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    Doesn't work!

    Had hoped my special needs student would be able to use this to easily save files and transfer to a computer. I get the message "Not supported for this device". Sad a device that is being sold by Apple is not supported.

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    Camera Connection kit Rocks

    I have only used the card reader from the kit, and was amazed how fast (900 photos in about 4 minutes) and easy it was to load onto iPad. Just follow the very simple instructions, you cant go wrong.

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    Worthless and no help from Apple!!!

    iPad sees the photos on SD card and attempts to transfer them, but all transfers fail. These are JPG images created on a Nikon D800 Camera. I have tested the SD card and am able to transfer and/or read the card on other devices with no problem. Apple offers no help but a Google search came up with a comment that suggests the problem may the file name format.

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    I love it!

    I have an iPad 3rd Generation and the connection kit works just as advertised! You plug it in, put in your SD card and you're good to go!

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    3rd gen airplane mode

    on the 3rd generation you might try putting it in airplane mode it should work just fine after that

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    Does not work with my 3rd Gen iPad

    My iPad 3rd gen will not even recognize the sd card reader. Tried several times with multiple types of file formats. Hope this can be fixed with a software update. What happen to "it just works" ?

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    Works great!!!

    This product just as advertised. I have also used the USB adapter to hook up a small USB audio mixer and record straight into garage band.

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    I bought this from Target a couple of weeks ago and just got around to using it. I was under the impression from Target, Best Buy, and Walmart that this product would work if I plugged it straight into my iPhone 4s (without an iPad). I wanted a way to put pictures on my iPhone easier (without a computer or tablet) and was told by employees at all stores that this would work for what I was wanting. Well they were wrong. iPad is the only one that supports the plug ins, then you can plug your iPhone or camera into that. I was not told any of this and got my hopes up for nothing :( I will be returning it because it did not serve its purpose for me.

    Just an idea for Apple, please inform all retailers (online and instore) of what your products will/won't do. Also, it would be awesome if you did make one of these camera connection kits for the iPhone 4/4s (and previous models) or make this one compatible with the iPhone without an iPad. Just an idea.. Hope this helps anyone else who may be mislead by what is stated on other retailers websites or what they are told instore.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    camera kit

    works 30% of the time on my ipad with retina.... wast of money only copy's files not view files

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    Go Pro hero 2

    Greate for importing my sd card videos from my hero2

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    Sd reader

    Wake up and smell the coffee!

    Why can one only download photos from the reader and not upload?

    That is bizar...

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    USB & Nikon SLR - works great

    I was a bit concerned about using the USB connector to the iPad, based on previous reviews. Works great with my Nikon SLR, fast, great interface. Glad to have the card reader as a back up, but I don't like pulling the card.

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    Contrary to Other peoples reviews..

    Ive had this camera connector since the 1st Gen iPad came out and I've never had an issue with the results its always connected fine with my iPad and surprisingly the iPad could even read my RAW files from a Samsung NX10, a Nikon D5100 and now my Nikon D800, I cannot vouch for any other cameras as I havent tried them with it, I usually plug the SD card in rather than the camera wire, although transfer speeds seem pretty much the same.
    I'm planning to upgrade my iPad when the new one comes out early 2013 which i assume will use the lightning adapter like in the new iPhone so i suppose i'll have to get a new adapter, its just a shame you cant use this adapter with the iPhone 4S but all in all i think this is a good product and fits my needs.

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    Canon EOS connectivity with USB adapter in kit

    If your Canon EOS camera is PictBridge capable it will send pictures to the iPad. Go to the camera's menu and then to communication. Press the set button and then switch from normal to PTC mode. Then turn off the camera and connect the USB cable between the camera and the iPad. Make sure your iPad is turned on and then turn the camera back on and watch your pictures appear on the iPad. This works just fine on my older Canon EOS 10D with firmware 2.0.1

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    Upload only, not for viewing

    Connecting an SD card will show a preview of the pictures on the card. Unfortunately there is no way to view the pictures in full screen without importing the pics first. Would be useful to view without importing. A view feature would increase the rating to 4stars.

    Havn't used the usb adapter for anything so the review is for the sd adapter only.

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    Excellent for what it was designed for

    This is NOT a sneaky way to add a USB port. USB devices need power, which a computer USB port provides. The iPad 3 sends such a minuscule amount of power to the port that it can only work reading a SD card in the card reader. A USB card reader plugged into the USB port won't work because it takes too much power. The SD card reader works w/ SD, SDHC, miniSD & microSD w/ adapters, & MMC. It won't work w/ SDXC. It worked perfectly with my 16 GB speed rated 10 SDHC card. Cameras that work w/ the USB camera connector are digital cameras that support Pictbridge (aka Picture Transfer Protocol or PTP) & "Mass Storage Device" protocol. If your camera can plug directly into a Pictbridge enabled printer & can print directly from the camera w/out going thru a computer, it should work with this device. Think of the iPad as a Pictbridge printer, not a computer. If your pictures do not appear by simply plugging in your camera, you may need to set up your camera the same way you would to print directly from your camera. There is a nice article on Apple.com's support page that gives other tips on how to get this to work w/ your camera. My Nikon Coolpix camera transferred photos perfectly by just plugging the camera into the port. If you don't have a Pictbridge camera, or use one of the supported cards, you probably cannot use this accessory. You are left to transfer your photos to a computer and then transfer to the iPad (via cloud or iTunes sync). I tried using my externally powered photo storage device (which reads every kind of camera card) in the USB camera port and got the "requires too much power" message, even though the photo storage device had a fully charged battery & was plugged into an electric outlet.

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    Does not support Canon S40

    I get error message "usb device not supported" when I connect my Canon S40 digital camera, and memory card is too large for card reader. Anyone aware of software that will support this camera on IPad 3?

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    Doesn't work!

    Device not supported when connected to my Canon camera. When connected to my digital memory card reader device says it takes too much time. Was really hoping to use this with my IPad. Not surprised that it doesn't work.

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    Big Let down

    Got this to go through camera photos while on holiday and sort them on the card , ie delete them from the card , but you have to copy them to the I pad before you can do any thing to them , does not help when you have a 32gb camera card and only a 16 gb iPad with 2gb free space
    . I just wish you could view photos from card and delete the dodgy ones with out copying them to the I pad . And a shame you can't copy/ move them back from the iPad to the card :-(

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    Error message 'device using too much power'

    I am trying to connect a Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo card reader and the iPad is telling me the device uses too much power. How is this possible... Returning the device today since connecting other devices is not possible either.

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