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    I would have preferred MiniDisplay to HDMI, but as it doesn't look like happening for a while, VGA is the next best thing for me (I do not have a DVI slot on my Telly).
    I think I will tweak it to hopfully give me the best quality, but on first impressions I am liking what I see! HD looks good and the colours are vibrant,

    My only negative is that it doesn't quite fill the screen (Sony Bravia 26"). I have 1 inch or so either side of the screen which is black. Does any one know how to change it? Perhaps a little tweaking will help?!?

    On the whole very impressed!

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    After reading other peoples reviews, I was a bit weary about buying this adapter, but I thought I'd give it a go anyway, turns out it works perfectly, took me a while to figure out how to use my second screen with my MacBook closed, but apart from that, i really like this adapter, it even works at 1920x1080 at 60hz.

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    Nervousness overcome by relief

    I was hesitant to buy it because I have a 42" Plasma Samsung. I've heard horror stories that the adapter wouldn't work with a Samsung. But with the recent Firmware update, reports circulated that it would work fine with a Samsung TV. I've happy to report it works great with my TV. Thanks Apple for fixing this!

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    Useless under Boot Camp

    I've tried to connect my MirrorBook Pro (2.53 GHz) to an external display under Boot Camp in XP, and then Vista. XP refuses to drive the monitor at any higher than 800x600. Under Vista it's even worse - max of 640x480. This was *AFTER* applying the Firmware update.

    Working on an external monitor was to be my primary method of using this machine, as the shiny screen is good for migraines and not much else.

    I have, no joke, 6 Apple video dongles that I've accumulated over the years. This is far and away the worst of the bunch, and the most trouble I've had trying to get a Mac to talk to a monitor, ever.

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    Works with Samsung TV after firmware update!

    Plug adapter into your machine and connect up to the display then run software update to download the firmware. Works beautifully with tv now :)

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    Works for me!

    I don't know why so many people are having problems. I have used this cable to successfully connect my unibody MacBook Pro to an Optoma projector and a SAMSUNG 32" LCD television. It is currently connecting my new MacMini to the exact same television as a media centre, without a glitch! And my TV is 2-3 years old, newer ones should work even better!

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    Great Product!

    This product was just what I expected. It worked great with all of the displays that I have used it for so far. It even worked for my Samsung T.V. the first time I tried. Overall this product was a very satisfying buy and I am glad I purchased it! I would greatly encourage you to buy this if you are debating about purchasing this product.

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    With new firmware in Adapter now works with Samsung LCD TV

    With the old firmware, the Adapter did not work with my LN-S4095D 46 inch LCD TV. The new firmware for the Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter now fixes all of these problems. My Samsung LCD TV now works great, thanks Apple for fixing this!

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    Use with Samsung 2333HD Monitor

    I got this adapter and bought a new 2333HD monitor to use with it. I couldn't get it to work with my old monitors cable and was thinking I would need to convert to HDMI as mentioned in other reviews. When I got to the store I saw there was a VGA cable for monitors over 17" in size. I went ahead and tried it and worked great. This product works just make sure you have the right cables to go with it.

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    Picky Adapter

    If you are having trouble with this adapter, try a different VGA cable. I tried four cables before I found one that worked. All of the cables I tried worked with both my old MacBook Pro's DVI to VGA adapter and my MacBook mini-DVI to VGA adapter, but only one of them worked with the Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter. This is one picky adapter.

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    VGA Monitor goes blank intermittently with the adapter

    I have connected my 13inch unibody MacBook to an HP 24inch hi res monitor using the VGA adapter. Every 5 mins or so the screen goes blank and then comes back on. This is extremely irritating. Apple needs to have a solution for this -- either new drivers or graphics card software update ASAP. Other than this issue -- the MacBook works flawlessly with the external monitor.

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    Firmware update fixed it

    I was connecting a Mac Mini up to a 40" Samsung 720p LCD. At first it would not display anything, but then (using a different monitor) I updated the firmware of the adapter (who knew it would have firmware?!) and it worked fine.

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    Firmware update fixed it

    I have an Aug. '08 Macbook connected to a Westinghouse 26" monitor. Previously, running at the highest resolution caused the intermittent blanking issue that others have described. But the Mar. 2009 adapter firmware updated fixed this!

    So try that update if you have screen-blanking-randomly problems.

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    It Just Works

    This product follows closely (at least in my case) to the Apple philosophy that its products should just work. I read the reviews about the error-prone behaviour this adapter had with Samsung Computer Displays - however I am currently using the adapter on a Samsung LCD HDTV (19 in) and it works perfectly. I also tested the adapter on a Dell Computer Display and it again worked wonderfully. Very pleased with this product and glad that Apple has delivered on it's motto once again.

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    This adapter works just fine, just change the VGA cable that you got with Samsung LCD. It misses some wires in it, and this is why this displayport adapter wont work with it.

    Apple should test this issue and write a notice somewhere, cause many users waste a lot of time experimenting this.

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    Good but ....

    on 1920 x 1080, picture keeps vibrating. Had to reduce resolution to get a steady picture. also doesn't give me a full screen, instead 2 black bars on both sides !!!

    I use the adapter with a Sony BRAVIA Full HD TV KDL-40W4500

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    Works Perfect on Vizio 32" HDTV

    I have a Samsung 40" TV and a Vizio 32" TV (as my monitor. It works with the Vizio fine. I didn't even need to set up, it worked the moment I plugged in. I Have yet to try the Samsung but I don't expect anything different from what others have experienced. But the product is great. It does it job right and well (when it works).

    -Looks nice and subtle
    -Works well (on Vizio at least)

    -The threading for the cable lock is kinda far back so some plugs might not be able to lock. It doesn't affect performance but I'm a perfectionist.

    I'll update if I try my Samsung

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't use VGA for an HDTV, use DVI/HDMI!

    This adapter works well with my HP w2007 20" LCD monitor. The picture is crisp and steady. It's hard to distinguish from a DVI connection.

    I do find it's best to let the monitor sync itself when I plug it in and then just leave it and not fuss with it. If I hit the monitor's "Auto Sync" button the result is often a blurry display. If this happens, unplugging and plugging the adapter fixes it, as does performing a "factory reset" using my monitor's menu. I suggest trying these things if your monitor is having trouble getting a good sync.

    For those of you having trouble using this to connect a MacBook to an HDTV, let me offer this advice: Your HDTV probably has an HDMI port, so that's what you should be using, not VGA. Get the Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter and also a DVI to HDMI cable. You will get a far better result. I use this method to connect my MacBook to a Panasonic HDTV and it works beautifully. Please, do yourself a favor and do not use the VGA port if your HDTV has HDMI (or DVI). Hope that helps!

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    Does the job

    When I migrated to the aluminum MacBook I was disappointed I had to buy yet another display adapter and that there wasn't one for SVGA. That said, the Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter lets me continue using my inexpensive ViewSonic monitor and has always worked reliably. One of the sockets doesn't seem to accommodate the thumbscrew from the VGA cable but it hasn't affected performance as far as I can tell.

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    Works as advertised

    I have a generic 42" LCD TV purchased from a big box store. I wanted to use my new Macbook as a part time media center computer. I purchased the VGA input and it worked just fine, including adding displays that my Macbook was not capable of reaching but the TV was. Picture was clear.

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