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    apple needs to focus on making another charger. these ones don't last. the reason why they are selling so good is because they only last under a year. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

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    Not good

    I've had the charger for 2 months, and it's already broken. Hopefully I can get a return or refund.

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    Terrible design

    The magsafe connection is a great feature, but if you move a lot with your laptop and neatly wrap the cable around the power adapter (as the design suggests you should) each time, it's inevitable that the constant bending will stress and eventually snap the cable where it leaves the adaptor. This has happened to me after about a year of use, and everyone I know has had the same problem. They will replace the broken adaptor in store, with almost no questions asked, which is great, but also suggests to me that it is an extremely common problem and a clear fault in their design.

    Overall, I would suggest against buying this product, only you probably don't have many other options if you already have a macbook and the adapter needs replacing. However, if you've had similar problems to me, before shelling out the money for a new one, go to the store and see if they will give you one for free (and kick up a fuss if they don't!).

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    Awful Product

    I bought my MacBook Pro in June of 2011 and about a month ago (right after the warranty went out) the rubber protection tore open, and is now bearing wires right by where it plugs into my computer.

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    not built to last at all

    Right away you notice the build quality just isn't there with these adapters. Very flimsy piece of hardware which takes away from an otherwise rock-solid notebook. If this is the same adapter they are using for the new refreshed models going forward, it's a total deal breaker for me.

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    This charger is horrible. I have had it for two years and the wiring has split from the charger. When I plugged the charger in, it started sparking and nearly caught on fire. This clearly illustrates poor craftsmanship on Apple's part....

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    Four years and counting...

    I have had my MacBook and this cord four four years with no problems but I treat it with the care I treat my computer. I wrap the cords loosely and store in a separate storage bag. I recently bought a second cord to leave at home when I take my computer somewhere. It is stiffer and more difficult to wrap but I assume the change addresses the earlier problems. Treat the least of your accessories with care and you won't have to replace them.

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    L shaped cord epic fail

    This is my fourth power cord from apple, you think they would get a clue and fix the issue. Enough with design make a product that works. They charge 80$ for a new one I'm being robbed and I'm am so annoyed. This is absolute foolishness, I buy apple products because there supposed to have great quality I don't see that. My L shaped cord keeps breaking in the same spot and on top of that this last one nearly burned my house down. Apple needs to get it together or I'm switching.

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    Horrible quality

    The head of the adapter that comes with the charger bailed out on me this week. I have only have the adapter for 1.5 years now. I have to spend $79 just because the wiring is a sad excuse for durability. What a waste

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    My charger for my MacBook started being unreliable a month ago then I fugured out why because the cord came disconnected from the magnet. Then I started looking and found all the reviews about people being so upset about this product being a POS. I am amazed that Apple has not done anything about this. I have apple everything and am shocked at why they want $80.00 for a customer to buy another apple mistake. SO shocked at this one. Horrible job Apple!. Horrible!

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    Needs a major redesign!

    The magsafe part is pretty awesome, but I've gone through about a million of these--they are very poorly made, and the thin cable always breaks from wear--not a good design! Also, can you give use a zero star option? This product isn't even worth a single star.

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    Its not like you have any other option...

    Make sure you handle with oven mitts!!! I have a bubbling, blistering burn on my leg from this charger. On the plus side, it charges my computer really well (thus the reason I gave it an extra star for charging so well... and i like that its magnetic). But seriously, be careful about how hot it gets. Wish I could show you my oozing burn from this bad boy.

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    Great Product, But ...

    The adapter is great and I love it. But it gets scratched easily and the top of the cord near the mag safe gets broken easily! Not such great price tag, but its excepted from Apple.

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    Expensive, breaks often.

    I am going to be on charger number three in two and a half years. The chargers just stop charging eventually. It's also ridiculous to pay $80 for something that breaks so often.

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    Wonderful disposable adapters

    I love Apple. I love them so much that I look forward to my magsafe adapter failing yet again so that I can transfer more of my money to Apple's coffers. Gotta love the "functionality" though. Use it for a few months and then chuck it for a new one. Wish other companies catch-up on the fine-art of designing disposable adapters. At least one technology Apple truly "pioneered". I pity those poor suckers using ancient PC technology. Oops...just realized that I spent too much time typing the review not noticing that my magsafe now shows only a faint green light. It's ka-ching time for Apple!

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    Magsafe Charger

    I love my 13 inch macbook pro. I've had it for five years, and it still runs faster than this dell for which I am writing this review. The only trouble I've ever had with the power adapter is that sometimes the light doesn't turn on, or it will say its not charging. When that happens I just unplug it, then plug it back in. Always fixes the problem. Unfortunately, our new dog bit through my cable which is why I'm buying a new one. 5 stars on the product, 1 star for the price. (its just way to high!!!)

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    Thanks alot apple,my charger is 2 and a half months old and I treated
    Both the laptop and the charger like gold and the charger just automatically stopped working
    for no reason It's ridiculous!! For something so expensive the quality and the life span of this charger is terrible!

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    I don't think I need to go into to many details....lets just say going to buy charger number three and I own a macbook less than three years.....nuff said.
    Thanks Apple,
    One unhappy customer.

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    Why is this $80

    I have had my MacBook since I graduated high school, going on three years now. It is an absolute dream! My sister's PC died on her this year, we bought our laptops at the same time. To my utter dismay however, MY CHARGER IS FRAYING AT THE CONNECTION FROM THE PACK! I have NEVER seen anything like this before with a laptop charger! I thought it would be an inexpensive things to replace and I search it on Apple and it is $80. This is OUTRAGEOUS!

    -- I just need a charger :(

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    Charger is no where near as good quality as the computer.

    This is the second charger that has broken in a little over two years. It is unacceptable that the charger would break so easily. The charger is 80 dollars and for that money I would expect much better quality. My first one would work for about 15 minutes then over heat and stop charging. My more recent one has just brok at a friends house for no reason. I just wish that chargers were as good quality as the computer.

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