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    BEST CHARGER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well the design is realy nice and it never heats up like the old one did,
    the magnet is stronger than the other one
    soo i highly reccomend it ;)

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    Whats wrong with it?

    I have been looking at the other reviews about this charger and most of them say this is rubbish. What are you doing with it? So far this charger works really well with me and it looks a lot better as well. Apple well done! Don't listen to those people...

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    New Power Cable Design

    I recently had to replace my existing power cord for my MacBook and so had to purchase the newly designed power cable. The modification to the magnetic end that plugs into the laptop is RUBBISH - it is always at an awkward angle - what was wrong with the old design? Additionally, it still has the same problem as the one I just replaced - where the end comes out of the square apple battery to the computer is awkward and makes it very easy to damage.

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    terrible product

    these always break. i've constantly taken care to treat these gently but there's inevitably either wire issues or it just burns out. about to purchase my third charger in about 2 years. ridiculous, not to mention way too expensive.

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    the idea is great, having a magnet that attaches the power cord to the computer, however, the quality is just not there. I'm disappointed that apple charges SO much for such an awful product. i had my MacBook for less then a year when i started to have problems with it. the sad thing is, it doesn't leave my desk. I could (maybe) understand if i were constantly wrapping and unwrapping it. Also, the new one doesn't fit with my cover on!

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    Works really well for me, better than T-head version

    I don't know what all the negative reviews here are going on about. I lost my T-head adapter, and the reviews here concerned me, but I didn't have any choice but to get this new model (the "straight head", where the power line goes directly into the adapter, which then attaches along the side of the computer; first seen on the MacBook Air).

    - the magnet is much stronger than the T-head version. It's a limpet.
    - you can easily see if it's attached correctly. There's a light on it. No light = not attached right. Rocket science this is not.
    - the cable is thicker than the previous T-head model, which may be to do with the problems of previous versions. I think that's solved now.
    - the point where the cable attaches to the head is reinforced with a plastic sleeve, so less likely to be a failure point
    - don't wind the cable around the widgets on the adapter. It will weaken it and stress the wires inside. Especially if you do it tightly. Far better if you can to loop it loosely. But you can see that it looks neat to wind it around the adapter arms. Well, sometimes design and electrical safety are not quite in agreement.
    - the head doesn't get hot in my experience (which includes charging it). I haven't had much cause to feel it, either (though I suppose you could find yourself resting it on your knees).

    All in all, an improvement on the previous T-head generation. Ignore the grumblers.

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    power cord stinks!

    My husband just got back from buying our THIRD power cord since we got this computer a couple of years ago. Its ridiculous!! Why in the heck do they wear out so fast. That should not be happening and I am very disappointed!!!!

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    New connector plug may not work with some macbook covers

    I just got the adapter as a backup for my macbook (original still works), so I don't know how well it will hold up, but it seems to be built well. The problem I encountered was that the new connector, that seems designed for the macbook air, is blocked from plugging in by the hard plastic cover that I got for it. I was able to chisel out the plastic cover enough to get it to work, but it seems a design flaw to use an L connector that hugs the mac so closely.

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    Lousy Powercord

    The only reason I'm here shopping is because my powercord only lasted about a year. The first one that came with the computer lasted about one and a half years. So now I'm buying my THIRD one in less than 3 years. At 75 dollars a whack - plus tax -- this is ridiculous! Apple computers are great, but the powercords are awful! Shame on you Apple! You're letting a little (but vital and absolutely essential) item ruin your good reputation!

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    power cord

    I just bought my Mac this year and the power cord no longer works - very disappointed.

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    Worst part of having my mac having such an amazing charger but died after 5 months! Due to the fact i real the wire around the flick up parts which it was designed for!!!! 50 quid is way too steep

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    Charger no longer works

    Just bought the macbook and the accompanying charger in Dec 2010 and 3 months later the charger no longer works. I have to agree with the other users it also is very unsteady and wiggles in and out of place in the charger port.

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    Terrible, terrible product

    I would give this product 0 stars if they would allow it. I am on my 4th MagSafe now -- I take VERY good care of them making sure to follow all of the directions that the Apple geniuses have told me (don't yank it by the cable, don't wrap it too tightly, etc.). My first one from 2006 lasted nearly 3 years before it burned itself through the cable. My (free) replacement lasted for just over 6 months before the innards of the cable became weakened near the magnetic plug and stopped working. My third one lasted for barely over the 90-day warranty period (I'm really mad about this because the Apple store refuses to replace it without me shelling out yet again for a defectively made product. Apple really needs to step up their quality control!

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    I have had my Macbook Pro for 1 year and 4 months, my second charger just frayed out and no longer works. For something that cost me 80 dollars to replace in the first place, last June, I expected it to last AT LEAST A YEAR!!! Now, I have "00:22" minutes left on this battery and feel robbed that I have to shell out ANOTHER 80$ to get ANOTHER power cord.

    What a terrible product!

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    Great if you aren't completely stupid

    This is a great Power Adapter. It is better than the old design as said by many in the reviews. For those who are considering buying one, don't pay attention to the idiots that can't take care of their equipment. I have had mine for quite a while now with no problems. The people who complain of fraying are simply careless.

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    I love most of what Apple does, but do they really need to sell you an entire Power Adaptor when all I was looking for was the extension cord. 85 bucks for a new power cord seems a tad excessive to me.

    And I agree, the product needs to be better conceived. Make the product a little more durable, perhaps make a rotating mag so you can position it however you choose, and then make it bomb-proof. I'm sick of getting nickel and dimed by this company. I've spent thousands of dollars on this company's products, music, movies, etc. over the years.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Burnt my 13' 2008 Black MacBook Power Connector

    My original Power Adapter died and I decided to buy this brand-new & slicker design charger trusting Apple's quality and care for compatibility.

    What a disappointment and frustration when after the (supposed to solve all problems) firmware upgrade the charger:

    1/ Keeps being on-and-off depending on the connectors' position (?!?)
    2/ Becomes ultra-hot at the metallic-connector level
    3/ Sometimes, don't decide to start charging (keeps being green whereas I'm 5% battery)
    4/ Makes my MacBook connector smell like (and indeed it is) burnt/melt plastic!

    Solution: Few months later I just bought an "old design" charger model and everything came back to normal.

    Conclusion: I'm sorry to say this but I think this product doesn't even deserve a star.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Reliable and Good Design

    I have used the L Shape Magsafe for a while now and it is a very good unit. I am not sure what the other reviewers are doing to their charging units but there are no problems with this product.

    If you're dumb enough to keep it stored in water and bend the cable to silly degrees then of course any charger would break.

    As long as you use the charger correctly, you will have a long and happy life.

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    Bad product

    My original, and the new one i just bought 3 1/2 months ago have both frayed out at the end, exposing the inner wire. very disappointed.

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