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    Works with my Sony Cyber-shot

    I just received the adapter today.
    I have an older Sony Cyber-shot 7MP camera (DSC-W7).

    1. plugged the USB adapter into the iPad
    2. plug the USB cable between the iPad and the camera
    3. Turned on the camera
    4. Turned on the iPad
    5. Voila!
    The Photos app automatically opened on the iPad and immediately showed the "Camera" section.

    Importing was easy!

    I used an iPad app (Photo-sort) to transfer the photos from the iPad to a PC via WiFi.
    In the past, I usually connected the camera directly to the PC, but it would be nifty if there was a way to import pictures from the iPad *TO* the PC ... iTunes seems to only work in the other direction.

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    Great! Plus can use Soundsticks!

    Good product for someone with lots of SD card cameras! Plus the USB connector allows me to use keyboards for typing and a big plus is it allows the use of Harman Kardon Soundsticks speakers.

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    Yes! iPad plays Video from Photos App

    Just got the CCK I ordered here at the Apple Store. Using my Canon PS G9 I was able to take the SD card and plug it into the iPad and Photos App did it's thing and loaded the pictures. I then shot about a minute of video using both standard & hi res. Photos app loaded the video. It allowed me to play the video full screen! I connected the iPad to my mac and copied video to iphoto. Opening the video and getting info, I see that the camera produced an .AVI file, with format details of: Apple OpenDML JPEG,1024x768. I am so jazzed! Now I am set for my trip to India next week with my iPad, CCK, and my Canon camera. WOW!

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    Halfway there

    I got this kit to allow me to view images on a bigger screen whilst out and about.
    The SD card reader works really well and is very fast. A superb little reader. It's a shame it is only available for SD cards at the moment, maybe more adapters for CF, MS and other widely used types will be released later.
    The USB connector has been a bit of a failure so far. I have cameras from Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and Canon and so far only one has connected. The rest all come up with unsupported device messages. It seems it will only be recognised if the USB port on the camera goes 'directly' to the memory card and not if it has to go through any interim systems that look as if they require drivers (even if they don't).

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    Does just what it says

    The camera connector kit struck me as a perfect companion for holidays or trips. Or – put another way – one more in the growing list of things I can now do with my iPad, where I previously would have needed my MacBook Pro. I can view material at high resolution, prune the ones I don’t want to keep, and have a ready-to-sync folder for when I get home.

    The kit comes with two adapters. Both fit into the docking port at the base of the iPad. They are made of a single piece of moulded plastic and feel well made. Each comes with a small pin protector to keep the USB connection protected when not in use. It fits securely enough that you wouldn’t worry about losing it in the bottom of the camera bag.

    The first connector takes SD cards. It’s pretty straightforward – load the card into the connector, and plug the connector into the docking port on the iPad. A couple of seconds later an import window appears, with thumbnails of all the photos on the card. You can select or deselect all or individual images for import, and optionally delete them from the card when done. The thumbnails update with tick marks as each is imported. Photos go into a ‘last imported’ and then into an ‘all imported’ album so it’s easy to keep them separate from your other pics.

    I tried cards from my old Fuji FinePix, my wife’s Kodak compact, and my Panasonic SD100 video camera and all photos imported fine.

    Worth pointing out that it didn’t import the video from the Panny; it’s in AVCHD format (.mts) which the iPad can’t read natively.

    The second connector gives you a standard USB cable port. Again, although a little slower than reading direct from the SD card, both the Kodak and Fuji imported fine via this method. I also imported from my Canon EOS 400 with no problems. On the EOS I had to switch the camera settings from PC Sync to PTP mode.

    Both parts are solid, neat, and just get on with what they’re designed for. The limitations, such as they are, are within the iPad photo/video handling itself. If these were major issues they could be resolved in future iOS versions. However, for my, and I suspect most peoples’ purposes, it’s £25 well spent.

