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    Works Perfectly

    Works perfectly and DOES power my PreSonus Firestudio Mobile. I would just like to see this as a cable instead of an adapter.

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    Works Perfectly

    I have several FW/USB 500MB backup drives using laptop HDs, Due to what I believe is a possible software change of unknown origin, the drives could be accessed from the desktop but were no longer bootable with USB. With a recent purchase of a 5K iMac, I also couldn't use FW. This adapter works perfectly with the drives, and allows them to boot. I don't believe I can identify them, per Apple rules. However, at least some bus-powered drives will work.

    In any event, this adapter is a 5-star winner for me.

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    No Target Disk Mode, High Voltage Warning

    + iPod 4th generation (with PocketDock)
    + iPod 1st generation (FireWire only)
    + DIY FireWire to car charger to USB ports.

    Not working:
    - Target Disk Mode between a Non-Retina 13" MacBook Pro and my Retina 15" MacBook Pro, using the same wire as the iPods but with a 6 pin female to 9 pin male adaptor.
    - Adaptor provides 15V, not 12V power.

    I used the same Belkin FireWire 9 pin to 6 pin wire for Target Disk Mode, but with a 6 pin to 9 pin adaptor to plug into the Non-Retina MacBook Pro. I tried two of those adaptors, but neither of them work on this setup. They both worked before on my Non-Retina 15".

    My Retina MacBook Pro 15" doesn't have enough USB ports, so I use a DIY adaptor to plug in a car charger to my FireWire port, and get a power-only USB port. That works.

    WARNING: The Thunderbolt-FireWire adaptor gives 15V, not 12V. Make sure that your devices are tolerant of higher voltages, or you risk damaging them! This is a serious worry for me. Apple should step down the voltage to 12V, that's the FireWire standard!

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    No good for external HDDs

    You may already have read that this adapter doesn't supply enough power to run certain external peripherals, but here's something else to consider: I have a Seagate Freeagent external hard drive, and even though it has a separate power supply, my 2013 27" iMac running Yosemite unmounts the drive on sleep when I connect it using this adapter.

    When it's connected via USB2, this problem doesn't happen.

    So, this is pretty useless for connecting your FireWire Time Machine drive, or any drive you want to keep mounted permanently.

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    Required for syncing and charging 1st version iPods

    Why you ask? Some of us still have working (and hold dear) original Firewire iPods (vs. 1) either for use or part of ones collection. This is the cable adapter you need to keep your old MP3 player in use if you own a Thunderbolt Mac. You'll also need the FW-FW cable that came with your iPod 1. Just know not all the MP3s you have in your current iTunes will transfer over. Stand back and let your friends exclaim, "You're still using that?" Hey, it's a classic and it still works. Envy has no par when it comes to the original that started a revolution. Thank you Steve Jobs.

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    Works as intended

    Works fine, even when daisy-chaining two drives. I don't know the exact reason why it works for me and not others, but it may be a mix of updated software and not particularly power hungry My Passport drives.

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    Works great and supplied buss power

    Plugged it in and it connected to two different drives without any problems, also supplied buss power to both drives. A LaCie and G Drive, both were mobile drives.

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    Buy if you need Firewire connection BUT...

    Buy if you need Firewire connection but be aware in MacBook pro with thunderbolt ports you won't get the power needed for your device so forget about mobility. You'll be forced to use power supply for your device since your brand new computer can't provide yet with the power needed via thunderbolt.
    Doesn't work as expected so a big (7W) disclaimer in the packaging would be appreciated.

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    Thunderbolt disconnects with movement

    I use 2 of these on different macs to connect drives to the the macs.

    On a new 5K iMac if you tilt the screen the thunderbolt disconnects and alerts appear telling you drives have been disconnected.

    On a 2014 15" retina Macbook Pro exactly the same happens if you move the laptop.

    When using an external thunderbolt drive on another 2014 15" retina MacBook Pro the standard thunderbolt will disconnect if moved.

    Thunderbolt is useless Apple, you need to redesign to give a more robust connection.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    "Disk Not Ejected Properly x3"

    I have 3 daisy-chained FW800 disks that when using this adaptor keep disconnecting from the OS, with warnings to eject the disk before disconnecting it or turning it off.

    The disks in this configuration work fine on any other machine with firewire, but this adaptor to thunderbolt is useless if you need to daisy chain the disks.

    Before anyone talks about power use, all three drives are wall-powered, not port powered, so it is not a power issue.

    The adaptor is pathetic for real-world use.

