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    Apple, this is AWESOME. The first remote was a TOTAL fail compared to this. This thing is the toughest, smallest piece of machinery THAT works. :P

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    Does not work with OS X Vista (I mean Lion)

    This was a very nice tool with Snow Leopard, worked great! Since I upgraded to Lion (they removed Front Row), it only controls iTunes - when I say it controls iTunes, I mean you can play a song or video that is already selected but you cannot change the selection. Additionally, you can control the volume; otherwise, it is useless now.

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    To the first reviewer

    IT'S ALUMINUM - A NON Ferrous metal -
    Translation - No iron content - ie, non magnetic.

    or for the laymen - It won't stick o other metal.

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    3 Stars for a reason

    I've had the previous generation of the Apple Remote and I prefer that to the new one. I find the new one big and no additional features have been added. Would have been good to have the iPod Nano like click wheel feature added - however I guess Apple have been so focussed on the aluminium design that they couldn't have bothered upgrading it.

    If you've never owned an Apple remote - you will probably like it. If you've got an older one, don't bother upgrading as it has zero, zilch, nada additional benefits over the older one.

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    Why would they disable something that worked so well?

    I have an autistic boy who taught himself to use the Apple remote. He likes to watch movies on Front Row (a lot). After installing the Lion "upgrade", the "menu" part of the remote no longer works. Now we have to be around to start the movie (and shut it down) for him. I tried the remote to our Apple TV thinking the batteries might be weak in the original remote - nope, same thing! I even went as far as to buy a new battery for the remote. Still nothing.

    Why would Apple push something through like this? Now the remote is a volume control for the iMac, and not much more.

    This is going to cause a lot of frustration until Apple fixes this.

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    Apple Remote's most important Menu button doesn't work with Lion!!

    The current Apple Remote is a work of art - beautifully crafted, though too much bigger than the old white Apple Remote which was the size of a chewing gum pack - that was neat. While the new remote looks beautiful with it's aluminum finish, the all important Menu button doesn't work with Lion! Apple, please look into this quickly - worst still, I ordered my Apple Remote along with the new 15" MBP that comes loaded with Lion, and I was not told or neither was it indicated anywhere that this remote will note have full functionality with the Lion OS! So, you've sold me a volume control for SGD28!! Please do something about this asap.

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    Is little use in Lion at the moment

    This was a fantastic gadget for Snow Leopard and i would have given 5 stars. However now i have upgraded to Lion it does little else than control the volume in iplayer as Front Row no longer exists. Please bring back Front Row for Lion!!

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    Great product if using with Snow Lepord.. otherwise.. useless with Lion!!!!

    I love apple. I think they show so much class in product design and go-to-market than any other manufacturer out there! However.. with this.. Steve.. (even though you've gone).. apple did a bit of a BOO BOO! Seriously.. to miss out front row with Lion.. surely someone in the development team must have tested this and realised this didn't work. It's like polishing up a brand new mustang and selling it to customers without any tyres. Looks good to sit in but ain't gone take you very far. Come on apple. Please please make an update for Lion and get this out for us Lion customers. Gosh, imagine what life will be like WITH the new apple remote as a means to guide us through our very own desired content! P.s. still buy the darn thing.. its just so lovely to look at. Might frame mine.

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    Good Remote

    Just arrived this morning, was a bit hesitant in ordering as there were conflicting opinions if this would work with my mackbook 13 alu, fortunately once i waded through the large amount of packaging and the very large box it come in i just pointed at the mackbook and it went straight into frontrow, works like a charm straight out of the box 5 stars for apple product, 1 star for the amount of excessive packaging they sent it in, thought that they were supposed to be reducing packaging on all of their products?

    Anyway works brilliantly now i can enjoy watching and listening to my music remotely, yes i know that you can do this with the iphone app it just looks so much better in front row, again 5 stars for apple.

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    DOES NOT work with RETINA MAC!

    I bort this for my new mac book pro 15" retina. After following the set up with not results, I have only just found out after looking at lots of forums that these are useless as the new retina macs as they dont have infra red! This was not stated when I bought it and as you can tell I am quite a bit annoyed!

