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    This is unacceptable, I paid too much money for the simple ability to send a signal through an adaptor and it can not do that. It never worked once with my iphone 4s at ios8. The way that apple promotes "planned obsolescence" by making their old devices incapable of performing actions -once a new device comes out- to force consumers to buy the newer more expensive devices is deceitful towards its customers and environmentally dangerous (because useless consumer electronics end up contributing to long term e-waste). I would much rather have the galaxy note 2 or a google phone, they are simply better, more advanced phones at a cheaper price. Of course, if you're a slave to trends like some teenage girl I understand why it's so hard to make the obvious choice of abandoning a company that falls behind it's competitors and treats its consumers like children as it sells them devices with time limits to fail, when a device like an iphone should be able to last for decades.

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    Terrible Product

    Bought a genuine Apple AV Adapter. Should be gold plated for the price. It works sparotically sometimes. No audio, no picture, no nothing periodically. I've spent more time rebooting the darned system than watching Net Flix which is why it was purchased. Fiddle with it, and finally when I do get a picture, and put the phone down, beside the TV, it quits. Start all over again. This is ludicrous! Thanks Apple for a product that is inferior.

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    Does not work with iPad 3 on iOS 9

    Bought one of these to output my iPad 3 screen to the TV, but it doesn't work. When plugging in the adapter to the iPad I'm informed it is incompatible. Considering other reviews here, I can only assume this is due to running iOS 9. It seems strange that Apple can get way with continuing to sell an adapter that is incompatible with certain hardware/software combinations and not informing prospective customers.

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    Five Star or One Star, iOS version dependent, watch out!

    Have been using one of these for a few years with an older iPad (the first retina display model) flawlessly, until I did an update over Christmas '15 that moved it beyond iOS 8 to 9.x. Then I was shocked to find it intermittently stop/starts working. As there is no way to roll back the OS to fully functioning, now I'm left with a frustrating routine of plugging/unplugging until it works. I've done a little experimenting with a couple of iPhone 4S's and it works well with the 64Gb iPhone on iOS 9.0, yet does not work at all on a16Gb iPhone 4s with either of the currently signed versions of iOS 9.2. So, thanks for that Apple.

    I've a good half dozen, well engineered and functioning older apple products that apple seem intent on crippling - obviously some bug has been introduced but will it ever be sorted? Should come with a warning along those lines. If you've an older iOS 7-8-9.0, this is a great product.

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    Time for change

    This is not the first time accesories for my iPad 3 suddenly stopped working.
    Might not be a bad thing although frustrating as I am starting to lean more and more to Windows 10 devices this is the push I need to move away from Apple. You cant just sell original accessories and a year later just make them fail. It is simple unacceptable..

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    Start Playing video before plugging in Adapter

    I discovered that I must start playing content full screen on the iPad 2 before plugging in the adapter to the iPad. If you do this it works great. If you plug in the adapter and then try and watch video it will not work. Watching the CBC TV videos does not work well if you use the CBC app as the video quality is low, but using this adapter and playing directly from the web site the video is clear.

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    Big mistake

    It was a big mistake "upgrading" to OS 8. Now the digital AV adapter doesn't work, and there is no way to return to the previous OS. It would have been nice if Apple issued a clear warning that upgrading to OS 8 would lead to this important loss of function. My trust in Apple products and Apple software has been badly tarnished by this experience.

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    Adapter no longer working

    I thought my adapter which is 2 years old and has worked successfully to date was faulty, so I bought a new one and fortunately tried it in the store only to find it didn't work either. A quick google and I found lots of other people have this problem - Apple please fix quickly I need my HDMI adapter for work and leisure.

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    Sort it out

    I has used my 30 pin av adaptor for a long time on my iPhone 4S an until I upgraded to iOS8 it worked fine. Now it's more frustrating than not working, every now and then it will display my screen for 10-15 seconds before the error message appears. Obviously the capability is still there, Apple just won't let you use it and want you to buy more new equipment for your devices. Why when the device is still being supported by iOS updates are adaptor capabilities removed!

    P.s. Would be zero stars if possible, as part is now defunct.

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    30 pin Av Adapter Error

    I just like everyone else, have had the same issue. Why is it that Apple tells us at every chance to update, only for the update to cause such a hassle. I use my ipad in meetings and at home to watch television, this error, and the lack of compatibility among Apple's own products is a big frustration.

