• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Zero stars would be more appropriate

    This is the worst Apple product I have ever had. THE WORST. I have had 3 chargers in 3 years. I take care of my things and make sure to treat the cable with care and not yank it out. I also make sure to not twist it. But they still break. What a piece of junk.

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    this blows

    probably worst charger ever, i'm so mad....it rubish that i have to spend 160 a year on a silly charger, i'm buying one of amazon.

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    why are apple chargers so bad?

    My laptop is 3.5 years old and I've never had any problems with it, but I'm about to buy my third charger. What is wrong with this picture?? Apple is clearly capable of making long-lasting, functional products, so what's the deal with the terrible chargers? With my chargers, nothing explodes or melts, the wires don't fray (although the plastic casing around the wires does crack pretty easily), they just... stop working. I'm tired of shelling out $80 every year for a new charger!!

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    Unreliable and short-lived

    Weird connection issues where the adaptor would sometimes not charge. It finally gave in after only two years. Using the designed coord-wrapper apparently wears the rubber down. Not what I expected at this price point.

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    I love it and hate it

    Though the cord can be touch and go sometimes, it usually last me until my husky gives it one small bite, and its a goner. Buying my 3rd cord tomorrow. Sad day.

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    The original one which comes with my macbook broke down in a year, I bought a new one, broke down again in a year. Connection was also bad and unstable, always disconnects when charging. A piece of rubbish which costs a lot. Definitely not recommended. Call yourself very lucky if yours last longer than a year.

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    On my 3rd charger in 2.5 years!!!

    The original charger that came with my MacBook Pro lasted a little over 2 years. Bought a replacement at the apple store and it died a little under 2 months later. Now on my 3rd charger so I'm crossing my fingers. I would expect this kind of thing from other computer companies, but not apple. I love all apple products, but I am slowly starting to hate their computers because of this issue. I will be seriously considering other laptop manufacturers when it is time for a new one.

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    Short Lived

    Mac power adapters are horrible for longevity. With my macbook I had about 5 power adapters all together. The first one lasted for about 3 years and after that the product really took a nose dive. I have a macbook air now and the power cord that came with it only lasted a little over a year. This product needs serious improvement.

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    Most unreliable product. EVER.

    I just had to go out and spend ANOTHER ridiculous $80 on a new charger when my third one this year died. Normally, I find people who complain in these sorts of reviews either treat their things like garbage or don't know how to properly use them, but I take very good care of my electronics. Apple should be ashamed to put out such an unreliable product at so high a price. My old Mac, before the days of the magsafe, worked forever, and so did its power cord.

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    Great product... when it works

    Apple needs to rethink this design. Yes, it might be safer, but the small prongs no longer stay in place and hold a charge. Its not fun when you are down to 3% power and you have to jiggle and wriggle to try and beg your charger to work properly. It has only been two years. I thought it was just me, until I came here to buy a new one and saw other reviews. It's sad that Apple has such loyal and devoted customers who spend so much on their products and when we have to replace a necessary component we find out that it's expensive. Shame on you Apple!

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    I expect better from Apple!

    Had my MacBook Pro about 1 1/2 years and the power cord just quit. Won't charge and won't work while plugged in. No apparent break down of the cord that I can see. Just checked into purchasing one and the pricing is ridiculous for the poor quality of the product!

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    Mine lasted 3 years

    Mine is just now starting to go. There appears to be a break near the magsafe connector and if the cable is jiggled wrong, the LED goes off.

    Honestly, I have been pretty rough on this. Several hard snags that yanked the magsafe connection away -- and I'm notorious for unplugging by pulling on the cable and not the plug itself.

    So, I can only think there was a bad batch of these since mine lasted with pretty harsh treatment. (I may just try to tape a think metal rod to it to keep it from bending - should do the trick.)

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    Good charger

    I have always noticed that people harp over chargers in general, since they seem to quit functioning so often for many folk, and these chargers are no exception. This isn't because the charger is poorly made, however. People simply do not understand that they have to treat cables very carefully. Bending them too forcefully will eventually cause the wires inside to fray and break, leaving you with; a malfunctioning charger. Take care of them and they pretty much last forever.

    My only problem with these is that, once again, the square adapters fall out of wall sockets too easily.

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    Absolute junk

    These chargers are the result of form leading function. They look great, but fail prematurely again and again. That's why they were recalled at one point.

    The insulation jacket for the cable is too thin and routinely tears. My first cable was replaced for free...but I'm on my way to the store to plunk down an unreasonable $80 for another replacement. My cable's jacket has torn again and the connector is extremely hot to the touch. What an ironically named product.

    Apple, admit defeat and provide a safe and reliable cable.

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    Poor performance

    I have a MacBook 2009 - no complaints. However, when it comes to the power adaptors it is an altogether different story. I am now onto my third power adapter. My latest replacement has lasted less than six months of moderate use. To anyone out their considering purchasing a Mac, factor this into your budget!

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    The worst charger in the world.

    2 Charger's in 3 years.

    1st which was from new lasted 2 years then started to smoke when charging.

    2nd The replacement Just stopped working.

    3rd Now Bayonet which clips onto the macbook has come off (which staff at the apple shop have just told me its wear and tear, after 18 months)

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    Isn't good.

    I've had my Macbook Air for 11 months now. Not even a year. I'm currently writing this on 65% battery because my charger isn't working. Its not broken-looking anywhere on the cord and I personally don't want to buy a new one every time this happens. According to the reviews, its often. Please fix your product!!!

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    power cord died

    i couldnt use my air for a few days because I couldnt get the charger to work. it died on me when I was travelling. apple design this L-shaped very poorly. If using the charger, I couldnt plug in a usb. so I flipped up the charger so the L-shape faces the other way, and I think this may have cause the cord to have problems, I do not know. the cord didnt fray apart, or break. it just wouldnt work. Maybe the new design would work better, but now i have to buy a magsafe 2 with a adapter, and that would cost $10 more.

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    too expensive apple

    I've had my charger for two years and it's just stopped working in the last couple of months. Before that though it did me well. Hoping I won't have to keep forking out $90 for a new charger every two years though... too expensive

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    Constantly Dying

    We have three MacBooks in our home that are all less than two years old. Every power cord/charger has died a sudden and unexplained death at varying times.

    From what I read here, the problem is not limited to our Macs.

    These chargers are really, really, inadequate and fail too often.

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