• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    So far only 1 star until they can get the camera kit working.

    I'm a apple user for sure but I'm very disappointed about the camera connection kit I bought for my Apple iPad 2 for my DJ controller. I did my research and knew that I'd need a powered USB hub so I got a certified data 4 port hub 3.0 to help power my controller. Once I hooked everything up I kept getting messages stating that my USB 2.0 requires too much power. Well that doesn't make sense cause that's why I got the hub to help power my midi device. If anyone could help out with some advice about what I'm doing wrong or what I'm missing that would be great. I've read lots reviews saying that after version 9.0 the camera kit has gone kaput. If that's so I'm very disappointed and a big turn off from Apple products. I would've been better off spending my money on a sure deal!!!!

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    I got this mainly for video. Connecting, it was fine for photos, so no issues there, but the video end of things has been very frustrating. I tried .mov files, and nothing came up, I just could not see anything in the import bit, and then tried MP4 and still nothing came up. I'd previously tried other formats but none of them worked. So what's the solution then? I have videos on various formats but none of them get recognised when I use the kit. I can't recommend it because it hasn't worked for me although other people don't seem to have the same problem.

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    Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit is an useless piece of hardware after iOS9

    I was using my said kit as USB MIDI connectivity and working fine when my iPad is still on iOS7. As having new synth apps to use, I have no choice but to upgrade my iPad to iOS9 for apps compatibility. Unfortunately, the kit is no longer usable with a message prompted "This accessories is no longer supported....." everytime I try to plug it into my iPad. Absolutely disappointed with the way Apple has treated this.

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    Rip Off

    Outrageous price for such a simple thing. After market ones don't seem to work. Is that Apple blocking them?

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Uploading photos to iPad with Lightning Card Reader

    I had a lot of problems trying to upload photos to my iPad from an SD Card when using a Lightning SD card Reader. But I have solved my problem, when I noticed that if the Photos had been saved on to my Windows PC, and saved in a Named Folder and consequently the individual photos in that folder had been named by the same name as the Main folder, then they were not recognized. But when the individual photos had not been named and were just identified as IMG files, then they were recognized by the iPad and uploaded straight away. HOPE THIS HELPS IN SOME WAY

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    This worked great for me

    I had to review this item because of all the negative reviews. I bought this for my iPad 2 years ago. I never had any problems transferring my photos to my iPad from the SD card. It does what it says and it's so easy to do. I now have the iPad Air 2 so I will now be purchasing a new lightning camera connection for that.

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    Perfect for 1080p video imports

    I recently bought a GoPro Hero 4 silver camera, and own an iPad 3rd gen, you can inport hi res pictures wirelessly, but when it cames to video, I found it would only be low res, and poor quality Finnish, so, I decided to purchase this connection kit, not knowing if it would work, I was very pleased to find it imported 1080p 60fps perfectly from my 32gb class 10 San disk extreme Micro SD card, However it won't import anything higher like 1440p 2.7k or 4k
    This makes it very handy for posting 1080p straight to YouTube or into any ISO video editor.
    Quite happy with this item

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    Photos but no video

    Very useless piece of plastic bought it to edit videos I film on camera and it won't download them all it only says no photos on sd card which is true but there are videos! Very poor product. Hope Apple will fix it or I'll never purchase another Apple item!!

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    At a loss with camera connection kit

    I'm at a loss, none of the camera connection kits are working on my iPad mini and I don't understand why. When I plug the connection kit into my iPad mini a message pops up saying
    "this cable or accessory is not certified and my not work reliably with this IPad"
    Can I fix this, if I can how? If I can't can someone please give me advice on what to do?
    Software version is iOS 8.4
    Thank you.

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    I have managed to download photos from SD Card but very disappointed that
    I could not download the 3 videos which were on the Card.
    I had tried to download direct from Sony Cybershot camera using USB Connector but
    Message came up saying 'the connected device requires too much power
    I am disappointed that I cannot download the videos and would be grateful for
    Any advice or useful suggestions to get the videos on to IPad or iPhone 5C

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    Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

    I just bought the Lightning to USB Camera adapter so I could download photos from my Nikon D70s to the iPad Mini 3. At first it didn't seem to work and a bunch of empty squares came up and I was kind of concerned because my DSLR camera is several years old. I took the cable, the camera and iPad back to the store for help. Apparently, I had a bunch of open windows on the iPad Mini 3, so they were closed because it was slowing everything down (plus lots of photos on the card). Then, the card was tried on a Moshi card reader and the photos came up quick on the iPad. I retried it again with just the Nikon provided transfer cord plugged into the USB download cord/lightning cord and everything worked fine.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works well with new iPad Air2 with lightening adapter

    Santa was good to me this year. Gave me a new iPad Air 2. I used a lightening adapter to use the camera kit with the new iPad running 8.1.2. I have a Lumix point and shoot water proof camera for underwater shots. I can upload photos just like before with my old iPad Gen 3. Wonderful adapters. Lets me travel with just my iPad, iPhone and camera and leave my MacBook at home.

    Do wish it came in a straight lightening version though.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    What about iPad air?

    Great accessory for camera to iPad photo import, but is there anything similar that is compatible with the newer iPad Air?

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    This product is the best item I purchased from Apple. I carry it in my camera case and regularly download pictures from my camera to my iPad. Absolutely love it! Simple to use.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    OK if you have a newer camera

    Bought this adapter to backup photos from my Canon G2 which I use on trips. Not possible. When the two are connected a get an incompatibility message - G2 is not supported. That makes the product a total waste for my purposes.

    Tried it with a newer camera which other family members sometimes use and it worked OK but since they don't usually travel with me and I don't use their cameras it's useless.

    I'm hoping to find an app that might work with the G2 but so far no luck and local "experts" say to blame the photo app that came with the iPad - not the adapter. So I'll keep looking.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I love the connection kit so much! I used to have to use a computer to upload my pictures and send them to my phone. It would usually take me 1 hour just to send and load 3 pictures. Now it takes me 3 minutes just to upload and send them to my iphone! It's also very easy to use!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works like a champ!

    Just picked one up from local Apple store and tested it with my iPad 2 that's running iOS 7.1.1. As soon as I connect it to my iPad 2 and insert the SD card it shows an "import" option under photos. Shows the thumbnails and lets me select and Import the photos to my iPad 2. After import gives me an option to keep or delete the imported photos from the SD card. Tried 2 different SD cards and they both worked fine. Was very skeptical after reading the recent reviews but it just works.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    iPad Camera Connection Kit totally useless

    I have an iPad with IOS 7.1.2. Neither the SD Card Reader nor the Camera Connector works. The Photo application loads automatically but it says "No photos to import" although my Windows 7 PC reads them with no problem.
    In general from my experience I believe the iPad is good for use in isolation but of little use if you want to use it with the other equipment I have tried.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works perfectly with my Canon Eos Rebel T3

    I purchased the CCK to edit pics on the go and to get them off of my camera (Canon Eos Rebel T3) without having to tote around my laptop. Works like a charm and very user friendly like all Apple products I've purchased. I read the reviews and was skeptical at first not knowing if my camera was compatible. No issues at all.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    No longer recognised by iPad

    Can only assume an iOS update has made this item redundant so surprised that this is still available for sale. Our camera hasn't changed but the device is now shown as an unrecognised accessory. Glad we tested before heading away again.

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