA, Micro DVi to Video, MADNESS!!! Just to name a few.....

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