• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product!

    Bought this today and it's a great product. You'll get two adapters for the price of one and with the USB adapter you even can connect your iPhone to your iPad to import photos/videos. The only disadvantage of this is that you first need to import your photos/videos to watch them in full screen.

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    Useless because of Apple’s control issues

    This did not work the way I expected please read. I purchased this for my wife because she wanted an easy way to import pictures to her iPad without going through iTunes. I guess it is not the connector’s fault but rather Apple’s control issues. Apple has written their software to ignore any photo not saved to the SD card by a camera. This means we can’t save photos from my computer to the SD card and import them to the iPad. The only way is through iTunes. I first have to move the photos from my computer to her computer (where iTunes is) and then use iTunes to import the photos. Why on earth did Apple disable the ability to import photos saved to SD cards by anything other than cameras? I did find I can trick it to import the images if I rename the photos using the same naming schema as my camera uses. Extra work I am not willing to do. I don’t understand why Apple would do this. They actually had to do extra programming to make the app work or “not work” as the case is. I am returning this product tomorrow! Apple please grow up and let your customers use products they way they want and not the way you want them to use your products.

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    Love it!

    I bought this when I bought my new iPad 2 and I LOVE IT! Works great and very easy to use!

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    Amazingly convenient

    Very convenient transfer of images to my Ipad in a very portable device. I expect to fill my 8GB card in my camera in an upcoming vacation; this will be a very convenient way free up space to take more pictures/videos. A++ accessory, arguably a necessity!

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    Useful connection kit

    Thank you Apple for allowing us to copy photos from the iphone 4 and camera devices to the ipad...

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    Good for iPad 1st generation

    This accessory is a good one IF you DON'T have a camera on your iPad. But if you have an iPad 2, this seems like a pointless purchase. If you have a lot of pictures on your SD card though, and you HAVE to have them on your iPad, this iPad Camera Connection Kit IS RECOMMENDED.
    -Recommendation varies based on situation: average recommendation-

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Rating for the SD card reader so far!

    The SD card reader worked perfectly on my iPad 2! I have not tried the other fuction yet!

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    Disregard negative reviews

    I'm sorry I paid attention to several reviews that said this camera connection kit would not work with the latest iPad upgrades--because it DOES. Erroneously believing there might be a problem,I took my iPad 2 and an SD card to the Apple store and the card reader they had transferred photos quickly and competently. At the time my iPad 2 was running iOS 4.3 and now that I've upgraded to 4.3.1 it still works fine. The alleged power problem referenced by other reviews is not a problem for me. The clerk did say,however, that only photos could be transferred and I have yet to check that out. It's a product that does what it promises and that's good enough for me.

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    Works like a charm!

    just like I said! works like a charm ! on a very reasonable price!

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    Great for journos on the run

    I'm a journalism student and this camera kit works great on the go when I'm out with my iPad and have to download photos from my Nikon D90 on the fly. Just pop in the SDHC card and you're off to the races. Takes a few extra seconds to transfer RAW photos, but well worth it. I just wish this accessory kit worked on my iPhone 4 so I could check out my 12 mpx photos on a Retina Display moments after shooting.

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    Doesn't work with my camera

    Well, when I say "my" camera, I mean "the camera I use". I shoot weekly videos for a local event, on an HD Canon camcorder. Traditionally, I'd bring the SD card home, pop it into my MacBook Pro, and go to town in iMovie. My main reason for buying the kit was to try doing my video editing on the iPad, but it seems like the format of the videos isn't recognized by the Camera Connection Kit. Big bummer.

    Works fine with my raw photos from the Nikon D80, and of course with my iPhone 4. So that's good. But yeah, I really wish I could get the camcorder's videos to offload onto the iPad 2.

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    Perfect Stuff

    Love it so so much

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I love my camera connection kit. I use both the USB and SD Card connectors and they work flawlessly! They're perfect for when I'm on a photo shoot and I can show my clients the photos right away on my iPad. Plus, they're super compact so I can just throw them in my camera bag with my iPad and I'm ready to go!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Absolutely great!

    I don't know where individuals are coming up with negative comments on this great product! All you have to do is connect you sd card into the card reader and that's it! It will ask you what you would like to import and once it's finished, it will ask you whether or not you would like to keep your pictures on the sd card itself or delete them. It is one of the best accessories I have ever bought from apple! Thanks apple for making such renowned products!!!

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    Terrible - crippled by the new updates

    So, what to say?

    Whenever I connect my powered camera through the USB reader to the iPad, it works fine.
    However, whenever I plug in the SD card reader, nothing. I get a message saying "The connected USB device requires too much power."
    And that's the end of that.

    After a bit of reading up online, I found that this is a common problem - caused by the 3.2+ upgrades, which reduced the power output from 100mAh to a measly 20mAh, which basically makes it unusable unless you want to use up your camera's battery.
    This is the only Apple product I've ever been disappointed with, and I hope it doesn't happen again.
    Apple, if you're going to sell us a camera connection kit, we want to be able to connect our cameras to it! So is this how it works now? Just sell us something for £50 then release an upgrade which makes the iPad not want to recognise it anymore. Cheers for that

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    just absolutly terrible

    it doesnt work with my cell phone. my sd card has 300 photos and it can only read 1 photo. dont buy this. you will regret it

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    Doesn't work for Compact Flash cameras or card readers

    I bought this intending to use my iPad on my upcoming trip to download, view, and email pictures while on the road. My camera is a Canon 20D which uses a Compact Flash card. When I tried connecting my USB CF card reader to the iPad, the iPad said that the device drew too much power and wasn't allowed. I then tried plugging in my Cannon 20D in via a USB connection cable and the iPad said the device wasn't supported. I'll be returning the kit to Apple.

    Apple, either allow other devices to work, or call it the "Apple iPad SD Camera Connection Kit".

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    Works but limited

    This works, you can plug in an SD card, point-and-shoot camera or iPhone and the Photos app will open and everything is perfect.

    However, I bought this for use with my Compact Flash card reader and to plug into my USB Apple keyboard. Neither features work, and they used to. I know that in the description it didn't say it would work like this, but this is a software issue of a power consumption limit (which is new to iOS 4.3) that is preventing this functionality.

    Bottom line: good for its exactly specified use but nothing more. Apple: change the limit.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    2 Adapter for one price, that work

    1 for SD card reading into iPhoto, and another to USB connect your Camera to the iPad. Either way you can have success, but I prefer the SD Card reader so I don't need to bring along another USB cable to connect the camera.

    I have an 8GB SD card from San DIsk that works just fine. I like checking out pictures on the iPad before I download them to my iMAC. I like this to enable better selections, and to share with friends faster.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Why does feature no longer work?

    This always worked great. I would connect my camera to Ipad 1 with a USB cable and it would open the download app and zip right into the Ipad. I just upgraded to version 4.3 and now it does not work at all. When I connect my camera the same way I always did nothing happens. I can no longer download pictures from my Olympus digital camera to my Ipad. My camera does not use SD cards. It uses XD. It looks like I'm out of luck. Come on Apple why do you change things that worked to the same things that no longer work?

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