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    Died after 18 months

    Died after 18 months :-(

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    Failed on two macbook airs

    with in a month, one was a little over a year and barely used one only 8 months old. This needs to be recalled. $80 for a new one that is like just as bad. horrible product very disappointed considering how great the Air is.

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    This Charger Is Garbage

    First one failed within weeks of owning it and now a little after a year this one is garbage as well. Not paying $79 for another one. Going with the aftermarket for $20 and take my chances. Can't be any worse than going with the $79 Apple product knowing it will fail. Seems everyone is unhappy with their chargers. With $176B in total assets you would think they could get this right and do good by their customers.

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    Designed to fail?

    My power adapter recently became intermittent, sometimes charging, sometimes not. Because I need a reliable way to charge my 2011 MacBook Air while traveling I went out and bought a new one for $79. About the time I was going to throw out yet another power adapter I took a final look at the faulty one. While the adapter was plugged into my computer I wiggled the wires everywhere, watching the charge indicator. Nothing. Lastly, I checked where the two exposed pins in the block insert into the plug (or the extension cord). By swapping out the plug with another one and jiggling it I was able to get the power flowing again, but not reliably where I would trust it on a business trip. With my $5 hand lens I could see noticeably less metal contact surface inside the plastic plug on the faulty power adapter. Too much slop = no contact.

    There is obviously a reliability problem with this power adapter, not to mention other power adapters that have failed prematurely in my 28 years of using Apple products. It's irresponsible of Apple to continue ignoring the problem. Fix it.

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    Yet another adapter

    I love Apple products. They are excellent and elegant ... so why doesn't the adapter for my MacAir work? This is the third one in as many years. The lap itself is WONDERFUL but this really causes me to rethink Apple. I just bought a $250 Chromebook as a backup for the lapses in power. Guess how many of these I could have purchased for the price of the lap and 3 adapters???

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    Terrible product

    I have had my Macbook Air for a year and a month, and now (just passed warranty expiry) the Mgsafe charger stopped working... other chargers work fine... really not what you expect from Apple, a chronic defect such as this... I wonder if anyone at Apple reads through these reviews.

    I tried SMC reset, cleaning connectors, checking for stuck pins, etc... nothing seems to work.

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    Expensive computer with a 50 cent power adapter

    The power adapters are absolute junk. They fail on an almost monthly basis. Cannot understand why Apple will sell you a laptop that cost three time more than the competition but includes a power adapter that is absolute trash.

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    2 Cables Broken within 26 Months

    These cables are horrible. I have had to replace them twice within 26 months.

    The first one frayed right by the magsafe piece after 15 months, and soon stopped delivering power. I treated my second one very carefully around the magsafe piece. I never bent it or touched it. But the cable frayed right by the bulky transformer piece after 11 months. There is no winning.

    Long lasting cables are the norm. These absurdly expensive Apple cables amount to a scam. Mine broke under perfectly normal use. But they are white, and they are necessary for using the MacBook Air, so we pay the price. And my loyalty to Apple disappears.

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    MagSafe Power Adapter Doesn't Work

    I was disappointed (but not surprised) that I am not the only one with intermittent problems with the Power adapter! I love my Air, but I get freaked out when I can't charge it.
    $79 for a new adapter is stupid, and is there any reason to think that the new one will be any better than the one that came with the computer?
    Has anyone found a different brand that works?

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    Need to revise design

    I've never had much confidence in MagSafe adapters, but the one for my MBA has been the most disappointing. 18 months and it starts being temperamental, and it hardly leaves the house.

    Disappointed. They really need to make these more robust. I have a 7 year old Dell laptop that had 4 years of daily use and never had to replace the adapter.

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    broken after 14 months of use

    The charger refuses to charge after 14 mos of use. The problem is intermittent. It seems there is a loose connection inside the wire close to the L-shaped magsafe head. Apple did not want to replace it for me because it was 2 months out of warranty. I am very disappointed that apple made such a poor-quality charger. The computer itself is wonderful, though.

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    MagSafe power for MacAir

    I too have real issues with the poorly designed and problematic power adapter. It intermittently works and then dies. So much for a portable laptop one has to use on the road. As it is, it sits on my desk collecting dust until I decide to fork over $80 for a new one.

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    I love apple but...

    I'm from Colombia and I bought a MacBook air almost over a year ago, the computer works perfect, I love it, but the power adapter Scks, sorry it really does... The cable is all damaged and I really take care of my stuff so I dont know why it get that way.. the charger cable is brittle and like broken or splided in some parts, specially inbetween the adapter and were the cable begins... I went to a "Apple Store" and they told me it was my fault and it's not covered by the warranty, I am baffled cause I really take care of it and I know is not! I have to buy a new power adapter now, so if you are going to purchase a macbook air, you´ll love it but you must know you'll have to buy a 80 bucks adapter faster than you imagine... And it wont be nice!

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    Apple Power Cord

    I don't know what all the complaining is about. Yes the cords are expensive, but i have had the same power cord for the last 8 years it has never failed me and it works like a charm. I get so tired of people complaining about the cost of Mac stuff. These same people are willing to spend a third of the cost for "cheep" items, but they have to replace them 5 times more often.

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    Sucker-Punched again by MAC

    Power adapter failed - ok so that happens sometimes ( although it does not appear to be damaged after trouble shooting). Fortunately my MAcbook Air charges with my 85 watt magsafe adapter I have for my macbook laptop. But really - $79.00 for a replacement charger? I regret the day I veered down the MAC path. By all accounts on this website, this adapter fails constantly! A waste of my time and money. Very frustrating.

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    High price for low reliability

    I have been using the power adapter that came with my 2011 MacBook Air, and after less than a year, the adapter stopped charging (I tested different cords, so I know the problem is with the adapter itself). For a piece of hardware costing around $80 USD, a certain amount of quality is expected. This should not fail within a year. As much as I like the design, the use of a magnetic connector, and the heat sensor, the reliability issue is a major, glaring flaw. If Apple wishes to maintain the image of solid hardware, the company needs to offer reliable parts, including the power adapter.

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    Apple needs to work on their chargers desperately!!!

    I'm on my third charger since I purchased Macbook Air in the beginning of 2011.... It is very upsetting that such a wonderful computer doesn't have equally wonderful Charger.

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    Absolutely Horrible

    I've had to go through at least three of these in the last 5 months, not by any fault of my own, mind you. The truly da mning feature is its ridiculous price. I expected much better from apple.

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    My adaptor has packed up after 18 months. Can't believe the cost of these! And it's bulk is not exactly convenient for travelling which is what the Air is otherwise great for.

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    Several units, only 1 bad

    I manage 30 mobile stations and have been doing so for five years. In that time, I've had one, ONE bad unit that died after a few months. I brought it to my Apple retail store and they replaced it with no questions.

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