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    Camera Connection Kit

    Bought a camera connection kit and discovered it will not work with the original iPad. I received a refund for the kit after the techs at the local Apple store could not make it work either.

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    Works perfectly with SONY DSC-HX9V

    Both accessories work as described by Apple. I was able to transfer photos via the card reader and by directly plugging the camera USB cable. If the camera power is not switched on, you get "too much power consumption" error. However, everything turns to normal the moment camera power is switched on. Thanks Apple!!

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    Images has to be imported to be viewed properly

    I bough this device to be able to view images instantly while on the move. But you have to import them in order to view them instead of just a thumbnail. It seems strange since watching the image fullscreen without importing it seems like an easy feature to add.

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    its not working with my New iPAD

    Ok. I bought the Camera Connection Kit and connected it to my ipad with the SD memory card in, and its not working. Ugggghhhh...

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    works great with Canon XSi

    I am using this with a 3rd generation iPad and my Canon EOS Rebel XSi, connected via USB. It works great! My SanDisk Extreme III SDHC cards also work great in the card reader.

    I shoot RAW photos, and I use my iPad to backup, review and select images. When I return home, I download the images from my iPad to my Mac for further editing. This all works great, the images transfer fine, and there is no loss of quality in the transfer.

    The transfer speed from camera to iPad seems slightly slower than from camera to Mac, but it is very acceptable.

    The higher resolution display on the 3rd generation iPad makes it perfect for previewing photos, and this kit makes it easy to do so. Highly recommended!

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    Works with Contour video Camera and pictures from Nikon D5100

    I purchased the camera kit so that I can download pictures from my Countour video camera and images from my Nikon D5100. Both work like a charm. I would give it 5 stars but it's a bit slow when transferring pictures.

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    Simple. Inexpensive. Easy to use. Convenient!

    This works exactly as stated! Plug it in, insert either a Compact Flash or SD card (up to 32GB in size) and boom, you're images are viewable on the iPad. It's easy, it's inexpensive and it's extremely convenient. If you're a photographer on the go and clients require instant review of your images, this is what you need.

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    Works well for me

    I shoot with a DSLR and only use the SD card reader and all seems to work just fine with my first generation iPad with 5.0 on it.

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    Does what it's supposed to do.

    Read the title.

    I am a rescue swimmer in the navy and have the opportunity to shoot some of the most amazing places in the world. I have a DSLR and hate to look at the pictures on the camera. When I'm done taking pictures I transfer them to the iPad while in the aircraft so I can review my work.

    I take both large Canon .Raw and JPEG formats usually 18Mb and 4Mb and it uploads them somewhat slow. But still does the job. I can't complain one bit.

    Keep in mind I only use the SD card reader and not the USB so it may be slower transfer rate... not sure.

    Also I don't like the transfer rate from the iPad to the computer... Takes longer than uploading the SD card on the iPad.

    I hope this helps.

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    Where is the support for compact flash?

    While I can connect my camera with a USB cable to transfer photos this is not a desirable solution. It requires I carry another cable with me, the camera cannot be used while the transfer is performed, and it drains the camera battery while the photos are transferred. Come on Apple, wake up and realize that a large number of your customers use large and expensive cameras that use compact flash cards. Is your product manager asleep or something?

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    HDMI In Connection into iPad

    What is missing is HDMI connection from DSLR cameras to iPAD. As the new DSLR cameras like, Canon 5D Mark 2, are shooting movies, iPAD can be used as a monitor for such cameras.

    I hope Apple or one of the partners can produce this missing part which will advance the use of iPAD now and in the future.

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    Canon EOS ( Rebel ) T1i / T2i

    I didnt see this anywhere so i thought i would let Canon T1i owners know the USB works well and the video importer is quick. This lets you hookup and - import and play video quickly for people at events and right-now sharing off the iPad 2 to Airplay on APPLE TV. Hence event photographers can shoot and share in moments out to big screens with the iPad 2 and a Canon T1 / T2 - fix them up in iphoto and slideshow it off the ipad while you walkabout and shoot more.

    Your photo/Video will be in a new Last Import folder... so the Photo Stream delete problem is not there and its quick to load/decide/delete as a result. Hence , i can carry the AppleTV and ipad in my gigbag and go live/vjmix the event with no help or second man required. Card swap works too. No downside. iPhone4s is almost automated fast also.

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    This is not working!

