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    Camera USB Dock OK

    I wasn't sure about this purchase after reading so many reviews stating that the camera USB interface didn't work on iPad2's. Why pay for something if only 50% of the product works?
    Well, all I can say is it must be dependant on the camera your using, as it worked straight out the box for me (Panasonic Lumix GS3 and Canon G11) Perhaps its some of the older cameras that don't work?
    My local store (Basingstoke UK) also made it clear if it didn't work with my camera I could return it for a full refund.
    If anyone is unsure if their camera will work, take your camera along to the store and try before you buy :-)

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    Got one of these for a prezzie at chrmbo an it fails to recognise any off my cameras. Booooooo

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    I am a photographer. Absolutlly love it. Being able to do a quick check or show the client the photo straight away on a large screen without carrying a laptop or having to wait for a laptop to boot. It's fantastic.

    Works fine with my Canon 50D and 5D mark ii.

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    It is a waste of time to use this with my camera because it is not compatible. I have a Kodax easy share camera and it didn't allow this camera connection to work. waste of time and my money

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    Its great for iMovie

    When I got an iPad, I really wanted to do some editing on it. I had videos on my iPod that I wanted to put together, but the iMovie app for it doesn't work very well. After finding out about this thing, I went and got the kit and works so well. Takes a while to upload videos more then 3 minutes, but that's expected. One more thing, do your research, I went to three different Apple employees and asked if it really did that, and they said that it doesn't. It wasn't until I showed one of them the How To section of iMovie that he realized that it was true. Other then that, great product.

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    Terrible - Does not work

    I bought this from Apple to load my photos onto my ipad but it does not work, Apple fail to tell you that it is not compatible with all cameras, what a waste of money. Very bad product from Apple, not happy at all.

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    Photo transfer is a problem

    I just purchased ipad2 and Photo kit, which is difficult to use. If you take pictures on ipad2 it is great. Transfering from SDHC, XD or from memory sticks is problamatic..
    Furthermore when you take a new picture and want to add to an existing album, it is not enabled. The manual conceals more than it reveals re photo application. .

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    Read so many negative Reviews before taking the plunge and buying a Sony cyber shot with 8gb memory card schd but need not have been concerned as it was picked up by my iPad as soon as I connected and loaded all my pictures. Works perfectly.

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    iPad kit does not work

    I received the iPad connection kit as a gift and was looking forward to transferring all my photo's.

    Neither the usb or sd card worked, and the ipad2, didn't even show any error message.

    Apple should not be allowed to sell these unless they work. there must be something in the 'sale of goods act' which coves this. Very dissapointing.

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    Poor Effort Apple

    I was very excited when I bought this gadget from the Apple store. we have 2 iPad2's in the household and saw this device as perfect for our needs. We are flying to Thailand this weekend and saw this as the perfect solution to our photographic storage solutions. Just plug the SD cards from the camera or videocamera and upload the photos / video? Sounds brilliant. Reality is, it doesn't work. The whole point was to be able to upload and back up / store all our images and videos WITHOUT having to plug into a computer.I fail to understand how Apple have made such a simple task impossible. I get error messages when I plug in a USB stick, telling me that there is insufficient power. All I want to do is save my memories. I have invested over £1000 in Apple technology and to be honest, its flawed. Its making me start to rethink my faith.

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    Doesn't do anything

    Hoped to be able to import jpegs via sd card reader. All the literature says that iPad 2 "automatically opens photo app" and yet it doesn' t. In fact, nothing happens. I can't find the sd card nor the photos on it anywhere.

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    Read all reviews - but still purchase

    it's good to read reviews on past buying experiences - but in this case it was about 60/40 bad to good - but I still purchased anyway. I had faith in Apple.

    My camera is a Olympus 1030SW and the "camera adapter" works just perfect for it. As soon as I powered on the camera, the "photo" section of my Ipad 2 opened and I was able to select pictures/movies to download.

    Olympus cameras use "XD" - not "SD" - so the "card reader" will be for my wife's camera card which uses SD cards (Canon)

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    It does work!!

    I read many of the reviews and as a SENIOR aged user I have had no problems getting both components of the camera connection kit to work - and work well!! It is helpful to read the instructions - you need to have your transfer setting on your camera set to PTP. If your camera is not compatible the card reader still works with the SD card. Take note - it is for SD cards only. Check what type of camera and card you have before you buy the kit.
    I have an ipad 2 and it is running the latest OS. For those who are keen to blame the tools, go and see the guys at your nearest Apple store. I have found them very helpful.
    Thanks Apple for an excellent product.

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    How to get around the "uses too much power" issue with USB devices

    I have a Sony Bloggie 3D camera that, when connected to my iPad 2, gets a "uses too much power" message. I connected the Bloggie to a cheapo USB powered hub, then connected the hub to the iPad, and everything worked perfectly. For some reason I had to do this twice - the order in which connections are made may be important. Again, I connected the camera to the powered hub first, then connected the hub via adapter to the iPad.

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    Does not work with my camera!

    Very irritated that the iPad2 camera connection kit does not work with my Olympus Stylus 780 camera. XD Card does not fit in slot and using USB cable is not recognized. Waste of money!!!!!

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    SD card adapter and fotostream

    I used the SD card adapter of the camera connection kit with iOS 4. It works fine as supposed. Unfortunately after the update to iOS 5.0.1 it only works if the fotostream option is switched of.

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    bad joke 2

    Reading the Bad Joke review I got more info than over an hour onto apple tech support as to why my card reader worked fine on ipad 1 but will not work on ipad 2. Clearly apple have changed the output power required to use the device and now its useless. If a change can be made in next apple OS update I suggest apple go back to what works!. I used to be able to import files from a in car camera from race car and use if for training and coaching. It just does not work saying "device requires to much power" when on original ipad it worked just fine. Apple please fix this problem!

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    Considered returning it, BUT....

    I bought the kit today and I LOVE iT - well, after tinkering with it and reading reviews. Hooked up nikon coolpix using USB cable at first, it didn't work. "too much power." moved on to sd card slot, worked like a charm! Wondering if apple would refund me $14.50 for the non-working USB connector, I perused reviews and was disappointed until one reviewer mentioned turning off his camera's "auto transfer something-something." Aha! "too much power! " so I went to my camera settings, turned off "auto charge through computer" and voilà! The kit is a keeper.

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    Great product

    The Camera connection kit for I pad was the easiest thing to use ever. I love it. We have game cameras out for looking at deer, this works great for putting the SD cards in the I pad and viewing the pictures right on the spot and erasing the cards. Could not be easier to use. I highly recommend this product.

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    Nikon cool pix s6100 not compatible

    Wow was I surprised when I could not use my new Nikon cool pix s6100 camera with this. It comes on and says device uses to much power. Very disappointed in this product especially when I can not find any list of compatible cameras.

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