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    Jitters on the letters

    This is a new product. I am not surprised that the bugs are not worked out. But I am disappointed that it does not work properly. I had no problems with my one year old macbook pro and the old dual link with my Dell 30 inch monitor. So why change what works? But apple did and I have the newest macbook pro. I waited a month to get this adaptor. And from the get go this product performs poorly. What happens is the letters all over your screen, from the top menus to the words in your screen seem to jitter or double up on top of each other. Letters become unreadable. And there is no predicting this. The first time I hooked up it went badly. I restarted and it worked. Now it seems to happen randomly. It does not matter which setting I use for the graphics card in the energy saver. Both go badly.
    A restart seems to fix it for a while. But at some point the problems rear their ugly head and you cannot read anything on your computer screen. You restart and hope you did not loose your train of thought at work.
    Do not buy this if you expect it to perform as it should. It does not. Use your older machine with a dual link port for performance and wait for Apple to make it right.

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    Very Happy So Far

    I have been very happy so far with my adaptor. I connected my 2.8Ghz MBP to my 30" Apple Cinema Display, and it just worked. I connected the USB pass-through to one of my MBP's USB ports, and now the USB hub ports on the back of the display work as well.

    I have not experienced the flicker others have described. The adaptor to date has been exactly what it clams to be, and I am very pleased.

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    how come the most advanced technology on the planet

    well I just make the purchase of this adapter for my recentely MACBOOK PRO and also i have just found this block of aluminum is blind to actual technologies still on use and not even an adapter can be found to cover such glitch let me be more specific Im Trying to use a external LCD monitor dvi connector and with appropriate adapter the monitor didn't work at all it not even let me connect fully attached now after that i try another way to get through that going back to the mac store explaining the problem and nobody were able to bring a solution to me now Im here stranded with this piece of blind equipment trying to scape from windows vista and all that Microsoft Mob's look where Went to end Up in a even worst and even expensive Lockup without options without solutions without NOTHING this definitely is microsoft like they want you to get new computers but with the new computers they want you to buy New printers new monitors new mouses new keywords new everything Guys let me ask you where is the green policy much of my actual equipment is in working conditions and they not need to be replaced but if this it going to be like this forget it Good Bye Mac I' Rather to go back in windows xp or millennium or anything else but not this

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    Ridiculous product...

    I'm using this cable with a Samsung 30" monitor, and 2-3x per day, the monitor loses sync; this never happened with my older MBP and the same monitor (using dual-DVI). The cable is WAY too expensive and just doesn't work properly. Apple should be ashamed. Does anyone know how I can get this remedied?

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    works just fine for me

    I finally received my adapter and it is working fine for me in spite of having a complex set-up.

    I am using a MacBook Air, a Dr Bott 4 port Dual-link KVM, the Apple USB ethernet adapter, and 30" Cinema display. I did have to try two USB hubs, but a Targus non-powered 4 port hub did the trick.

    I have no flickering

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    Colored Streaks Constantly Flicker Across Screen

    Especially noticeable on a dark background, streaks of random colors flicker across my 30" cinema display.

    This adapter costs waaay too much and I waited an extra month for this to ship. I sincerely hope that Apple does the right thing and has a recall.

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    Very dissapointed!!!! :(

    Just hooked it up to a Dell 3007WFP display. It flickers often and then the monitor also goes all blurry and you have to unplug the adapter and plug it back in to get it to work again. This occurs every few minutes. I am using the Belkin high bandwith DVI cable which was also $100.00. I hope this was just a bad batch!!

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    works amazing

    does its job and looks good while doing it

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    Flickers, jumps and other irritating analog type defects. This is $99 that also can't keep the monitor from randomly shutting off. This should be recalled.

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    I just received this adapter and it works for about 5 seconds before my Dell 30" display goes out of sync. I returned it to the apple store, but they don't have any in stock to replace it, so they gave me a refund (minus the shipping cost). Now I'll have to try again -- maybe it was just defective.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    significant drop in frame rate

    Forget watching full-screen video at native 2560 x 1600; the framerate is 20FPS at best on my 2.53GHz BrickBook Pro.

    Also, the USB pass-through port does not seem to function.

