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    doesnt work well with iphoto with iphone 4s

    i just bought it and tried it with iphoto on the iphone 4s and it does not mirror the screen
    the description says:
    "Use the Apple Digital AV Adapter to mirror whatever’s on your iPad or iPhone 4S screen — apps, presentations, websites, and more — on your HDTV or HDMI-compatible display in up to 1080p HD (movies play at up to 720p)."

    it is a false statement

    i wanted to show the diary on the big screen and it just didnt work i could only see the iphoto logo.
    Seems to work well with other apps so far

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Inconsistent connection

    Dislike: Inconsistent HMDI connection from an iPhone 4 and worse from an iPad 2. The connection behaves as if there is a short in the cable... very frustrating! Returned the first purchase, because I thought the product may have been returned damaged; however, second purchase behaved exactly the same. I believe Apple should consider a redesign; great idea, but simply does not work well.

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