    I can't save anything on SD card, Not every digital camera works with this device. it's read only solution (when it works). I can't understand why is so difficult to install a SD card slot?!

    Apple! Please listen to your customers and accommodate what they request. They are the people who pay you hard earned money.

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    Sony camera connection problems with iPad2

    I have a Sony DSC-HX9V camera that downloads easily with my desktop Mac and Macbook via the USB. Now that I have an iPad2, I hoped that it would be as easy! Unfortunately not - although I can use the SD card reader, that means removing it from the camera to do so. The memory card is something easy to lose or damage! Does anyone know how to get the USB connector side to work? Everytime I try, the iPad tells me that the camera "requires too much power". The local Sony rep and Apple people can not offer advice or solace!

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    Great accessory!

    Very useful for photographers, travellers, or anyone!

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    Oh Well

    My camera uses Smart Media Cards. USB will not work without a driver, can't even use it on PC anymore.

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    Be sure to set your camera to USB Connect - PTP or PictBridge

    Having read a lot of reviews here, I was a little nervous about buying this item, but I live pretty close to an Apple store so it wouldn't have been a big deal had I needed to return it. I actually intended to try it right in the store so I could return it immediately if need be, but stupidly left my camera cable at home (duh). I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-T9, which uses a Memory Stick Pro Duo card, and thus needs to connect via USB. The Apple sales guy was certain that the kit would work with my particular camera, so I bought the kit and headed home.

    I read the (skimpy) brochure, then plugged all the bits together -- and got a message that my device wasn't supported. I pulled everything apart, put it all together again, same thing. Had the sales guy not been so insistent that it WOULD work with a Sony Cybershot, I might have returned it immediately.

    BUT - sat with camera in hand for a minute, cable still plugged in, and started exploring options on the camera. I did already have the switch correctly pushed over to the setting where it needs to be in order to transfer pix to a computer. I hit the Menu button, and was given the choice of USB Connect or Folder. I selected USB Connect. I then was given the choice of PictBridge, PTP, Mass Storage, or Auto.

    Given that the little brochure said this item works with cameras that support Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP), it seemed like a no-brainer to select PTP. As soon as I did that -- everything woke up, and thumbnails of all my photos started appearing on my iPad.

    Mindful of folks who said their connection kit worked once but not subsequently, I've hooked it up and unhooked it a few times. As long as I have my camera set to USB Connect - PTP, my iPad recognizes the camera, without fail.

    The other options for USB Connect on my camera are PictBridge, Mass Storage, and Auto. Auto and Mass Storage result in an error message on the iPad saying the device isn't supported. BUT - Everything works perfectly when I set the camera to PictBridge or PTP.

    I read a bunch of the most recent review of this kit and didn't see any mention of this kind of tweak to the camera settings as a solution. I'm willing to bet that many users who are getting the unsupported device error would find their problem solved if they checked their camera settings, as I did.

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    Supports CF Card Based Cameras

    Normally I'm not a reviewer, but I noticed a review containing incorrect information and was hoping to help if I could. I have multiple cameras, two of which are high/er end Nikon and Canon DSLR's. Both store images on CF (Compact Flash) cards. I have never had any problem using this camera connection kit with my iPad, because both cameras are also equipped with USB interfaces and came with the cables that connect those interfaces to USB ports. Using those cables and the USB interface provided with this kit I can plug my camera directly into my iPad and transfer photos without removing the CF cards from my cameras; works like a charm. Obviously double check your own camera before taking anyone's word, but USB interfaces are fairly standard on all camera models so you shouldn't have any issues with this kit regardless of what type of memory card your camera uses. To be honest I rarely use the SD card interface option, but that's more my preference to leave the smaller memory card in its respective camera so I can't lose it. Bottom line, I would and more than likely will purchase this kit again.

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    Doesn't Quite Fit

    Bought this for my iPad2 but it doesn't seat in the port fully. The original iPad had a flat edge where the port is, the iPad 2 is tapered. Because of this you cannot fully seat the connector. I had to restart the import process SEVEN times on a recent trip because the connector kept slipping out of the iPad. Other than that I have had no problems.

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    No CF option - Not True!!

    Just read here that someone was complaining this adapter does not support CF which is true, but if you want to copy pic from high end camera to iPad or ipad2. Just use the USB from your camera to the adaptor. Simple as that. Dun even know why u complaining and misleading other people.

    I have an Nikon and also Canon 5D Mark II. Import pis and HD video clips without any problem.