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    Doesn't Work

    I have a Panasonic Lumix (DMC-ZS6), and the camera connection kit doesn't work at all for me. Nothing happens when I insert the SD card, and nothing happens when I directly connect the camera. Running IOS 4.3 on an iPad2. Super disappointed.

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    Ugh. Works only sporadically.

    This worked fine with my first iPad but only sporadically with the ipad2, and now seems to have stopped working completely. So frustrating. Ugh.

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    Works great as stated

    The kit is great in transferring photos from my iPhone and digital cams (canon and nikon dslr) without having to sync with iTunes and with ease. The SD card reader part reader works great too. At this price point it's worth it if you use it a lot for viewing and sharing, but at ~$10 lower it would appeal even more to users.

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    works for me

    I was worried about this purchase due to some of the negative reviews. But it seems to work perfectly for me :-)

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    Had my doubts but works really well

    Like many other people I read the reviews of this product on this site.

    The good ones seemed too good to be true and the bad ones very nearly scared me off.

    But one did suggest taking your camera to the store and trying before you buy. This was the most useful to me and the Apple store staff patiently waited while I checked my little Casio SLR and my ancient Sony A100.

    Both worked beautifully and I bought on the spot. I normally shoot in RAW on my Sony but there aren't a great number of apps able to cope with them.

    More are coming though and the ease of which I can now transfer my pics (including from my iPhone) has made this one of the most useful accessories I have bought yet.

    A great little product but, if possible, check before you buy.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Sd card pics ok mov not

    I used the sd slot and the pics downloaded perfect. I use a canon sd4500. As all cameras nowadays take video, I use this a lot since this camera has hd. The video was downloaded ok, but cannot watch it on the iPad 2

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    We have 2 iPad 1 units. Works with my wife's iPad but not mine. Can't figure that one out.

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    Would be fantastic if it actually worked properly

    Apple really needs to issue a fix (or at least a page of instructions) for the SD card problems that many users, including myself, seem to be having. The USB connection to my D7000 works well but my Sandisk 8gb Ultra II cards do not work in the SD reader - nothing happens. I've searched and searched for answers but nobody has any and Apple haven't given any pointers anywhere.

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    This is a camera connection. NOT a USB port

    I got the kit hoping for a non-network and non iTunes way of getting data into my ipad 2. Well it is not USB. It does allow you to transfer pictures from your camera or SD camera card. That is what it is advertised to do. So if that is all you want or need, it should be sufficient.

    However, even if you want to transfer non-camera pictures, you'll be in trouble. The ipad2 software is not just looking up a specific directory for photos, it is inspecting the picture. So if this is a photo you retouched or just another picture you like, it will not transfer. I haven't gone to the point of altering the EXIF data to see if that would allow the transfer.

    You just get to a point where you have to ask if you should have spent less and got the other guys table instead.

    BTW I was asked today at work to show off my ipad2. When asked if I would recommend its use at work. (I use it to take notes. not much else) I said they should consider some other brand. Why? Connectivity. (Apple you really need to get that USB fixed.)

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    Not Worth it. . .

    Not recommend, it only works with certain Digital Camera types, as per a Genius. So inquire about it, before running out to get the connection kit. Disappointed!

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    Good hardware, crippled software

    The card reader does it says, and it does it very well.

    Unfortunately, the crippled software makes it useless.
    1. There is no option to create folders (like other 3rd party apps) or Photo albums. Just two albums: Last Import and Import. That is a big mess.
    2. I also have a Photo Library album, with photos synced via iTunes. As soon as I transfer a single picture from the card, the Photo Library album becomes *invisible*. If I delete the imported pictures, the Photo Library album shows up again.

    I don't want pictures of items I plan to sell on Craiglist mixed up with family pictures. One of the reasons I bought this card reader was to use my iPad as my main computer (instead of my Mac). Unfortunately, this is not possible.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    the iPad becomes a Polaroid proof print

    For this photographer, Apple's iPad Camera Connection Kit and a USB cable allow temporary downloading and proofing of raw files from full-frame Nikon cameras. That's sensational.
    For older photographers, the Kit turns the iPad into a hybrid sheet Polaroid at nearly 6 inches by 8 inches. For restoring a bit of Edwin Land's work, thank you Alan Kay and Steve Jobs.

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    Overpriced considering one part of it doesn't work

    Bought this specifically because I thought I could connect my mini flip video camera to my ipad2 particularly whilst away when I don't have access to a pc. It's useless as the accessory I am trying to connect uses too much power. But what accessory wouldn't? It's only a tiny camcorder. Disappointed.
    The other connector works great though with my SD card from my photo camera. £25 a lot to spend though just for that.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Trust Fellow Reviewers

    I reluctantly went ahead and bought the Camera Connection Kit after reading all the reviews. I was looking for a way to import my pics from my phone, Canon G11, to my iPad while traveling so that I might email and manipulate them. I read a lot of the reviews and they seemed either very positive or very negative. Basically the product either worked for the person or it did not, no in between. I realized that for my purposes, if the kit worked, I was all set. It did work without a hitch. I have not tried the RAW format nor have I tried the card slot. I can see great advantages to having a USB port in the iPad and I was really hoping Apple would have put it in the new generation iPad. Alas it will have to wait. Shame on Apple for "dumbing down" the product to take away people's creative outlet (inlet). I await the real USB port in an iPad! Advice for this kit: Try it, if it works for you, Great. If not, return it.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Both the USB and SD adapter work well with my Nikon D3100.
    I was concerened after a few reviews said that they were having problems, shame they never stated what camera they were using.
    So no problems importing photos direct from camera, or the SDCH card (TDK 8GB), then sending them on from there to e mail or other sites.
    One reason for getting the iPad 2 was so I could take it on my travels and upload photos.
    Very pleased.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome product

    Worked with my Panasonic Lumix camera's SD card right out the box. Worked with my iPhone 4 perfectly. Simple interface. Fast photo and video transfer.

    Big thumbs up!

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Worth the purchase

    I bought this kit for my iPad1 and it worked flawlessly. I did have to save the pictures to my photo album but that was no big deal. I, too, am perplexed by the bad reviews. I bought the iPad2 for my husband for Father's Day. Hopefully it will work as well with his iPad.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Far exceeded my expectations

    I bought this for my mother for her new ipad 2, I knew it would it work no problem with the SD card. But what surprised me was how quickly it down loaded the many photos stored on my father's camera SD card. I had read the reviews on here earlier, so when I bought my ipad 2, I didn't bother buying this connection kit. So when I tried my mother's USB connection kit piece and connected with a lead directly to my Canon 5D Mark 2 where I shoot RAW and Jpeg together with each photo, which can easily be 30 MB between them. I was gobsmacked how quickly these 30 MB photos down loaded. Now I'm glad I went for the 64GB ipad version, which will be great for holidays, instead of taking the laptop for my photo storage. Especially nowadays with the limited luggage allowance on the aircraft. That's why I here buying mine ipad camera connection kit today!

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    I pad connection kit

    I bay a konection i pad kit,but doesnt working.when connect a usb key they wrote a input conection is to low,but when i put a card then wrote a input conection is to high.HALLO Aplle,are ju kiding or what....this toys are not cheap"...........

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    very good accessory but...

    icloud will take care of syncing ur photos across all of ur i devoces...photo stream if not mistaken but the camera connection is good to have anyways especially for those who live in the post pc area.

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