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    Not good.

    I don't know how Apple has not addressed the rampant problems with this accessory, and it's a critical one! Mine went out after about 9 months. Started intermittently charging, then not at all. My previous magsafe power adapter on my old Macbook also failed after a 14 months. Something needs to change. The reviews are evidence enough.

    Btw Apple's review system censors the 4 letter word that describe feces, starts with p and ends with p. lol

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    It's a power adapter, and it has a magnet. Win.

    A lot of these reviews say that their adapter suddenly broke after 3 months. If so, you'll be under warranty people. If this was happening constantly, we'd have heard about it and Apple would be losing a lot of money handing out free replacements.

    My guess is that no-one bothers to review a power adapter unless theirs breaks. Really, why would you even be looking at the product page unless you were buying a new one, and why do that unless it breaks?

    Me, I'm buying an extra to keep at work. So mine hasn't broken. Thus, my review is that this charges my laptop, which is what I want it to do; it works perfectly and has never broken, which is set of characteristics it shares with the other half-dozen or so Apple laptop power adapters I have bought in my life. It has some moderately useful little tabs that pop out so I can wrap up the cable when I take it somewhere. And if I accidentally kick the cord out then it breaks free without knocking my laptop off the table because of its handy MagSafe connector. Yay, power adapter.

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    Cheap in every way except price...

    Apple has a history of turning out lousy power adapters. This one is no exception. It's the usual problem this time around: the cord end that attaches to the magnetic connector has broken and frayed. It's a nuisance and a fire hazard. They have some gall to charge us $80+ to fix a hardware defect. One might reasonably conclude that this is all by design. I'm surprised that Apple hasn't been sued over this.

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    poor quality

    My MBA adapter is completely dead. I had to shake it for it to work and today its completely broken. and yet Apple charges $79. Not cool!

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    MacBook Air Power Adapter - Poor.

    I have had my MacBook Air just over 13 months. Guess from the sounds of it I have been *lucky* as my power adapter has just now failed. Unfortunately, I do not have the AppleCare so I will be eating the 80.00 for a new one. Has anyone discovered if there is a reset button to try prior to opening a new one and trying it? I'm a little frustrated as Apple has a great product and after 13 months they begin to fail....I've been VERY happy with my computer; however, the power cord and I also understand the battery doesn't last long either...about 2 years. Guess that bridge well cross next. I just think they should have a better warranty on a computer that costs so much...Good luck with you Power Adapters!

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    Total Power Failure

    i had the MBA for just over 10 months and the cheap yet expensive power wire fails what a piece of junk. What good is a laptop is you can't charge it! Apple needs to do something about the cheap(...) power cords they sell us, and this happens with all of my apple products, from the iPhone right to the iPad, itouch and MBA, SMH!!

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    I'd give it "0" stars if I could! - This charger bites!

    What a joke? I've owned my MBA since September of last year, just under 5 months... and I've wondered what was up with my laptop charging... seems my cheap janky (yet expensive charger - $80) is broke... after less than 5 months? Way to go with "redesigning this charger for the MBA - Apple"... it's a piece of junk. I'm super excited to make a trip to the Apple store tonight to buy another junky charger for my MBA. Whatever...

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    Only worked 10 month

    After 10 month of usage, surfaced a problem most reviewers complaining for. Charging process occurs only in specific position of a magnetic plug, and now it is not working at all.

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    Only 3 months of power? Huh??

    I bought my MacBook Air in November 2011 but starting in January 2012 I began to have difficulty with my MagSafe power cord. I would plug it into the MBA but it would not charge until I jiggled the wire some and/or plugged and unplugged it a few times. It remains extremely temperamental. I had logged onto the store to look at purchasing a new power cord as I have some business travel coming up -- I was assuming that perhaps I had kinked the cord at some point and it had a short. I didn't know when I would have done that but I had no other explanations. Apparently that likely is NOT the case. I have had 5 or 6 laptops prior to this one and have never had a power cord issue -- and this in just 3 months!! Still, I will probably buy a back up as I cannot afford to have the cord crash and burn when I'm traveling. Truly not typical Apple type product performance.

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    Received on September 28th, started failing on January 16th

    I've owned the computer for less than 4 months and my adapter has already failed. It works about half of the time currently, cutting in and out even if the computer/adapter aren't moved, so it doesn't seem to be a short in the cord, but a hard failure.

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    Disappoint with the quality

    I bought the Macbook Air 11 inch (2010 late) in January, 2011. Air is awesome, but the adapter I can say nothing. In December, 2011, it is totally broken. I took almost one day to fix this adapter in Apple Store. Due to I see many buddies have this question, Apple should recall the adapters and give brand news for free!

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    Had about 7 months so far and works just fine

    I've never had a problem with my MacBook Pro power cord. I love how it disconnects without breaking or jerking the computer whenever it gets accidentally tripped on or pulled out. It doesn't wrap very easily when I put it in my computer bag, but that's not really worth complaining about when it's so much better than regular PC adaptors.

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    Power adapter lasted 3 months

    Now I'm on travel, ready to give my presentation, and battery is almost dead....

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    Ditto what everyone says -- FAIL!

    My MBA, expensive & top o' the line, is great. Power adapter, not so much. Bought mid-Aug., 2011, it died mid-Jan. 2012. I've owned about 25 desktops and laptops (all Windoze-based) in the past 25 years, this is a first for me -- a power adapter dying. NOT acceptable, Apple. You're gonna get some really bad press unless you recall these darn things and replace free of charge.

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    Not a good product

    My 45W adaptor stopped working properly after a few months. Too bad, because otherwise I love the 11" Air. My adaptor will not work if it is at all cold. It takes up to an hour to warm up before it works. Therefore, if I forgot to keep the adaptor in my pocket (which is most days, because I put my briefcase in the trunk of my car) then my charger won't work for much of the morning. It's very irritating. It appears that many customers are having trouble with this accessory. Apple should get ahead of this. Also, the price of replacement items is so absurd as to be insulting. I hope that the store treats me well when I walk in to request a replacement.

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    Unbelievably Poor Quality

    My Magsafe stopped working after three months. The last two of the three months it would work intermittently. Hopefully getting a new one as soon as I can get into an Apple store.

    Apple should be ashamed of this product.

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    Poor internal design perhaps

    I had my New Air since September 2011 and agree with others how the cord failed. Mine failed after 3 1/2 month of usage. I hope this was just a bad batched but we'll see. Customer service A+ they replaced no problems but I hope the new one will last alot longer.

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    Stopped Working

    Like a lot of reviews I have read here, my power cord for my Macbook air also has stopped working most of the time. While a big fan of the Mac and all things Apple, I find this extremely disappointing. I will now have have to take the time out of my schedule to go to the Mac store and have them resolve the issue. Seriously, just send me another one. A power cord should not fail within six months. In fact, of all the computers I've ever owned (and that is a lot including about five Macs to date), I have never seen this happen.

    With all of the similar complaints, the company should provide an easy solution.

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    Power Adapter broke

    I got Apple Air in August of 2011 and I love it. But the Power Adapter just stopped working - no indication of life at all. I will try to request a new one since the computer is still under warranty, but really - what is the deal?

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    Apple drops the ball on power cord

    Completely agree with most other reviews. This is my first mac and I love my air book but the cord is a joke. I've had this for only 3 months and I have been experiencing problems with keeping a charge for the last few weeks. I have to be careful about computer position, etc.
    Really disappointing that i pay 1200 for a nice computer that can't even keep a charge because Apple creates a poor working power cord.

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