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    charger stinks

    Bought mac book pro about 3 months ago or less. Already the power adapter broke. On hold with customer service. I know its under warranty but it makes me wonder about getting the extended warranty. Pain in the you know what.

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    Have had, and been using, this charger for over 3 years now. Been all over the world, including terrible power source places such as Iraq. It has never failed me, gets pretty warm, but still works great.


    This seems to be the secret to my success. Although it is an eye sore, everyone I know who has just used the brick into the outlet has had to replace them again and again. I expect anesthetics from apple, and I am disappointed, but otherwise, works great for me.

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    ABSOLUTELY horrible.

    Started having issues 2 weeks after purchasing brand new. I took good care of it and has absolutely no physical damage to the cords - this thing is only works at 'certain angles' now. I feel like an idiot spending literally 30 minutes of my time fiddling with the wires so that my macbook can be charged for me to be able to actually USE it.

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    Why do I have to keep paying for these?

    Why can't Apple design a simple Powerbrick that lasts for the life of the product? These shouldn't be a wear item that requires regular replacement, but it seems Apple likes to extract $75 every year or so just so that I can continue to use a $2K product. They should be ashamed and embarrassed.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing Product Compared to Alternatives

    I use my charger every single day of my life. Most people, I must assume, do.

    Every day I wind and unwind the cord several times. I plug it in at airports, I plug it in at my desk, and I plug it in at night. It gets moved, beaten, wound, unwound, dragged, and anything else you can imagine. I'm rough on tech.

    The rubber coating does wear out and starts to get holes in it after you bend and wind it enough. The pins/springs wear out after you connect and disconnect it a few thousand times. It gets dirty and needs to be cleaned like any other electronic connector. (Easy to fix with some rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs, and a youtube video).

    What I don't understand is why people are inclined to give it a bad review. The alternatives in other laptops do not protect your computer from someone tripping over the wire. None I have ever seen roll up as conveniently as this one does. Few connect as easily, and I haven't seen any that connect backwards and still work. If I have to sacrifice a little wear and tear for those features, I'll gladly buy a new one.

    It took mine about a year to die. That's $79 divided by 365 days, or roughly $0.22 per day to have a working charger and keep my MacBook Air going. Even if you replaced it every 6 months, that's $0.44 per day to keep your laptop going. For something that is this important to my life, my job, my enjoyment, I don't think that is too unreasonable.

    Plan to replace it. Use it. Break it. They're really cheap for what they provide.

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    Could be the star of the Junkiest thing ever made by Apple

    How much is a Mac Book Air? Of all the laptops I have ever owned. No power cord has ever crapped out until this one. Glad I was not in Africa. Hard to find one in Africa. Time to rethink the design people

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    Dc cable is weak and wears / breaks easily

    I have had to replace the DC cable part of the power adaptor TWICE.
    Once the end with the light which plugs into the computer power port came apart.
    Now the new one has the cable near the computer connector fray and came apart so the shielded cable below the beige cover is visable and I had to cover with electrical tape.
    The DC cable is way below Apple's standards
    The Air Book and software and service are 5 stars the cable is not even one

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    Junk - expected

    I am not surprised this power adapter failed only after 4 months....it has been my experience with Apple that these VERY expensive accessories fail their purpose early on. Going to reach out to our corp. account rep. and to find out if they can grant us a courtesy replacement. SO ridiculous, really. We purchased two MAC Book Air for the Partners. I would have to imagine there is a short in the cord because the Partner that takes her laptop home more oftern is the one with the faulty adaptor.

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    Works great for me

    I have never had issues with this charger for my MacBook Air. I did have to replace it once since my dog thought it would be fun to chew through the entire cord (not Apples fault). I think it's important that you wrap the cord around the base and don't crinkle it up and throw it in your bag. I see a lot of bad reviews and I think that's because people are just crumpling up the wire. My friend has gone through 3 and she treats her chargers horribly, so I can see why it gets bad reviews. I think if you take care of your things, they'll take care of you.

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    died after 18 month

    died after 18 month. enough said. $80 for a new one? really?

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    The beginning of the end?

    Three months out of warranty and the supply cord has frayed and no longer works. I've already had to buy a replacement for my macbook which was 6 months out of warranty. After spending thousands of dollars with apple this really makes me angry and I no longer think of Apple as being of the utmost quality. I'm sure this pursuit of attaining a higher stock price at the expense of quality will continue, but let's hope not.

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    Just over a year old...and need to replace!

    I have had my MacBook Air since December 2010. My power adapter no longer works. It just stopped working. There is nothing wrong with the cord. No fraying, no excessive wear and tear. I am disappointed that this already needs to be replaced!!! And it is NOT cheap!!!!

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    45W Magsafe charger

    Disappointed to say the least.

    A few months after I bought the computer the charger cord is already failed and now it charges only intermittently.

    Now I got to pay 80$ for a new one. That is just BS.

    Would expect better quality from Apple.

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    The MagSafe power adapters are light years ahead of anything ASUS or HP or any manufacturers of ilk have ever come up with. The weight and size of the adapter itself are leaps ahead in themselves let alone the ability to magnetically lock on the notebook.
    Everyone complaining about price is sadly uniformed as the average power adapter from HP (read: generic!) is $90, so how can a superior product at the SAME price be a bad thing.
    Also whats with people expecting Apple to pay the customer for wasted time? yes they will replace a product under warranty but they are NOT going to fuel your car thats insane.

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    45W MagSafe A-OK for Me!

    My original 45W MagSafe Power Adapter has been working quite well for the almost 1-1/2 years that I have had my 13-inch MacBook Air. I am getting another so that I can keep one at home and keep the other in my brief case so that I don't leave home without a charger.

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    Looks good but fail easily

    Just got the MacAir 13" 10 days ago. Love the laptop but the charger gone dead in 10 days, what !!! Will need to drop into the store to get the new one, a waste of time. Not too happy...
    Might as well replace the whole pack as the purchase is within the 2 weeks (as I was told), bit afraid that the connection on the laptop itself is also bad, just to be sure.

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    Lasted one year and then cord failed

    Unimpressive build quality on this charger. It failed immediately after my one year warranty after fraying through the cord despite no unusually heavy usage. Given the high number of low stars, it's disappointing that Apple has chosen not to deal with this.

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    80 dollars? Really?

    I can't believe that this power adapter is than expensive. And if you try to buy it outside of the States is worse.
    Please Apple boys, try not to think only in create good stuff, try to think in your customers and not to overcharge the price of small spares... in cellphones and other kinds of laptops the power adapters are really cheap and not the almost the 10% of the laptop cost!!!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    no complaints!

    I dont know what everyone is so worked up about. I have just spent the last year in Afghanistan with my MB Air, have plugged this adapter into just about every shady power source there is, and the adapter has performed like a champ! Everyone writing these bad reviews must be SERIOUSLY mistreating their gear and - as is so easy to do with Apple products - are expecting way too much out of them...definitely at least a far higher standard than the giant PC power bricks all windows users have to drag around!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    So disappointed in this charger

    So I LOVE my MacBook Air, but this charger is a joke - I have already replaced it once, and now the replacement is starting to die. It starts off making a buzzing noise, then it just stops working. Apple employees said something about a fuse being burned out, however, I don't feel like this is acceptable for Apple to be producing such shoddy chargers. Glad I purchased the Apple Care, as I will be getting my moneys worth replacing this charger every 5-6 months!

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