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    I like this...but a couple of tips

    Tried this with a Canon 40D - worked first time, Canon 350D - worked but I had to change the Communication (USB) setting from PC to Printer/PTP (not obvious) and Canon G10 just worked (I say all this cause I still can't find the compatible camera list!)
    Also tried a couple of memory sticks which initially said 'Not supported' which is actually a lie, I copied the directory structure from one of the cameras onto an unsupported memory stick and suddenly it worked (why doesn't the message say something like 'no images found'- why do apple make things difficult). Would give it 5 stars but still annoyed that the original camera kit for the ipod doesn't work on the ipad. Also, integration with Aperture could be improved, it forces you to use Apples directory naming standards on import and you not your own. Hope all this helps somebody

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    Must have for connecting cameras and adding photos

    I shoot in RAW format on my wonderful Nikon DSLR's and was amazed to see that when I connected the Nikon D3s to the iPad it read and downloaded all of the RAW images.
    It downloads the photos pretty quickly and the input interface is pretty clean and not confusing at all.

    Get back home after travelling, connect the iPad and my images simply sync strait into Aperture.

    Totally recommend for anyone who is taking photos.

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    Very useful on vacations

    You go on a vacation and have a full camera disk. But wait, you have this Camera connection kit and your iPad!!! This is VERY useful in being able to store all your pictures onto your iPad then review them on the trip home....without it, many cherished memories would have been deleted, but are now printed and sitting around my home thanks to this accesory and the iPad

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    IPAD Camera connector kit

    Love this little kit! Very easy to use. Identifies photos already downloaded. Lets you download all or some of the photos. What more could you ask for!

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    Fast image import

    I purchased the camera kit for use when i was out with iPad taking photos and recording video at sporting events, may well buy the monitor connection kit as well.
    Both connectors work really well and are pretty fast, as soon as you plug the camera in, the images start to download.
    The only thing to be aware of, and this isn't a connector issue its an iPad issue, is that if you try to import video in anything other that the format the iPad recognizes you'll just get an icon saying there's a video file there. Its a shame the iPad doesn't recognise more of the recognized codec's used in todays recorders as that would make these two connectors invaluable.
    It probably should be a 5 star for the connectors as they both work perfectly, i just felt that they aren't being used to their full potential because of the iPad's current shortcoming.

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    CF Card Reader Worked

    A new Belkin USB 2 reader wanted too much power but an older Memorex worked fine and there was power to light the activity LED on the device. The USB 1 device was slower than the direct to camera hookup but it gives me the option of not hauling out the camera.

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    Great Photo Accessory

    Love this accessory for photos. Makes the iPad a perfect photographers companion. connect camera, iPhone or other card readers via USB or use the SD one to read off SD cards. No complaints!

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    Very Handy

    Used it to import from my iPhone directly and it was very handy that way. Must have if you plan on getting photos onto it quickly while out and about.

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    The Camera Adaptor

    i have had my camera adaptor for about a week now, and I can find no faults with it. Others have written that they were disappointed it would only accept an SD card. Well, if you can read, you would have seen in the description that it was an SD card reader. Not CF, SD..... I have both Canon and Fuji point-and-shoot cameras, and the adaptor works fine with both, directly cabled to the usb adaptor or using the card reader. The software/firmware/whatever even handles NEF files from my Nikon D300 quickly and efficiently. I have a Logitech USB stereo headset/microphone set, and it works flawlessly as well. The microphone does not work with Dragon Dictate, but does work fine for voice memos in PaperDesk. All in all, a good product; fills the niche nicely.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Works beautifully! Perfect... Its a must own if you plan to use the iPad for pictures...

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    adapter for photo cards

    The camera kit is great but it really bothers me that you didn't include in the info that you can only use a certain sd card & would need an adapter for other size cards. Why aren't customers given an option to purchase this or at least be informed before purchasing. I assumed from the
    sales and order info that any card could be used!

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    Nice for Photos, Not for your videos

    Great Tool for importing Photos. I was surprised that Videos from my Canon ixus won't Play. Don't expect too much.

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    Perfect Addition

    This is the perfect addition to the I-Pad for me when out in the field. I use a full size DSLR, and when finished for the day, I simply upload my pics for review.

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    Get it!!!

    It's totally worth it. Would have been nice if it was built in. But you can't have everything in the first round on this planet.

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    need of different adapter

    Adapter USB worked fine with a compact flash adapter plugged in, and card in it Why not make more adapters that could take compact flash or different cards not just smart digital. There are more than one type of camera card.

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