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    It works

    I have just purchased a brand new ipad 2 along with the camera kit and the bottom line is, it works. I was shocked at reading the comments about this product not working and my thoughts went back to the early 90s when i bought my first Windows pc, how could this be, its 2012 and this is Apple the company that is suppose to blow the alternatives away. so here i am 2 days with my new ipad and i imported my pictures from my sd card with no hassles at all. I have a Nikon camera with a Transcend 8gb card, I have successfully used this to transfer pictures from my pc to my ipad. Maybe its the new operating system or the format from the camera, I am happy

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    The SD adapter worked fine. Even using a micro SD card and adapter. When I directly connected my Nikon D-200 (which uses a Compact Flash card thus leaving me no choice) nothing happened. I wiggled and jiggled the cable and USB and finally my images came up. Then I tried using my flash drive to transfer some photos to the iPad and got the not enough power message. I don't understand why it won't work. Anyways, I primarily needed it for the Nikon D-200 and it seems to work with it, although not perfectly. There's no way around it, the iPad camera adapters do have design flaws.

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    Had a problem but maybe solved it.

    I had the same problem mentioned elsewhere when using the card reader. It seems to be looking for a folder, not simply files on the card. I created a folder called DCIM and moved the jpeg files into it. Where the iPad had previously done nothing, it now opened the flles properly. This is not based on extensive testing but, so far, it works as advertised and we are quite happy with it.

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    Not working!!

    I have both iPad & iPad2 in my house and got the same error message on both saying that i cannot use this accessory as it consumes too much power. The funny thing is that I actually bought 2 kits thinking it was a smart move and got them delivered to the middle east... Waste of money!! Is there any way to work around the problem?

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    Camera connector

    Works great. All my SD cards can now be downloaded to my iPad. Love it!

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    bad move apple!

    Picked this up to upload pictures to my ipad and when I connected it with the usb adapter, it came up with the message that it required too much power... I called the apple store before I bought this and asked specifically if there were any known problems with this adapter and was guaranteed that it would work... all I had to do was plug it in and it would upload my pictures. I am not happy with this and will be returning it to apple. What is frustrating is that I called up the apple store before I bought this and was given incorrect information. Why does apple even sell this when they know it won't work... bad move apple... very bad move!!

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    Camera connection kit

    We have both the iPad and iPad2. The camera connection kit SD adapter works plug and play on iPad, but not on the iPad2. Still looking for the solution, but nothing yet. It is advertised to work on both.

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    iPad adaptors

    I use the SD card adaptor o transfer all of my photos from my Nikon. It always transfers without any problems. One note. You should not use you camera to directly download your photos through the USB adaptor. There is always a possibility that your camera or card could be damaged. Always remove the card and plug it into the SD adaptor.

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    Camera COnnection kit on iOS 5

    Using the iPad camera connection kit, and an iPad 2 on iOS 5, I CAN connect and use an M-audio Oxygen 49 (version 3) USB MIDI keyboard. No Powered USB hub required.

    Idk much about power and electronics, but i'm pretty sure a Oxygen 49 requires more than 20 ma's, which was the iOS 4.2 limitation

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    Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit in a few words

    The connection kit comes in two parts, which makes it easy to lose, or at least harder to keep track of. The USB kit works only with a limited number of cameras, and easily gives up saying the connected camera is drawing too much power (one wonders what the camera battery is for). The SD reader doesn't read micro-SD. In short, this equipment is not very usefull.

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    Easy peasy

    I love this, it works perfectly with my Nikon. The only obstacle was disabling my cameras USB charging function which prompts the "Accesory Unavailable" alert. Once that function is disabled it is smooth sailing! Just a heads up to those that can't get around the "Accesory Unavailable" prompt!

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    DCIM folder needed

    This may not work for everyone, but neither item worked for me until I made a main folder on my USB stick or sd card named "DCIM"' into which you then put your pictures. My iPad 2 then could read and upload them. You don't need to make the files DCIM, jpeg works, just naming the folder that does it, which makes no sense but at least it worked.

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    SLR to IPad2

    Ok folks,
    I was having the same issues as a lot of you. On my cannon 20D I was getting the USB doesn't support prompt and on my point and shoot nikon I was getting not enough power prompt when using USB. In the menu of the cannon there is a section in the tools section called communication. The factory setting is normal, change it to PTP. This made the connector work. I used the card reader connector for the nikon and it worked.

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    import and export

    The camera connection kit is "handy". I was also hoping that it would also export to an SD card or USB. When I bought my iPad 2 w/ 16GB, I didn't realize how great the video capabilities were. I wasn't planning on taking any trips where I would be video recording as much as I will. I hope Apple will someday making the kit a 2 way connection.
    For those who have not bought an iPad 2 yet, buy it with 32GB. It is well worth the extra money.

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    Not supporting Panasonic DMC-FH20

    The SC card works from this camera; but, using the USB conversion does NOT work.

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    Great, but not compatible with SDXC

    Sadly, I discovered this while on holiday and had to buy new Szd cards while on my trip in order to transfer my photos.

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    Camera kit/ Sony Cyber-shot

    Purchased IPad 32g Wifi along with the camera kit. The IPad rocks, camera kit does not!
    Sony uses their stick for the memory card, so I connected the camera to the IPad with the USB adapter, message comes up on the IPad "device not supported".
    My question is.... What camera/ media card does the connector kit work with????

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    Yes & No

    PRO :
    1. SD Card Reader : Able to IMPORT from Generic SD Card
    2. USB Reader : Import directly from Camera USB

    1. Unable to support external reader such as Multi Card Reader [unless is self powered]
    2. Unable to read Sony SD card or any other card except for Standard SD Card [ you will need your camera usb to transfer your photo out].

    1. It improve my work productivity
    2. Good Product To Try

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    Why won't the SD card connection kit work?

    I love my I-PAD 2 in many ways. I have a Nikon D-5100 with an excellent high speed 16 GB SD card. Neither the SD card nor the camera connection works. I have a 64 GB wifi & 3G IPAD-2. The same SD kit works with my daughter's 32 GB IPAD 2. The AV connector works great with my IPAD. I don't think anything is wrong with my connector. When I plug in the SD card kit I notice that the card is recognized in settings, but the transfer screen does not come up. I think this is very poor engineering. I feel I am a slave to the poor engineering in the Itunes setup. Apple, can't you make this right?

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    Doesn't work!!!

    This product doesn't work. I tried it with 5 different cameras and SD cards. Maybe it is my Ipad.

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