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    Monitor flickers every 20-40 minutes.

    Our office has 9 of the new MBP laptops that require these adapters to drive our 30" monitors. I personally have a 30" apple display, all others are 30" Samsungs. Every monitor regardless of brand or age flickers (blanks out and then comes back on) every 20-40 minutes. None of the monitors exhibit this behavior when using a direct DVI connection to an older MBP. Problem is either this adapter or the graphics chips in the new MBP's.

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    Working fine after 3 days...

    I have no doubt there are significant issues with some or most of these adapters, but unfortunately it is the only way to hook a new MacBook / MacBook Pro up to a 30" monitor; anyone who has such a display is unlikely to give it up.

    I bought one of these from the local Apple store, and tested it in the store with a Macbook Air + a 30" cinema display they had there - worked fine. After 3 days of 8+ hr/day use with a MacBookPro purchased in Early Jan connected to a Dell 3008WFP it is just fine - display rock steady, no issues whatsoever. The MacBook is plugged in (powered), one of the MacBook's 2 USB ports powers the adapter, the other goes to the USB hub located in the monitor. Energy saver is set to "better battery life" (ie 9400M); haven't bothered to enable the 9600.

    Yes, this is far too expensive, large, and generally a ridiculous solution - particularly compared with the direct-connect dual-link DVI on the previous generation. And yes, why is there not a mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable available, 4+ months after the product introduction? However, the particular unit I appear to have works just fine. If you really need one of these things, perhaps you can get lucky and wind up with an operational unit as well.

    Otherwise, sticking with a previous-generation MacBook with a more immediately useful display connector, or perhaps a different brand of laptop all together would serve as a better solution.

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    Joining the crew on the ship of fools

    Nothing extraordinary to report. I'm making a mark in the vain hope that the sheer number of lemmings that are taking one for the Apple Team will somehow see redemption with Apple coming clean on this, and resolving the Mini DisplayPort issues. I hope it's the adapter, and not the Laptop hardware. I've got a 15" Unibody, full CPU & RAM, and a TripleHead2Go setup. It runs absolutely fine off my older MBP, and can't wake from sleep on the new one without serious scanlines, artifacting, and confusion. I've wasted 8 hours jacking around with this - who can I bill for that?

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    Poor performance

    After waiting 2+ months for this product to come out, then paying the $99 for what amounts to a cable adapter, I find the performance to be poor. At "millions" of colors (set in Apple Display Prefs), I get a constant flicker. At "thounsands" the flicker is manageable at 1/hour or so.

    Apple SHOULD do something to recall/fix this adapter.

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    Buy this adapter or they'll kill your dog

    I initially purchased the single channel adapter not being aware of the 1280x800 signal limitation. I returned to the store (without packaging, but with receipt) and explained that it was unlikely anyone on the planet would benefit from the single channel adapter, and the staff agreed. I was given full credit for the single channel and purchased the dual.

    It worked as expected, and I am running 2560x1600 w/millions of colours. No flicker, no warbles. Samsung 30 inch SyncMaster 305T.

    So why a 3 star rating? Because it is a solution after the fact. My old MBP had a DVI port on the side and ran this monitor just fine. Exactly how is this Mini DisplayPort suppose to benefit me? There is a high PIA factor plugging two cables where prior I had one and now I have 3 feet of cable and a box the size of a deck of cards on my desk.

    So in summary.. If you are reading this, chances are that you already purchased a new laptop and are trying to solve your display problems. Go ahead and buy it.

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    Wait for them to fix the bugs before buying

    If you want to use a new MBP with a 30 inch cinema display, you have to buy one of these. But there are a lot of bugs still to be fixed, such as:

    - scrambled video after wake from sleep
    - stuttering playback in Front Row
    - jumpy cursor movement
    - momentary video blackouts

    My advice: don't but this (or a new MBP) until the problems are fixed. Check the forums for the latest reports...

    The device is also cumbersome and ugly, doesn't have a firewire-thru port and is rather expensive. That might be OK .... if it worked properly.

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    It's not the $100 adapter, it's your $2700 computer

    I have both a MacBook Pro and a MacBook. The adapter works great on the MacBook and lousy on the MacBook Pro.
    On the MBP it flickers and loses sync on a regular basis.

    Also consider that it uses a USB port for power. Granted, there is a pass through port on it, but that can't even run a keyboard/mouse.

    I don't know what Apple's said (can't find anything), but I've read that the problem could be the USB power regulation. Meaning mainboard. Meaning good luck getting that fixed.

    Still, it's better than a PC any day!

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    This adapter is broken. It should have received more testing.

    I have a Dell 30" 3007WFP monitor that I bought for 1300 bucks over a year ago.

    It works flawlessly with my desktop computer but has several problems with my unibody macbook. Periodically, the image will get either ghosted and weirdly broken (as many have reported) or the colors will become all wrong and there will be "snow" all over the screen.

    Both are fixed by unplugging the USB connector of the Adapter (apparently it's needed to power it for some reason) and replugging it. I'm not returning the accessory for now since there are no alternatives and I'd rather live with the bugs than not be able to use my 30" monitor.

    And the price is outrageous as well. I admire and love many apple products but this is certainly not one of them. Apple should have tested it more thoroughly and fixed the bugs.

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    Not working with my Gateway XHD3000

    The adapter did not support the full native resolution (2560x1600) of my Gateway XHD3000. No reason for me to use this adapter, so I returned the product. Very disappointing as this was the primary setup I was planning to use.