    Daisy chaining is why a lot of professionals chose firewire, the adaptor should also enable this.

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    Can't get it to work with Apogee Duet Firewire

    Despite claims to the contrary on the Apogee web site, I can't get the Apogee Duet (Firewire) device to be recognized on my iMac, despite spending more than 5 hours pursuing every potential solution discussed on the web.

    If using a legacy Apogee Duet is the primary reason for your purchasing the Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter for a new(er) Mac, then buyer beware.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Definitely fails to meet the requirements.

    Presented to offer an additional Firewire 800 port, it completely fails to do what is possible from the only-one built-in Firewire port (on my mid-2011 iMac) : this product should be removed from selling - simply and very sorry.


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    Thunderbolt-FW800 adapter keeps ejecting my drive without permission

    Bought the adapter a few months ago to use my old LaCie 2big FW800 RAID units with my new Thunderbolt iMac and they keep ejecting without my authorization popping up a warning to properly eject drive before disconnecting. If I try with just one drive there is no problem however daisy chaining two FW800 dives to the end of a Thunderbolt drive will not work. Tried everything and my 2big drives have no problem with my Mac mini's FW800 port. The adapter is not a well designed product and in my experience will not function as advertised in a stable reliable manner.

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    Used to digitize DV with Final Cut Pro X over Firewire into a MacBook Pro

    I used the Thunderbolt to FW adapter to connect a MacBook Pro to my Sony PD100 (from 2001) and it worked first time. The adapter offers FW 800 female so I used an 800/400 cable into a hard disk then another FW cable out of the disk and into the camera. I even have control of the camera from the MBP.

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    Powers my portable hard drives!

    I almost didn't get this cause of all the bad bus power reviews but gave it a shot. For my hard drives (several different brands) it works PERFECT. Could be my imagination or the fact that I now have a faster computer, but if anything my hard drives seem even faster now.

    I haven't tried daisy chaining anything together but I get plenty of power and speed from 1 hard drive at a time. I hope maybe that helps some people.

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    Pulls out of iMac

    The other day, my work came to a halt while trying to transfer some video. I pulled out cables, changed monitors and even replaced the input source. Finally I turned the iMac around- to find that the problem was that the Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter had pulled out and way laying on the desk.

    Of course it is simple enough to insert this back into the computer, but unless you know this is a problem and go to the adapter first, you may have a long process of diagnosing why there is no signal coming into the computer.

    Apparently, even the slight weight of the hanging adapter on the short cord is enough to pull it out of the computer- especially if it is rotated to show something to a client or other worker. If the cord on the adapter were about 6-8 inches, it would permit the end to sit on the desk without any stress on the Thunderbolt plug. But it is not made that way. This has now happened to us about four times in the last six months- everyone using the machine has had this problem.

    My preferred fix would have been to get a 3 foot Thunderbolt male to female extension cable. This would permit the whole adapter to sit flat on the desk with no stress on it. So far I cannot find a Thunderbolt male to female cable. It is one of those, or I have to get out the duct tape and try to tape the adapter to the computer.

    Otherwise, the adapter works flawlessly.

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    Did the Trick for me

    My new Mac mini has only Thunderbolt ports and the iOmega (2TB) and Western Digital (3TB) drives I used with my old Mac min are Firewire 800. My goal was to transfer this data to my new Thunderbolt drives. I was able to accomplish the task with no problem using this adapter although speed was something less than 50Mb/Sec. Perhaps if I planned to use this full time, or needed bus power, I might only rate it 3 Stars.

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    Doesn't work with Focusrite Sapphire 40 soundcard

    Yup, it doesn't work with the Focusrite Sapphire 40. I have the Adapter and my 800 to 400 Firewire cable. I can't get it to connect no matter what i do. :(

    It wasn't a cheap soundcard and has lot of ports. Will have to buy a new one. USB probably because the Thunderbolt ones are pricy...

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    works and does not work

    I have 2 external drive:

    A Drobo old generation 4 bay which works beautifully. with the adapter.

    A Western Digital enclosed in a Orico HDD enclosure with all ports under the sun, which does not work with adapter.

    I am not a technical person, but I think some manufacturers use or wire their firewire boxes differently.

    The trick is to find out if the adapter would work BEFORE purchasing it!!!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Planned Obsolescence! THERE IS NO BUS POWER. Why would one develop a device that does half the job? Deadly for pro photographers with firewire gear. Apple (normally makes a good product) has dropped the ball this time and left many with lots of wasted time. No solution with firewire and new Mac computers.

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