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    nice update for charger

    I have tried to get my wife to press down on the adaptor to release it from her
    MacBook Pro instead of pulling it out by the cord, like Apple instructs us to. But
    I learned what I think Apple already knows: It is hard to get people to read the instructions and harder yet for them to always follow instructions. The new design looks like it will solve this. To people that complain about price, my order
    was on late thursday evening, it was transfered to FedEx the same night and delivered by Saturday Noon, all for free! So I think you would have to subtract 15 or 20 dollars from the price, they just have great service.

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    The plug does not block any ports

    Hey NP from Singapore - turn the the plug around!

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    Finally a great charger!

    I had the old macbook pro (2009) that came with the old charger. I've never had problems with the charger at all other then if I were to use it on my lap then the charger would be disconnected from the computer. With this charger that is no longer the case.

    I now have the new macbook pro and it came with the new charger and there isn't anything bad i can say about it so far. If you're looking for a charger that will work with the macbook and macbook pro this is the best choice. Somehow the charger can regulate down the amount of charge it's putting through to the computer so it's able to be used for both models. The overall look of this charger is pretty amazing. Before having a cheap looking white plug going into a all aluminum macbook looked stupid. With the new aluminum magsafe plug it looks a lot better when plugged in.

    Overall i think this is a great upgrade for anyone looking for a new charger and for anyone who has had problems with the old model.

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    Great, but not great for casing users and firewire/ethernet users....

    Using a casing makes it slightly tilted and easy to fall...and using ethernet and firewire will be hard coz this long thing blocks it...

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    Rechargeable battery

    Buyers be aware of the poor craftsmanship of the 85W Mag Safe Power Adapter. Apple attempted to use a rubber material to reinforce the wiring so that it would not tear or fray, however after only a short while I am facing another $80.00 to replace the entire charging unit. This will make my third battery purchase in the past year and a half due to the poor quality of engineering and materials that Apple has put on the market. Please note that this does not include the 1st charger which was "given" to us since it was still under warranty.

    I hope this feedback is helpful in designing a better charger overall.

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    This one is included with 2010 MacBookPro

    I haven't had mine long enough to see if it is an improvement over the older 85W MagSafe Power Adapter, but I just ordered one of the older adapters because this one keeps popping out and causing my MBP to use battery when it is in my InCase hardshell case. Until InCase redesigns their case to accomodate the new adapter, people might want to be aware of this incompatibility.

    When not in the case, the new adapter seems to be all it is advertised to be. I say "seems to be" because I haven't had it long enough to know if it will have a longer average lifespan than the older model. So far I see no reason not to give it five stars.

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    Better Than Expected

    I am very satisfied with this new model that came with my i5 Macbook Pro. The new cord is noticeably harder than the old ones and the new plug design is very convenient when using the laptop on the sofa.

    -Harder Cord
    -No more green light turning off by itself (Present in all 3 of the old ones I have)
    -No more "hiss" sound from the adapter (Present in all 3 of the old ones I have)

    -Stop charging extra for the extension cord.

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    great but pricey

    The only time I had to replace mine was because my dog chewed the cord. I love having the long or short cord option. The MagSafe has saved me quite a few times and just makes me feel less worried that one of my kids will trip over it. I don't understand why it can't cost $20 to $40 less though.

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    Power Safe

    Outstanding replacement, it's better than the original the only drawback is the price.

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    Stylish and Practical

    Not at a right angle like before, so much more practical. Matches the aluminium of the MacBook Pro - looks amazing!

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    New Mag Safe

    It seems a shame it took Apple this long to replace the worthless adapter the originally produced and have not yet taken off the market. They were very prone to breaking and or burning. I replace 4 in a two year stretch.

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