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    Poor form

    After having my macbook for several months my power adaptor has stopped working. It seems to be in the cord, just at the join of the magnetic bit and the beginning of the cord. At first it just had to be in exactly the right position to get it to work and now it's stopped working completely. Really unhappy, I've never had a problem with other (non apple) laptop power adaptors this early on. AND I look after it too!

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    This computer charger is god awful. I have had it for 3 months and it is already falling apart. The smaller part of the cord is ripping and the wires are exposed.

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    Wake up Apple. Fix this cheap and nasty component

    I have no chice but to buy this cheap disposable item. Can you look at quality. It is very poor

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    I just got my first mac book in Feb and didn't use it until June it's now Nov and I need a new charger. Just like everyone else's comments the charge gets to a point where it has to be in a perfect position to charge and the adaptor gets VERY hot. I was hoping that I got a lemon charger but based on the reviews here I'm not alone... Rats....

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    Flawed power cord adapter

    Like all of the other reviews, I would actually like to give Apple a zero star, and I am a big Apple fan and own 4 computers. Cord get too hot at plug in, has to be in perfect position to charge, the slightest motion, even breathing deeply, causes a disconnect AND the cord has never left my desk, so no twisting or abuse of cord. So many reviewers have said the same thing, APPLE, wake up. And yet you have a captive audience, so we have to keep buying them. Please listen to your fans as we all are.

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    Doomed to fail, no warranty

    I seem to go through one of thes chargers (and one of the iphone to usb cords) every 8 months. I think its because there is no way that the cords can twist inside the socket at all. They a fairly stiff cords but there is no designed way for them to twist so mine keep breaking at the laptop end of the charger. I also cant claim warranty because theyre saying this is caused by me? Im not using it in any way outside of what it was designed for so how is the poor design my problem? come on apple if you just add some way for the cable to release the built up twisting this would be a very nice charger.

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    Break away design is convenient, but strain relief is clearly defective - without being in the exact proper positioning, the charger does not work - bought computer in June, buying a new charger in November is absurd.

    13" MBP (the review wouldn't let me specifically move to this one).

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    Stop working for no apparent reason

    I'm about to order my 4th power adapter for a 3 year old MacBook Pro. My first one was showing some wear, so I'll give them a break on that, but my last two have almost no wear whatsoever. They appear to be brand new. They just start getting really hot and then stop working. Ugh. So expensive too...

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    Absolutely Terrible Product, Very Disappointed + Expected Better from Apple

    My personal 85W MagSafe Power Adapter died shortly after my warranty on my MacBook Pro 15-inch expired. Within a year, the thin strip connecting the charger to my MacBook started to tear apart but it was still able to charge my laptop for some time, so I didn't think much of it and just kept using it like I normally was until one day it just stopped charging when I needed my laptop the most in class to take notes. If you plan to wind and unwind your power adapter a lot, the weak coating will rip and you will be forced to purchase the same defective product from Apple again. It seems this charger is built without the consumer's need in mind; something I'd expect a brand like Apple to be on top off such needs. In summary, I'd like a power adapter that's portable with the laptop since I travel a lot or even just a short distance to class, but it seems this power adapter is just meant to stay in one location if you don't want it to tear apart and suddenly not work.

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    3rd one already

    love the Mag safe. the cord from the adapter to the computer always burn out. Apple please make the cord thicker

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    I have two macbook pro (both 17"), one 3 year old, one 1.5 year old, both adapters failed to work, the 3-year-old don't have power, the 1.5 year-old got frayed.

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    This charger works well, but does not last. I have had multiple chargers and each one stops working on me. This charger is too expensive to keep replacing time after time.

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    This power supply is a pile of junk.

    Yes, we too have gone through 3 power supplies in the last two years. And thanks to Apple's litigious ways and fiercely proprietary connector, we are again forced to replace this sketchy power supply with the same over priced sketchy junk. I hope that Apple is reading these comments and puts a little more resources into a durable design. And maybe a put a little less focus on the cool looks.

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    I bought my macbook pro in Jan 2011 and am now having to buy a new charger. The plastic has split on the skinny cord where it comes out of the square. I have electrical tape holding it together and it gets really hot now. I have to squeeze the tape in one place just to get it to charge. The magnetic part is a great idea, I just can't imagine why apple thought it was a good idea to make part of the charger with such a small breakable cord.

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    All though it looks good and has a convenient magSafe connector, it is still the worst Apple product I've ever had AND THEY COST A FORTUNE!!!

    Not only is a bad product and customers are forced to buy a new one at a ridiculous price. Otherwise, they can't use their laptops.

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    very poor quality...Apple, do you read the comments on your charger...my laptop is great but the power supply terrible.

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    Short life

    My adapter has broken after only 6 months of use, very disappointed.

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    Garbage! Utter Garbage!

    So I have already been through 3 of these things, moving onto a forth. The are just trash. $80 trash! The magsafe idea was a neat one, but the product is terrible. The main problem? The small thin wire that leads into the Mac. Twice it has torn and twice it was MELTED through. So great, this thing is a fire hazard.

    Honestly, if you can get a third party cable, go for it. It will probably be a more worthwhile investment than this junk!

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    Come On Mac !

    Come on Mac, you can put a man on the moon but you can't make a descent power adaptor? We pay more for quality with you and don't mind doing so but can this also include some equivalent engineering with this accessory?
    I am not an engineer but here is what I would do. Make the end quadruple insulated with additional rubber. Cost?? Practically nothing to you. This way, where it bends and tweaks from constant use it will last much longer?

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    This is adapter #3. This time, all was fine for almost a year. Then, the adapter just wouldn't 'fit right' and didn't work. After a couple of tries, the green/amber light would come on. If you plugged the adapter in, sparks came out of the outlet. Then, one day, I smelled something 'off'. I touched the MagSafe end, and it was burning hot. The tip would give you an electric buzz. The plastic wrap was coming off. Well, I took off the plastic. Vowed to buy #4. Now something odd. The adapter w/o the plastic is FINE. The other one, I removed the plastic and it is FINE. UGH.. Worse Apple product out there. Beware, this could be a fire risk.

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