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    Works as expected

    I have my HP w1907 connected to my new macbook via this cable, and it works as expected. Colours look fine and I'm now up and running with both the HP monitor and macbook working side by side. Prior to this, I had my old macbook running on the same set up, but with the mini-dvi cable instead.

    Not too sure what the difficulties are that others seem to be facing.

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    Has Issues in Mac OS X and Windows XP at Higher Resolutions

    I purchased the Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter to connect my unibody MBP to an external monitor, NEC LCD2490WUXi. For the most part the adapter works as advertised, but I cannot get it to display 1920 x 1600 in both OS X and Windows XP. If anyone has had similar issues or success at this resolution it would be a great help if you commented on it.

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    So it's not just me...

    The adapter works okay, but every so often I get a waver in my display (I am running an HP w2408h like another reviewer, but it works for me). Also, periodically the display will flick off and then on again. It seems to be a resolution issue. When I downgraded to the next-lowest resolution the blink off and then on seems to have stopped.

    I'm a little annoyed that Apple can't get something so simple right. It's a display adapter, people. At the very least get the screws to fit into the adapter!

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    I purchase this product this week expecting it to work as seamlessly as the previous iteration of Macbook Pro (DVI to VGA to 26’ Samsung LCD HDTV) With this cable my unibody MBP would recognize the TV, but my 26’ Samsung LCD would not register the computer. I then opted to purchase the mini display to DVI and added a DVI to VGA converter to it. This did not work either. Today I read some reviews about the Belkin HDMI to DVI cable. I have HDMI inputs on my TV... hmmm. To my utter exuberance this worked. It is my very NOT professional opinion the signal coming from the mini display port is too complex to be downconverted to VGA. When I connected the mini display to DVI and then added the HDMI-DVI cable it worked like a charm. The picture is much more clear than I was getting from the DVI to VGA connection I had on my last generation MBP. I even have more resolution options. Definitely go with this configuration until Apple or Samsung figure out a more simple solution.

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    Doesn't Work

    doesn't even fit right with normal vga cables...mulfunction of connecting a new macbook with a Sony MRX-1 tv...the previous miniDVI-VGA adapter worked just fine...the Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter also works well...please do something

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    Works beautifully

    Showing off iPhoto Albums with Front Row using the apple IR remote is the best. Works on a 37" JVC LCD TV. Works perfect on this TV with a MBP unibody and the Photos look awesome. At first the TV said invalid signal but after changing the refresh rate which the software knew it was one of two possibilities, it worked.

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    It Works

    It works fine... it actually looks better on my tv than my computer. you just have to fix the display settings on the computer for your television and it will stretch accordingly

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    VGA adapter works poorly with Sony GDM-F520 monitor

    When my old Mac Book Pro (late 2007) +DVI-to-VGA adapter was plugged to my Sony GDM-F520 professional monitor (which does not feature any digital input) with a 1.8m meter long cable, I could get resolutions of 1440x1920 at 85Hz without any problems. My new Mac Book Pro (2.53GHz)+Mini-Display Port-to-VGA adapter + the same 1.8m long cable offers only 1200x1600 at 60Hz or 1400x1050 at 85Hz. In addition the monitor is re-synching at random time (black screen), hopefully not too often. The is also a mechanical flaw: depending on the cable fabrication, the cable screws may not reach the threads on the adapter side.
    It is an understatement to say that it is disappointing. Now I fear that I will have problems when using my laptop for conferences where projectors use almost exclusively VGA connectors and sometimes long cables + switches. I hope that apple is taking care of that problem and will find a solution quickly.

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    Its rough being on the leading edge of technology...

    I bought this adapter with my new aluminum unibody macbook a couple of weeks ago. I immediately rushed home to try it out with my samsung LN46A550 TV... To my dismay the TV nor the macbook recognized that they were connected to eachother...

    After some hard research and digging i found out that this particular adapter only supports up to a 30" display. For whatever reason, apple made it this way. So i returned my adapter and asked employees at the apple store what was up with only supporting 30" or smaller displays. To my surprise i was told good news and bad news... The good news, theres another adapter coming out for my macbook with mini display port... The bad news is that it is not shipping yet and they dont know when it will start shipping. My guess is it has something to do with signal strength for the display size....

