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    Poor quality

    Ridiculous. The cable at the end of the charger eventually frayed and all the wiring inside was then poking out, not safe and not good quality. Ridiculous that you spend £65 on a product that you can guarantee is going to break! Needs sorting out!!

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    Still Fraying

    This is so frustrating and so expensive. Over the years (10+) I have had 3 MacBook pros and for each one, I had to buy replacement power adapters (6) because all frayed. Why? This has been happening for too long.

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    Replacing AGAIN!!

    I will be on my fourth power cord, at least this one lasted longer than the others. They either short out or fray. I'm not rough with them, and try and be careful with how I store and transport both my computer and my charger, but I am often on the move and need to bring both with me.
    In addition to being poorly designed, the price to replace is outrageous, and seems to increase every time I need a new one. It now apparently costs $100 for just the charger.
    Come on Apple! You can do better than this!

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    Fraying still a huge problem

    These adaptors still fray where the cord connects to the base. They're awful. I made up my mind last time that I would be very gentle with my adaptor and this wouldn't happen, but even though I babied it, it came apart. It's now frayed and crackles and pops-- this has to be a fire hazard, right?

    By contrast, I have very few broken conventional power supplies for other products I buy, including ones that come with extremely cheap feeling adaptors. Why does a $15 power supply last forever while Apple's $80 one lasts about a year?

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    Terrible product

    I literally will not buy Apple computer products because of these cords. We (consumers) have got to do something so that they (Apple) hear us. NEVER APPLE!!!

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    These MagSafe Chords Fray And Crack

    My 85w chord for MacBook Pro frayed in several spots. I covered with electrical tape. Wasn't long before a 3rd of it was covered with tape. Finally stopped working. My chord for the MacBook Air is doing the same thing. $79.00 for a new one is a big expense. I urge Apple to stop making these low-quality chords. They should last for as long as you have the computer, at the very least.

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    Poor quality & design

    Crazy that a company that prides itself on cutting edge technology does not seem to care about the poor quality and design of this charger.

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    Agreed - shoddy connector, engineering, and "solution"

    I just want to add my voice to the huge chorus of Macbook Pro users, amazed by the atypically poor construction and the lack of effort to solve the problem. Like other reviews I read - as I'm looking to buy the 3rd replacement for this otherwise wonderful piece of computer design - it's somewhere between annoying and pure disgusting to have to go through stages of electrical taping (until it's more zebra than wire in appearance) followed by intermittent connection and back to get another one. I agree strongly with the suggestion of making the certain-to-fail section of wire, from transformer to MagSafe connector, modular, like the rest of the unit, so that one slender piece of wire doesn't need to be replaced for $79 and more waste to some landfill full of used Apple connectors. Adding insult to injury, I'm reading in the ad how the connector is engineered for durability, bla bla. Seriously? False advertising in the face of so much overwhelming consumer feedback about shoddy construction and/or design. Just fix it, Apple! Or do computer users and long-time Mac fans just get thrown under the bus these days as all eyes are focused on cloud rental and iPhones? Please, remember your Mac users! Some response or sign that Apple listens to users as well as market reports would be lovely. Thanks, Apple. For others seeking a "review", read it from 1000 sources - this adapter is pathetic, but if you want to use the computer, you're stuck with it, apparently. Stock up on electrical tape, practice not moving at all, and set up a rainy-day fund to buy a new one every few months if you even slightly use this product in an ordinary, non-abusive manner. This is an epic fail in design, and an epic example of not hearing loyal customers' experience and feedback and pleas for a fix.

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    This Adapter is Terrible

    I have owned my computer now for only 3 years, I have had to replace the adapter 4 times. FOUR. I currently have the fourth one wrapped with electrical tape in 3 locations and still have to wiggle it to connect at the base. It is enough of a problem that I don't think I will buy an apple laptop again. Fix the issue Apple! It is very obvious there is one. Zero stars.

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    I hate to be redundant but....

    I don't take my mac anywhere and I am very gentle with the cord and actually don't use it that much. But one day it just stopped working... no fraying looked perfectly good. Just wanted to add my two cents which unfortunately is not enough to pay for a new charger ($80 !!##)!

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    Extremely disappointed

    Based on the reviews below, it appears that I was lucky. I purchased my MacBook Pro in January of 2011, and my cord is now falling apart. Despite the fact that I was extremely careful about taking care of the cord, it's fraying at the "brick", the same way as all my fellow reviewers have experienced. For the amount of money I spent on this product, I am extremely disappointed with its quality, and more disappointed that a replacement costs $80. I expected more from you, Apple.

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    Break in the same 2 places.

    Ordering my 4 charger!!!

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    I love my charger

    My charger works perfect!

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    Frayed cord

    The original I bought with the Mac frayed at the end that connects to the mac. I bought a replacement and it frayed in the exact same place.

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    Surprise! Another dead charger.

    Really. Less than a year. No broken wires. Just dead.

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    Will they ever fix these?!

    I've just had to replace my MacBook charger for the FOURTH time in the last five years and I am not happy about it. The fraying was a little understandable during my masters when I was taking my charger from my flat to the library daily (it actually ended up causing a spark and subsequent smoke - super safe) but my current one that has just been for use around my room breaking fully and completely off? As in the thin bit of cable completely detached from the power pack - that's absurd. For 80 dollars (and unfortunately also 80 pounds in the UK - even though it was still under warranty they wouldn't do an exchange because I bought mine in the US) this stupid charger should last more than a year without going thread bare. Unfortunately they've got me over a barrel as I'd still like to use my MacBook Pro. Well done Apple.

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    Second charger and still working

    I have a Macbook pro 15" Mid 2012. The first charger that I had with this computer got damaged in a year; the cable broke near the plastic charger.
    The second charger that I bought (from Apple Reatiler in Colombia) is working until now, I think that the most important thing to do is not trying to bend the thin cable under any circumstance, this strategy worked for me, and I pack the charger in my bag without bending this cable.
    Besides of that, I think that Apple engineers must redesign the thin cable on newer models, because it's so fragile.

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    Worst power adapter ever

    While the power adapter seems nicely designed, a focus on function over form in this case would be much appreciated. Currently on my third power adapter (original + two replacements in two years). In both cases, the adapter just quit working without any warning. Luckily, I had gotten the Apple Care option when I ordered my MacBook Pro and both replacements were granted without additional charge, but I've had to take so much time off work to go to the Genius Bar and have them confirm that indeed, the power adapter has failed yet again. 5* for customer support (with Apple Care), 1* for bad product reliability.

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    Overpriced and poor in quality

    I have the same problem everyone else seems to have. I don't like paying $80 a year for a new adapter when all I need is a new wire. I go to ridiculous lengths to keep the wire from bending at the magnetic head but the wire still frays within one year of f purchasing the dang thing. Replacing the wire would be cheap enough, but Apple has the wire and adapter connected so I have to pay for an expensive adapter as well. The solution is simple. Make the wire detachable from the adapter and sell it separately. Honestly, does anyone who designs Apple products use this charger?

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    point blank period buy a mac pro and you'll be ponying up $50 to a $100 on a charger that YOU KNOW in a year will be breaking again. Never wanted to make a return to Windows but I've never had to replace one of their cords ever!!! and since I paid twice the price for Mac I expected better quality Apple.

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