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    No more magnetic mount

    I was disapointed when i bought this wonderful remote and tried to put it on the side of my iMac like i did for my old ine. Wrong first of all the back surface is not flat its curvedd for design which doesnt have enough surface area to stick to the side of the imac.Later I tried sticking a stronger extrenal magnet to it and fould out its not magnetic at all. I thought it was magnetic.Overall it's a great remote and i like the ipod click wheel volume control too!

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    Okay I've been an aggressive Apple fan every since I bought my first Apple MacBook Pro and I've never looked back on that decision. Apple has always been quick to fix a problem or at least address the issue and resolve it in some unique way (i.e. the antennae problem with iPhone 4). However when I downloaded LION and found out that the MENU button was not working I went online to find at least an explanation. Instead I see hundreds of comments by unsatisfied Apple customers but nothing from Apple. Apple, what gives here? At least give us an explanation and don't go hiding from us. When you don't respond you give us the feeling that you are not being truthful or honest with us. Come on....what's up? How you could you just overlook the MENU button on one of your components? I can't believe you just forgot. But at least give us some comment. Please don't start acting like the other companies. Steve Jobs...speak up for us out here. Either fix the problem or recall the remotes. I'm not angry. I'm not mad. Just a little disillusioned.

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    Two thumbs down.

    I was extremely excited after ordering my remote and counted the days until its arrival.
    however when i received it i had trouble syncing it to my macbook. I tried and tried and no luck. knowing that i just had bought my computer i was confident that i my computer was compatible with it and i must be doing it wrong. well with a closer look on apple.com i discovered that for some stupid reason the apple remote is not compatible with the newest edition macbook...seriously apple?
    it works on every other "new" product available...except ofcourse the most popular and frequently bought white macbook.
    well i feel like this should be posted at a very clear place before purchase so that this wont happen to anyone else.
    good one apple.
    way to drop the ball..

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    Apple remote doesn't work on OS X Lion

    The apple remote works perfectly on OS X Snow Leopard!!!
    But after the upgrade (Snow Leopard -> Lion) the apple remote doesn't work.
    The menu button does't work, in fact you can't choose photos, slide shows of your albums, movies and many other things in the menu screen.

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    Mountain Lion Killed Front Row / Remote Is Useless

    Using the Apple Remote with Front Row on my iMac was one of my favorite features. Very disappointed this no longer works. Contacted Apple Support, who can only pass the information along. Hope this is fixed.

    And if it's not, Apple should change the product description...

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    Menu Button for Remote: Why?

    Like other posters here I find the inclusion of the remote to be of little value with Lion. The Menu button provides no useful function and navigation through iTunes (scrolling up or down and playing or pausing is very limited. I used to use Front Row quite a bit when sitting across the room and wanted to switch between music (artists, albums, songs), movie, or other features. Please bring back Front Row or a similar feature for Lion. It was very handy.

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    Menu Button Doesn't Work with Mountain Lion

    I can't believe they sold me this remote at the Apple store when it doesn't even work with Mountain Lion. I'm taking it back!!!

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    Almost a Paperweight.

    With Front Row being phased out the remote is now semi-uselessl. The remote will work with iTunes, but it's buggy and the Menu button on the remote has almost no functionality with Lion.

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    Surprisingly large

    The first thing I thought when I saw this remote was: it's huge! Well, not exactly huge, but about 40% longer than the previous generation and approximately the same width. Has a pleasingly solid feel and excellent quality construction, but not ideal if you just want a small lightweight clicker that's easy to slip in your pocket, hence the lower rating.

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    Let me clear things up

    Just to help everyone out there... this remote is the exact same thing as the previous, white apple remote, it just has a different exterior design. It uses IR (infrared) to work with all apple remote enabled products that support IR remotes (not the new, white macbook). But it is the same thing as the previous remote, it is just made in aluminum to look better with the new MacBook Pro Series. I hope this helps clear stuff up for everyone.

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