    Either way, I have an awesome new computer and im just gonna have to wait to hook it up to my 46" TV.

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    Works as I expected

    With the exception of the price ($30 is about twice what I would expect to pay for this) - it has worked great for me on an inexpensive SOYO 23" LCD.

    The only problem I found is that the VGA cable screws aren't long enough to reach into the adapter... so I had to leave it loose....

    Apple should have made the cable a lot longer also.... its only about 3 inches of wire between the 2 connectors - a 1 foot wire would have been a nice help in keeping clutter away from the side of my macbook pro.... not very good 'ergonomics' for something this expensive.

    Despite these problems... it does work as expected.... so I give it a 3....

    As of now, this was the ONLY option - eventually an OEM vendor will offer something similar and Apple will find out how inadequate this was for the price.

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    Same Samsung LCD TV Problem

    Too bad 0 stars isn't an option. Time to take it back...

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    No go on my 52" Samsung

    LN52A650, new unibody MBP 15". Will not work. :-(

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    Worked perfect on my Samsung

    I have a Syncmaster 2032nw and worried based on other reviews the adapter might not work causing me to buy another display, but it worked just like it is supposed to!


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    Works for me!

    This cable does what it says it's for. I was slightly hesitant to purchase it after reading these reviews but I bought it, and tried it out and worked like a charm!

    I have the 13" aluminum body MacBook and I used it on:
    - LG 37" LCD TV (Model: 37LG50) - awesome!!
    - screen projector (don't know make/model) - worked flawlessly!

    I guess it's hit or miss, depending on what you connect it to.

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    Works fine with Optoma projector and Samsung LN-R328W LCD TV

    I am using this adaptor with Macbook Air and have no problem with it. However, it is bigger and more expensive than other previous adaptors (mini DVI-VGA or micro DVI-VGA).

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    Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter won't work with Samsung LCD TV

    My aluminum Macbook with the Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter won't work with a 46 inch Samsung LCD TV. Apparently lot's of users are having this problem. The Samsung TV won't even switch to the VGA PC mode with the Mini DisplayPort connected, in order to get the Samsung TV in the PC mode you have to unplug the DisplayPort, put the TV in VGA PC mode, and then you can plug in the Mini DisplayPort, but it still won't display any video from the MacBook. My Samsung TV worked fine in this mode with a Windows XP laptop, and displayed 1080p fine. It appears to be a problem with the DisplayPort Adapter, and it's inability to either drive the VGA signals or send the proper serial data stream informing the Samsung TV of it's resolution.
    To get around the problem I had to buy the Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter along with an HDMI to DVI cable. With this solution my Samsung TV worked fine with the cable plugged into the HDMI port, and it displays perfectly in 1080p mode. I think this is the only solution for the vast number of MacBook users out there trying to drive LCD TV's.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I've bought this part twice trying to get my Unibody Aluminum Macbook to work with my Samsung LN40A550 40" LCD. Does not work. The Macbook finds the monitor, and even shows supported resolutions and refresh rates, but the TV acts like no signal is getting to it.

    Come on, Apple. It's only the most popular television / monitor brand out there. Let's get a fix on the way, please. Or, at least acknowledge the issue.

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    No go with 50" Samsung

    Brand new Macbook Pro Late 2008 using this cable to my 50in Samsung TV - MBP finds the display in the Sys Prefs/Displays but no signal detected on TV. Not sure if the fault is the Mac or the TV? Either way it stinks it doesn't work.

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    Doesn't detect displays and poor color and resolution

    I just got my new MBPro and had to present at a meeting. I assumed that this adapter would just be plug and play into a Panasonic LCD projector. I was wrong.

    I plugged it in and chose (Detect Displays) which it did but the resolution and color were terrible. I grabbed my colleagues HP laptop and it worked just fine and the color was great.

    Very concerned as I use this laptop for presentations and spent a lot of money on it. Thankfully my old Macbook Pro (which always worked) is still in my office so I can switch back. Disappointed.

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    If I could give it zero stars I would

    Same problem as the others. Just flat-out DOES NOT WORK on Samsung TVs.

    Gives me immense confidence, by the way, that the Dual-DVI adapter will work when it comes out 12 weeks late. NOT.

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