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    Charger cords fail

    I've had two of these fail for different MacBook Airs in the past year. One was only 9 months old. I'm amazed that Apple unashamedly continues to post people's complaints about the high fail rate of this product, and yet does nothing to correct it.

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    I purchased the Macbook Air in June 2012. The cable no longer works only after 7 months of use (I was traveling for an extended period) To replace this cable will cost $100.00 which is utterly ridiculous for an inferior product.

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    Dear Apple

    I have had my MacBook Air for almost 2 years. My AC adapter has frayed cables which I can see because the casing is worn. Chargers are supposed to be rugged,however, if you choose to make an adapter delicate and 'dainty', then make sure it's replacement cost is also 'dainty'. It's a charger for crying out loud. In your efforts to make it sleek and easy to carry around, you have created a product with questionable longevity.

    What I find especially upsetting is that after the many pathetic reviews that this adapter has gotten, you still appear to have done nothing about it. So I say this "The laptop is stylish enough, please give us chargers that last as long as the laptop or don't empty our wallets in trying to replace".

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    Extremely expensive and unbelievably flimsy

    By *far* the worst power adapter I've ever had the misfortune to use.

    It's extremely expensive, yet designed in a way to put stress on a single point on the cable. The first adapter I had broke within a year. The replacement broke within six months. I'm now looking to get a third.

    When the rest of the Air is such high quality, the poor design of the power adapter really stands out. If you have a Macbook Air, and can afford it, buy a spare adapter, because you'll inevitably need it.

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    3 waranty replacements already, and now need a 4th.

    I'll tell you this, it's lucky Apples replacement for this part has been as good as it has been. Like the title says, I've just seen the 4th adapter stop working in 2 years.
    What happenes is;
    1. New adapter connects perfectly, and chargers straight away.
    2. After a few months, it need a jiggle to get it charging, and for the computer to recognise its there.
    3. A while later, very hard to get it to charge anymore.
    4. Finaly, it doesnt work at all.
    5. Get a replacement, and then back to step 1. again.

    It's such a PAIN!!! I have to book a lousy session with a genius, who then gives me the new one, after some testing.

    Major waste of my time.

    I've had 4 Macbooks, and this is the only power adapter that has had this problem.

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    If only they lasted more than a few months

    I've had three of these die on me in two years. Need I say more?

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    Prefer this design than the Magsafe 2.

    Overall I think this is a good design. I've seen the Magsafe 2 and it feels like your need more side space reserve for it. Just wondering whether people are nagging in this section hopefully they can redeem an extra set from Apple. My charger have been working fine for more than 18 months.

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    Overpriced and doesn't last

    if i'm paying $79 I expect something indestructible... but this after a few months just breaks.

    Apple, show some respect for your customers and price it right, or make it durable.

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    Terrible, 4th charger in 2 years

    I've had my Mac for 2 years now and now have to buy my 4th charger. These charger don't last at all and are ridiculously priced. Apple either needs to build a product worth $80 or drop the price.

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    bad design - portable laptop - power cord should be portable

    brand new cord started fraying near the magnetic link after a few months. Basically if you connect, reconnect the plug 150 times (you can check how many recharge/ cycles and gauge from that), the cord will start to fall apart - then they want to charge you $80 for a new one - this is a rip off!!

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    Poorly designed, shabbily built and overpriced junk

    Because of poorly designed/built strain relief where the thinner power cord meets the power brick, the insulation on the cord broke apart after two years of normal use and the wire is about to break too. Apparently my Apple Care warranty covers it, but I have to make ANOTHER trip to the store because Apple insists on running a diagnosis on the laptop for every single repair. Ridiculous. But not as ridiculous as it would have been to pay $80 American for a new cord without exercising warranty. For that kind of money, I should be able to chop the old cord up and smoke it.

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    13 months and Failure

    Yup, cable frayed at he magnetic connector after 13 months and it rarely even left the desk. Replacement cost is wildly expensive. Not too happy about it.

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    Shame on Apple

    I purchased another cord...again. First for my Macbook pro then for my Air. Both failed again. Funny just past the warranty date. Even the cover on the wire deteriorated this time. It turned yellow and crumbled.
    It is a shame that Apple continues to offer this shoddy product as the only means to power our Macbooks. We are trapped unless we switch to PC (which I am loathe to do)
    I suggest they at least offer some sort of rebate if we bring in the old cord.

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    Hey Apple - Do you even READ these things???

    1) The design is terrible and the device is flimsy
    2) The replacement cost is EIGHTY BUCKS
    3) If I hadn't already invested so much in the #%I*ing laptop, I might be tempted to go back to PC.


    (From an: iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air and multiple iPods owner)

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    Utterly useless

    My wife's Macbook needed a replacement battery after 14 months, which thanks to the sales of goods act I was able to get a free replacement, but then a few weeks later the charger packed up as well, no such luck with the SOG act approach this time!

    When the charger and battery actually did work they were ridiculously hot, if they're going to make such poor products please don't try to rip us off!

    We've never had any battery or charger problems with our Sony and HP laptops (2 and 4 years respectively and going strong).

    Why do Apple charge such a high premium for such awful quality goods? So many people seem to just accept Apple's enormous flaws because their tech 'looks cool'. I will NEVER waste my money on an Apple product again!

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    Innovative product with one glaring deficiency: durability.

    I admire Apple's attempts to innovate around adaptor cables - magnetic DC, storage capability, etc - which is why I gave it 2 stars and not 0, but all of that is for naught if the cable doesn't last….and it never has. Every mac portable I've owned has had the same problem: cable fraying. This is a glaring deficiency that when coupled with the fact they cost an exorbitant amount to replace, make the product just seem laughable. It's time apple put the feature game on hold as far as these adaptors are concerned (magnetic DC, thin cables, etc), and focused on making the cables more durable, notably at the joints.

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    Cable disintegrated

    After just over a year, my power supply has finally died. The plastic coating on the low voltage section of the cable has completely disintegrated, falling off in chunks and leaving exposed wire. It has now finally stopped working entirely.

    Of course I have no choice but to purchase another one as there is no alternative for powering my Macbook Air, but the awful quality of the power supply is something that will make me think twice about buying another Mac.

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    I expect better

    Apple designs world class products, but not this power supply. Cables need strain relief. Cables need to be more rugged. High failure cables *should* be replaceable. Failure after just a few months of light use is unacceptable.

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    Cable Fraying

    The insulation around the power supply by the plug into the MacAir frays very easily and is unsafe. This is shoddy and not my experience with other Apple power cables.

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    Terrible design

    There are already 200 bad reviews, but maybe one more will be the straw that makes Apple redesign their cord. How can such a great computer have such a poorly thought-out cord design? The wire is tiny -- all the more ridiculous because the AC wire on the other side of the converter is ridiculously large. Even more incongruous, it's grounded if you use the long cord but not grounded if you use the plug on the power supply itself. Either it needs to be grounded or not! (And it's not as if there's a ground on the low voltage side to the computer anyway.) My wire insulation broke within the first year of ownership, so I taped it up. It still works, but I depend so much on my computer that I'm buying a new power supply before this one breaks. Do I spend $80 for another Apple, or half-that for a knockoff at Amazon with mixed reviews? Flip a coin!

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