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    I spent £25 for a piece of equipment that is not at all useful. It cannot see photographs from my Samsung pixon 12 phone which has a really good camera better than my Nikon, unlike the Airstash I got after this. Not engineered for general convenience. It's just a piece of plastic to me, and nobody I know wants it either when I tried to give it away. Don't waste your money.

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    Camera -SD Card connectors

    I have about 500 pictures I wanted to upload using the SD card connector.
    My iPad only reads 2, not the smallest not the largest.
    I have no clue why does not read the others. All are JPG but some were edited with Adobe
    I have change the files to an older SD after reading the comments that does not work with the newer ones. Same results.
    Would it be that the Adobe edit affected them and if so can something be done?

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    Does exactly what's supposed to do

    I have a 3rd gen iPad 16gb, my camera is canon600D, the camera connection kit is great and allows me to upload 18meg pics in no time at all, using cable or the sd slot, I don't understand why people are having problems and it clearly states that you cannot upload video from an external source to the iPad , really good bit of kit 5 stars

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    Very disappointing

    The connection kit does not act as a perfect card reader.
    Unlike PC, you have to import the photos/videos into your ipad, which means they are useless when your ipad is full.
    I really hope that Apple provides new firmware to its products (eg. my new ipad) so that they can read photos/videos directly by using the connection kit without importing.

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    Does what it's supposed to

    I read other reviews and was a little concerned because of the comments about it not working with USB devices requiring more than 20mA.

    I tried the SD card reader first on my 3rd gen iPad and it worked perfectly. The transfer speed seemed faster than my PC. Both images and video were accessible and the interface was simple to use.

    Then I switched to the USB connector. I tried to be clever and plugged in a pen drive which had some pics on. I immediately got the message the device required too much power to operate. I then tried following the instructions (yes i am male)and connecting my Sony Alpha Digital SLR camera using then USB cable it was supplied with and like the SD card the images were transferred quickly and easily with no issues.

    I've also done the same test with my wife's Canon Ixus and had equally successful result.

    In all it does what I need it to and I've dropped a star because it would be nice if it read pen drives etc but I get the impression that is by design.

    I wish they did black peripherals though to go with my black iPad.

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    It does not work properly on the new iPad (iPad 3)!

    It does not work properly on the new iPad (iPad 3)! I only worked once when I tried to plug-in and swinged it many times. But since then, it won't work anymore.

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    As consumers move to use higher density/higher speed SDXC cards, Apple need to update this SD card reader adaptor for iPAD. Both the new iMAC and MacBook pro already support such capability. Why not iPAD???????

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    Great little product

    I found this great to transfer photos and videos from my more space-limited iPhone to my iPad each night of my recent overseas trip. Worked flawlessly once I connected in the right sequence (error messages re device using too much power if the sequence was incorrect).

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    Not Compatible to all cards

    This device does not work with SD XC cards. Have to connect the camera to the Macbook Pro to download/edit files. I will be forced to use slower cards with less GB to use the device with ipad. Disappointing.

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    iPad camera adapter

    I love my apple products owning iMac, mac air and iPad 2 not to mention iPhone and numerous iPods. However the camera adapter for the iPad is verging on the illegal. It's not fit for purpose, it would appear from what I can gather the latest update has reduced the current available via the dock from 100 to just 20 milli amps. Which basically means it won't work with the majority of cameras. The only alternative is to use the SD card reader.

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    ...Simply brilliant!!

    And with the new iPhoto and the new iPad's display, it is simply brilliant. Take high resolution pictures e.g. with an DSLR camera, and then edit them with iPhoto, and enjoy them on The New iPad's display. Also works with your iPhone.

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    Most pictures and minimal video support

    OK, I am happy with the devices ability to import pictures from a SD card. The annoying part is it is limited to MP4 and H264 video even though the iPad shoots High Definition. You'd think that if it shoots HD it'll import it too... No such luck. The adapter doesn't even see the HD video from my Sony camera.

    Next issue is the USB connector for the camera connection. You'd think that Sony was standard enough to conect, but when connected, the device 'instantly' says the camera takes too much power to connect. Excuse me, but the camera has it's own battery. Why would the iPad even care about that? Let the camera drive itself and just connect.

    The only real usable function is the SD JPEG import, unless you still shoot old 30p MP4 video... I don't, I only shoot HD.

    The rest is a waste...

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    Would be great if it worked (Poor compatibility)

    I tried this on multiple devices with my ipad 3 and in each case got the error 'not enough power for this device'. Others have had this problem too.

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    SD card reader works as stated

    I've only tried the SD card reader as I haven't had the need to use the USB reader yet. I didn't have any problems with it, it works just fine. 1) plug in the attachment with SD card in it 2) when iPad is unlocked, photos pop up right away 3) choose import all or import photos you select by touching the photo 4) choose option to keep photos on card or delete 5) imports at a decent rate, (I've only done a few at a time so it's fast to me). Easy!

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    Great device

    I bought this kit back when I got my iPad 1 on release day, and it's been incredibly useful, even downloading RAW files with no problems. I was surprised that it didn't work right away on my iPad3, but then I was trying to read a 64gb card on a 64gb device (saw another user noted same problem). My 16gb card reads with no problems, so I'm assuming there's a problem with potentially reading a device that has more info than your iPad has storage? I'm an apple user for almost 20 years now, so I have faith they will fix this in a future iOS update.

    As for complainers who whine about having to download the images before you can view them full-res, name one device on the planet that allows you to view images full-res without downloading the entire file first... Have realistic expectations, then you won't be disappointed so much.

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    Very Useful Accessory

    I have used the adapter for the SD card and found it very useful during my month long trip to China last summer. It was great to instantly upload all of my photos to my iPad. Doing so gave me the ability to not only backup all of my photos in the event of a catastrophe, but i was able to edit my photos on my iPad before sharing with family and friends in the U.S. Since I used the Chronicle app to journal my trip, I was also able to insert my uploaded photos into my journal. The camera connection kit is a "must-have" for anyone who travels!

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    Camera kit

    SD card reader work great as does the USB. Great product and price.

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    Good but..... no HD film support!

    Bought this so I could upload HD footage from a GoPro Head Camera, unfortunately the 1080p footage from the camera isn't supported, this may have been because of the iPad 2, i don't know!

    It works great for importing photos via USB or straight from the SD card, just not HD film!

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    SD card reader (worthless)

    I have an iPad 3rd generation and I could not get the SD card to be recognized.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    I love this kit

    I purchased this because I was going on a cruise and needed something to transer my pics and video into my iPad from my SLR. Well it worked exactly how I needed it to, video and all (using the SD card). Hooking the SLR into the USB would not work and I'm assuming it's becasue of the output. Anyway I ran into a problem gettng pictures off of my friends digital camera and onto my Mac (Mac didnt recognize camera), but after realizing the kit had a USB piece I tried it on my iPad and it worked flawlessly. Like one of the other reviewers I wish it were one piece because it is easy to forget about the other if your used to using one of the pieces, but can easlily be fixed by just keeping both in the same place (I keep both in my camera bag). Not really sure why there are so many bad reviews but I am a happy customer. I am using an iPad 2 and Lexar class 10 memory card.

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