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    Amazing product!

    Very fast photo transaction and is personally very handy, as I am a fashion photographer, and once I've taken some shots, I upload them straight onto my iPad to view them in great detail on the brilliant iPad screen, instead of the poor DSLR camera screen. Which benefits me and the model, as we can view the images in the best form, instantly! Another plus Is that it is completely portable, and can use it with outdoor locations with the iPad. I love the instant image transfer, and the amazing capacity to handle a lot of data; I had 2000+ images on my memory card, each image 10mb+ each, and it uploaded them in a matter of seconds! Without any sign if lag or delay, or struggle. Very impressed with this product and a very reasonable price! Would highly recommend to anyone :)

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    Works great on iPad with OS 4.2 - here's how

    Ok, many have said it doesn't work on 4.2 - I reckon - it works fine, to a point.

    If you read the wording carefully in the support area there is a sentence that says something like the Connection Kit will read from the card based on the format set by the camera.

    I didn't realise until after some trial and error - but - if you use an SD card with normal folders etc - it wouldn't work, nothing would show up. If I used a card with the standard DCIM folders - magic - it worked.

    I am thinking that to make it easy to pick photos from a camera Apple makes it look for that folder and then draws down the content, could be wrong - but that is how I got mine working after initially having a false start.

    So, now, its great, away I go!

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    I'm a photographer, I was so exited with my new IPad and the fact of been able to have CF reader on my iPad to show to my clients on location!!! Now they tell me I won't be able to due with the new update!!!
    U guys should fix that!!

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    i bought this device to transfer photos and when i connect the camera (samsung ) to the ipad using the usb it says not enough power supply and when i use the SD card it says there is no photos to be found. I feel i just wasted money for no reason!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I just got the Camera Connection Kit (CCK) and downloaded some DNG files, the native format for my Leica M8, from an SD card. They look horrible on the iPad, as if I took a very small Jpeg and uprezzed it. To make sure it wasn't the CCK, I shot some Raw files on my wife's Lumix DMC-LX3 (RAW) and downloaded those to the iPad. The files looked gorgeous!

    The Leica M8 has been supported by Aperture and the Mac OS for a while now. Any idea where the problem lies? Is it a DNG thing?
    what camera file formats that are recognized on the iPad?

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    Rough start, then did the research

    I bought the camera connector kit for my iPad in order to sort through photos while traveling abroad. Took it to Spain in November and was highly disappointed because I could not get it to work with a Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo. (I only tried the SD card reader connector.)

    I decided to give it one more chance and did a little online research. It took me a while, but after a few tries, I got the connector to work by putting the memory card into a Lexar Memory Stick Duo adapter, sticking that into my USB card reader (Vivitar MS/MS-Pro Card Reader), and then using the USB interface conncetor. It all worked perfectly and I am now ready to use it for my next trip abroad in June!

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    Imports video but will not play video

    I am terribly disappointed with this product. Apple leads you to believe that you can import your videos and then view them on your iPad. Though it will import videos, it will not play them. After hours of trying to figure out why, it turns out there is no reason for it not to work with my particular camera which saves video in mp4 format. Though I do like that I can import pictures directly from my camera or from my phone, I was mainly interested in using this product for the ease of saving and viewing home videos. Hopefully it is a software glitch that they will fix soon.

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    Samsung camera draws to much power

    Camera kit useless .. Returning to the store ... Errors out saying device not supported or device draws too much power... So much for trying to get the photos off the camera....

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    Do not buy if you are using os 4.1This does not work with 4 of my cameras

    Recently upgraded to os4.1 and neither my cameras or USB reader works with this kit, I will be trying for a refund on this kit or try to downgrade to 3.2

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    I got the iPad product for christmas excited to get my pictures on here I went right out to buy this connector kit. At first I got 'this USB device isn't supported' I updated operating system from 3.2 to 4.2 and now it doesn't recognize that I have plugged anything in using both my micro sd card plugged into an adaptor and USB ports anybody got any helpful advice???

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    Great iPad partners

    They do exactly what they're supposed to do very simply. A really nice solution.

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    Back to Nothing - Usb power now restricted and not compatible

    I'm a real user of mac product in my personnal and professionnal area. I've bought today the camera connector kit and i would like to say that my camera is not supported by the adapter.
    Neither the camera nor a simple usb card, plugged threw the adapter, works.
    Got a problem of a "usb powered" (switch 100 mA to 20mA)
    I've learned that this feature has been restricted since the update of Ios 4.2, and it's really a shame to sell a product that restricts all the items bought for the ipad.
    I will  not recommend the camera connector kit  until Apple update the ipad firmware to re-initialize the 100 mA USB port.

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    Raw pictures work too !

    SD pictures (JPeg for instance) work fine. In addition to that, it fully supports D3000 and RAW files (.NEF). Could preview all pictures on the iPad and sync later with iMac. Wonderful.

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    Works fine

    Bought it. Read bad reviews. Got worried. Was giving it for a gift so opened it. Plugged it into my my ipad and connected my Fuji Finepix f80 EXR. Photos showed up. I imported them, deleted them from camera. Everything worked. Tried the card reader. It worked exactly the same way. I have the 4.2 or whatever IOS installed and had no problems whatsoever. Maybe there's a compatibility issue with some cameras??? IDK.

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    Huge Fail

    Used to work great, but no longer functions for me now that Apple has crippled my iPad with ios 4.2, as many here can attest to as well. Be very careful of Apple's sneaky software update tricks. Apple has really let their iPad users down and will be seeing some dismal sales on their next iPad release.

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    Inoperable camera connection kit

    I read the reviews and thought they couldn't possibly be correct and went out and bought the camera connection kit for my wonderful IPAD with the 4.2 upgrade. Well, I should have listened to everyone - it would not recognize my SD card or camera so I returned it. When will there be a fix for this very serious problem?????

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    iOs4.0 renders the usb connection kit useless

    I hope that there is a fix in the works. as a photographer, I was using the USB connection kit to upload from CF cards in the field. There were no issues when the mA setting was at 100..... 20 mA doesn't allow for much.
    Please fix this asap Apple. think about keeping your fans happy

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    I so wish I'd read a few comments before buying one .. I just "assumed" it would work with the wifes and my two Canon D50's and D40.. My Ipad is 4.21 .. hers is 3.2.1 and both units wont work with the "un" connectivity kit

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    Powered usb devices crippled !!!!

    The usb half of this kit has been seriously handicapped in ios 4.2. Beware. However, the sd card works well after popping out of my nikon d90. Raw, .mov and jpegs all fine.

    I wanted to get my photos of my blackberry, couldnt do it. Not cool, especially since it was previously possible.

    Written from photoless ipad.

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    Does Not Work with iOS 4.2

    Although apple say it will work with cameras, keyboards, USB drives and USB card readers it wont. In iOS 3 I could import pictures from my USB Memory Stick card reader, and plug m mobile phone into the ipad. Now Neither of these work. 90% of USB data sticks no longer work except very old ones, and it's terrible. I cant see how this advantages anyone in any way, it was perfect before. The iPad will now only give out 20mA instead of the 100mA it used to. There are a handfull of cameras which still work, however a lot are now mauribund.

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