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    "The connected display is not authorized to play protected movies"

    I used this cable to watch seasons 1 & 2 of Hannibal but this year I started to watch season 3 and it no longer works. I get the error message "The connected display is not authorized to play protected movies". The TV is HDCP-compliant (as I said, I watched season 2 with this same setup). So I don't know what's wrong.

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    Just picked up the adaptor and an HDMI cable from the local Apple Store. Plugged it in and selected AV on the TV and hey presto, works perfectly. I have an iPad 3 and OS 8.3. I am very pleased as was a little apprehensive in view of some of the negative reviews.

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    I used to love my adapter and now I wish I NEVER updated to ios 8! Apple please fix the compatibility problem. It's been months and months. Why are we getting all these iOS updates and nothing to address this long standing issue?

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    iOS 8.1.3 - still doesn't work

    please fix this problem Apple. The new iOS 8.1.3 still hasn't fixed the problem mentioned below. It has been 5 months fix this problem asap.

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    blacks out

    mine dosnt show full screen. and when i am watching a movie i try to click the bottom to make it full screen and whe i do ao it blacks out on my tv.... i dont understand does anyone k ow how to get it to full screen and so it will not black out!

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    Awe man!

    30 pin av don't work with Netflix cuts out instantly, what? Nice work with the updates !!

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    Worst update ever

    I updated ipad 2 to ios8. As with many others my hd I to iPad does not work anymore. I rent movies from iTunes and use adapter so family can also watch. Not any more. I have Apple TV it is very unreliable stopping many times while watching. We don't have a video shop nearby so using adapter is our only entertainment. I feel like throwing my iPad in bin. But am pensioner and can't buy android tablet. Oh well back to books till APPLE FIX THE PROBLEM. How many people think they did it deliberately. It certainly looks like it because they appear in no hurry to fix it.

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    works great!

    Very unsure of buying this product as previously brought one off eBay cheap and that didn't work as my ipad 2 is running ISO 8.1. Read reviews on this on and some people also said the genuine cable don't work either on ISO 8.1 but I took the risk and it work perfectly fine. Very pleased!

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    Got it to WORK, mostly... Mirroring Yeah!...so far...

    Okay, I know that there are many of us that have been having issues with our Apple 30-pin Digital AV Adapter since the update for the iso 8.0 +... But after reading most of the reviews and trying again and again with my 3rd party 30-pin Digital AV Adapter on both of my TVs without any luck I decide to go to the Apple Store and asked the manager if I could try the "Apple 30-pin Digital AV Adapter" on their TV to see if we could get it to work there. Otherwise I wasn't going to purchase it if it didn't work. Not until Apple fixed the problem. I also brought my adapter too. The Manager there was great! He saw that it wouldn't work with my third party adapter using my iPad 3. Then we tried the "Apple" adapter and it STILL WOULD NOT WORK! BUT, after going to settings and tapping on AIRPLANE MODE off to on then on to off, THERE IT WAS! the iPad 3 was mirrored onto the TV! : ) Then we unplugged it and tried the third party adapter and that adapter did the same thing and it still wouldn't work. (it use to before the update to 8.0)... So then we replugged the Apple adapter and again, NO MIRRORING! He tried plugging and unplugging the adapter from the HDMI cable tapping on the AIRPLANE MODE, no luck no picture. By this point the manager agreed with me that there is something very wrong here. He was kind enough to give me the Apple 30-pin Digital AV Adapter for free and told me to try it at home to see if I can get it to work. Plus the telephone # to report the problem so that Apple can get serious and do something about this issue. That number is 1-800-APL-CARE. I got home and plugged it in and there it was on my TV! : ) Working, so far! I encourage all of you who is having a similar issue and is using an Apple 30-pin Digital AV Adapter to mirror to your TV to first try the Airplane Mode trick, if you still have issues call this number. Good luck to you all!

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    No good with IOS8

    I bought one of these a year or so ago. My iPad2 used IOS6 and the adapter worked fine. I have just upgraded to IOS8 and it is no longer supported. Postings on line indicate that the problem is the same for both genuine Apple and non genuine adapters. Apple needs to get its act together and sort this issue.

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