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    Got a Fix to the Flickering Issue for MacBook Pro

    Had the same problem that everyone else seems to have, but got a fix from the apple store:

    For the MacBook Pro (15", unibody)

    1) Open System Preferences
    2) Open Energy Saver
    3) Check the button for Higher Performance.

    The issue disappeared and everything is working fine now.

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    FIX FOR 15" MBP

    If you change the graphic card settings in system preferences under energy saver to better performance from better battery life, we found the flicker to disappear. This changes the graphic settings from the 9400 card to the 9600 card. Thanks

    Not an Apple authorized fix, just a customer trying to make the community happier by offering this suggestion to a problem.

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    Unreliable with External Displays

    This does not work reliably. We have the new 15" Unibody MacBook Pro and a 30" Dell Monitor, which works great with the old style MacBook Pro. However, with the new required adapter the screen fuzzes. Wait until the adapter is reliable to purchase this or the unibody MacBook Pro 15".

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    It works, but...

    I have it attached to my 30" Apple Cinema HD display. I don't get any flicker and the screen always comes up, but any areas of the screen that are completely black display a rapid faint flicker of horizontal lines (think film noise). It's subtle but definitely noticeable.

    I'm on the fence about returning it.

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    30" Cinema Display blinks every few minutes regardless of settings

    Extremely annoying.

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    Doesn't work

    Like so many others, this adapter does not work for me. I get a constant flicker that will not stop (unlike the occasional ones others have complained about). I have tried plugging it into both an Apple and a Dell 30in, both with the same problem. I have tried a bunch of the workarounds listed in the forums to no avail. I've tried this with 2 separate adapters. And of course, I tried them with a colleague's MacBook Pro (he got his about a month before me) and it works fine!!!! So I don't know if it's the adapter, the computer, or a combination. But in any case, now I have to keep using my Lenovo Vista machine to do any real work until this is resolved. I'm a designer constantly in the Adobe Creative Suite and I'm not willing to go back to 1440x900 just to use this computer that doesn't work with the newest technology. Very disappointing. I'm anxiously waiting for a recall and replacement program.

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    You're joking me? $100 for an adapter for a perfectly good working and relevant 30" ACD monitor??!

    Not to mention i cant use the firewire on the back of the ACD. and it barely works most of the time which is just the kicker.

    I mean, its not that hard to create something that looks simple and elegant, but put some craftsmanship and quality into it really!

    You have access to a multitude of Apple products in your factory, do a bit more grindstone testing before we pay the burden of failed products that dont get the quality assurance customers that are willing to pay for apples premium.

    Good luck next time.

    (dont get me wrong im not here to bash Apple at all, I'm just reluctant with all these quiet changes and no realization that customers are offered standards and are now being kicked high to adapt or get nothing)

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    Mostly works

    I was glad that it has a USB pass-through because I really didn't know how I was going to handle even one less USB port on the laptop. Still I need a hub because the 30" Applemonitor only has 2 ports.

    As for the quality of the device, it works most of the time. Every couple of hours it will blink a blank screen for a fraction of a second. I can deal with that.

    I really just want a 30" version that uses the display port natively and has more USB ports. But I'll have to wait and see if Apple makes one.

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    Doesn't work with the Apple 30" Cinema Display HD either

    I have an Apple 30" Cinema Display. I waited patiently for Apple to release this product, hoping the delay meant they were ironing out last-minute issues.

    They didn't. When I connect the monitor either of the two 15" unibody MacBook Pro's in my household, green and purple noise flickers across the screen where dark colors are displayed. For example top and bottom when showing widescreen formatted movies. Or left and right when displaying 3:4 formatted videos.

    I hope I just got a lemon. I am going to the local Apple store tomorrow to demonstrate that either the adapter is broken, or the mini display port on both my MacBook Pro's.

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    Really Apple?

    Being a web developer and graphic artist I use a ton of Apple products and for the most part I really love all of them. However, this adapter is the exception. First off, $100? Are you kidding me? The price of this adapter is one thing, unacceptable. I don't appreciate having to pay an extra $100 to hook up my MBP when the old one had a DVI connector built right into it. You could have at least given me 1 adapter for free with the laptop. And then there is the performance issue, always reconnecting my screen because it just shuts off or randomly displays static.

    This is very disappointing apple. Normally I hold you in such high regards, but this adapter is only one thing, that's a P.O.S.

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    Extremely disappointed with Apple

    I bought a new 15" MBP about 3 weeks ago as a replacement for my aging MS box. I'm a software developer by trade so a majority of my work is done at a desk using a Samsung 305T 30" monitor (2560x1600).

    Unfortunately, I didn't do quite enough research on the new MBP models - I figured that it would support dual-link DVI out of the box.

    I was surprised and shocked to learn I had to spend another $99 to plug in my existing monitor. After reading the reviews, I was hesitant to even bother (I think this is currently at 2/5 stars on the Apple store). I went ahead and purchased it out of sheer necessity, hoping I'd have better "luck" than other reviewers. I have NOT.

    I experience at least 3-4 instances each day where the monitor will suddenly go out of sync. Its a simple matter of unplugging and plugging the mini-dvi adapter back in, but it is very annoying.

    Additionally, there's a noticeable flicker - especially areas that have gradient color fills.

    I'm absolutely disgusted with this product given the price. It were $20, I'd have more understanding. But $100? C'mon, Apple. Fix this. And offer us free replacements ASAP.

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