    I give it two stars instead of one for actually existing, but overall, I'm ver dissappointed because apple didn't make this shortcoming apparent anywhere in their store, also, Apple needs to get on the ball and produce a 30" display that actually uses display port... seriously.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    This adapter works great!

    I have an 30" Apple Cinema Display and this adapter works great for my Macbook Pro. It does provide a pass-through USB plug to activate the USB hub built into the ACD. Very happy to use my MBP at full resolution finally.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Flicker, sporadic issues...

    Major issues...

    First, when I plugged it into my brand new 2008 Macbook Pro I got a message saying that the USB device drew too much power! I did manage to make it work by plugging it into my monitor's USB hub, but wow...

    Secondly, there is a slight flicker. You can see it clearly with certain kinds of backgrounds and fill patterns. It almost looks like the kind of noise you get with analog, except it's DVI. It's not a severe problem, but *any* flicker with DVI is ridiculous.

    Finally, sometimes it just fails. The screen will go all weird, and you have to reset it. Again, it looks like an analog failure mode except it's not...

    I'm going to wait a bit and then trying exchanging my adaptor at the Apple store. Maybe there are issues with the first-run units.

    Apple really botched this one. Dongles are bad enough, but overpriced broken ones... come on guys...

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    Incompatibility Issues

    I think the theory of this product is sound and I really hope Apple releases either some support documentation or graphics driver updates to help it perform better. My experience is that when connected to a 30" HP LP3065 2560x1600 monitor I can only get the macbook to put anything on the monitor when it is "mirrored" off the laptop screen and even then only at 1280x800. With my other Panasonic Pro TH-50PFD9UK 1920x1080p compatible plasma display I was able to get it to output video in what appeared to be 1920x1080, but again I believe this was only in "mirrored" mode. Personally, I think it is some sort of obnoxious joke that Apple shipped this product with no documentation and no tech support website.... sure, the Apple user experience is just so magically awesome that it will just telepathically "know" what I want it to do when I plug it in... either that or I am supposed to be magically aware of all of the configurations and software settings it needs as soon as the breathe the air from the open box. Just ridiculous! But I have high hopes.. so please get us a software driver update that robustly supports this product, it has huge potential!

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    Got it. Now how do I connect it to my Dell?

    The adapter arrived after the 2-month wait. The combo dvi-usb head does not fit into my Dell 30" 2008WFP monitor, and it will not fit into any non-Apple monitor. It will take me an additional two extension cables (short usb/short dual-dvi) to get it to work.

    That DVI/usb combo head crosses the line separating neat from annoying. Minor convenience of not having to plug in a usb cable when you dock, causes major incompatibility with all non-Apple monitors.

    An additional insult for the owners of DisplayPort capable Dell 2008WFP display, is that mini-DisplayPort -> DisplayPort cable is not available anywhere.

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    Flaky performance

    I had to plug and unplug my monitor several times before it worked and even now the monitor won't wake up from sleep! Sometimes when it does come up it flickers and has jaggies. I have to unplug the DVI and plug it back in to get it to stop. I never had any issues at all with this monitor on my old MBP. The size of this thing it HUGE, I can't believe they couldn't make it smaller. Literally about 3x4 inches! Feels like they released a poor product AND they did it LATE!

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    Poor Performance Apple!

    Really disappointing performance for an apple product! Ordered my new MBP, with this adapter and now 3 months after the delivery of the computer I still cant use my 30 inch display.

    Whoever thought that it would be a good idea to ship a product without having ALL accessories ready for shipment at the same time does not deserve to work at apple!

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    Long delay... very pricy... no choice really!

    I know how you feel. I am in the exact same situation. I have placed an order for MBP 2.8 with 320GB 7.2K HD (AUD$4,000 plus laptop) and I have to wait over a month before I can use my Apple Cinema Display 30" also...

    One benefit... well two (if you count being able to use the ACD30 again)... is that I always disliked the power pack sitting on the desk because the DVI cable is so short... well, when I get this Mini-to-DVI adapter, I can relocate the power pack.

    Finally... I can not understand how this cable can cost that much!! I guess I am still paying for it so it must be 'worth' it but I do feel hard done by the price tag also.

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