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    Lack of firewire

    The lack of firewire ports on the new Macs is precisely why I'm not upgrading to a new computer any time soon. I have a LOT of bus powered Firewire drives, and I'm not throwing them out. The fact that this adaptor apparently doesn't work all that well, if it all, is an additionl negative. Does Apple no longer have any concern for legacy customers? My iMac and two MacBook Pros aren't that old...only 3 years, so it's ridiculous that Apple would try to phase all those recent customers out of their fairly new computers. Very sad and disappointed in Apple after being a loyal customer since 1984. This is not good planning or management, IMO.

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    Works like a charm!

    Just connected my external Lacie rugged 1TB drive via the Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter to my brand new iMac and voila -- it works! Powers the unit without a hitch and the drive functions as it always has via FireWire.

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    As good as my old iMac

    My Firewire 800 Drobo plugs into this adapter and into my new iMac no problem. The drive works just like it always did, as if my Firewire port had never been taken away. Perfect.

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    Falls out of port all the time

    The tip of the thunderbolt connector might be incredibly small, BUT IT DOESN'T STAY IN THE PORT. The amount of times it falls out in the middle of a transfer, popping up an error message about disks not being ejected properly.... GRRRRR. The tiniest movement is enough to disconnect. Connectors should be secure, not prone to being disconnected at the slightest knock. This must be a universal thunderbolt problem, not a problem with this adapter? BAD DESIGN.

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    Does not work on storage device

    I am a video editor. I have the 27" Mac with fire wire 800. I bought 4TB storage device that only accepts thunderbolt. I bought this adaptor but my Mac does not recognize the device. The storage device shows up fine on my Macbook Air that has the direct thunderbolt connection.

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    Bus Powered Nightmare.

    All of my OWC Mercury Elite bus powered firewire 800 drives no longer work when using this adapter.
    It's maddening.
    I miss my 17" MBP with firewire 800.
    I hate that I have to buy all new drives to be able to use my laptop.
    Forget this retina display junky computer.
    Who ever made the decision to switch to thunderbolt ONLY with their laptops should be fired and have his salary be paid to all of the fine folks who bought these misguided prosumer computers.
    I can SOMETIMES get 1 drive to mount, even my a/c powered 2 TB drive only mounts periodically, but if I try to daisy chain any of them, they instantly crash and start making a ticking sound.
    As a professional photographer who works in the field, a/c power is not readily available and not being able to bus power my numerous firewire 800 drives is unacceptable.

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    Not robust...

    This adapter worked fine for me for a little while for all drives (including bus-powered) and then died... Seems to be a physical problem, since the FW cables and drives all work... But I never put the adapter under any real strain. A junky build for a $29 piece of wire.

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    Exactly what was needed...

    Very nice product. Works great with my G Drive.

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    Works for FW800 but lacks ability to daisychain Thunderbolt

    This adapter worked to connect a FW800 disk to my MacMini w/o any problems.

    However the major problem is that it does NOT have a second Thunderbolt connection on it so I can not daisychain the Thunderbolt devices. So effectively, I must choose whether to use Thunderbolt for a network, FW800, or graphics connection. This defeats the purpose of supposedly being able to daisy chain up to six devices on a single Thunderbolt chain.

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    Not good enough

    When Apple decided to eliminate the mini-DVI, Ethernet and Firewire ports on their new MacBook Pro laptops (three ports in total) and replace them with just two Thunderbolt ports, they created a dilemma for many MacBook Pro owners - myself in particular - trying to upgrade their systems. My MacBook Pro is the hub of a desktop system that includes Firewire drives, Ethernet connectivity and an Apple LED Cinema display. With only Thunderbolt ports on the new laptops and no single adapter that can handle both Ethernet and Firewire, I have to decide what to give up. Apple certainly wasn't thinking about their legacy users when they settled on this design. The old Apple would not have eliminated both the Ethernet port and the Firewire port - these are both current technologies - or it would have made an adapter that could connect both Ethernet and Firewire through a single Thunderbolt port and would include that adapter - free of charge - with every MacBook Pro it sold. Does Apple expect everyone to scrap their DVI, Firewire and Ethernet devices and purchase all new Thunderbolt devices? Really Apple.... !!!

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    Very disappointed

    Bus power is too low. I'm a photographer and need to daisy chain 2 drives on set, without AC power like I did when running firewire in the past. Very poor design that doesn't consider professionals.

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    Works but what a waste

    I thought I had made a good call getting an external firewire 800 drive as a time machine backup for my old iMac but was pretty bummed when my new iMac arrived and I realized I couldn't even plug in the firewire drive to set up the new machine without spending another $30. Come on Apple! How about throwing us loyal apple customers one firewire port for old time sake?

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    Better to put the money towards a drive with FireWire 800 and Thunderbolt connectivity built in. That way all your old stuff will still work, plus you'll have a drive you can use when FireWire is no longer used.

    By the way Apple, as a pro user, FireWire is key to most workflows within the world of stills and video production, so not providing a FireWire connection on the new iMacs speaks volumes of how you now view users such as myself who have supported you through the years.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works as advertised

    I got this cable earlier in the week so that I could connect my old G-Drives through my TB G-Raid then to my new late 2012 iMac.

    I have 4 G-Drives (2 x 1TB and 2x 3TB) plus a g-drive mini (500GB) using FW800 and a 4TB G-Raid using TB.

    I Daisy chained all my G-Drives with FW800 (including my g-drive mini) into my G-Raid with this cable and it worked flawlessly. Even my g-drive mini that has no AC adapter got enough power to work as normal. Added bonus was that my speeds seem to be faster than when I had all these drives plugged into my 2010 Macbook Pro. I was transferring ~60GB of RAW images from my g-drive mini to my G-Raid at 87 MB / sec.

    I have been using this setup for a week now (4 + hours a day) transferring files back and forth with zero issues.

    I gave it a 4 / 5 just because I do not like the fact I needed an adapter to connect technology that apple made into an apple product. I think they should have kept at least 1 FW800 port on their new iMac's.

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    Works for me

    I read that some people had issues with the adapter not able to powered up their bus-powered portable hard drives and the transferring speeds being slow. Fortunately I have not had those problems. I have a retina display MBP and a WD My Passport Studio FireWire hard drive and have had no issues with the adapter.

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    Adapter causes iMac 2012 to freeze immediately after connection

    I have 2 of these adapters, and recently I noticed my FW800 drives are causing the iMac to freeze almost 1 second after connecting the drive to the iMac 2012 via the FW800-Thunderbolt Adapter.

    Freeze means everything stops, screen, mouse, nothing works. Even pressing the power to sleep doesn't work. The solution is to hard power off and power on again.

    Pretty sure one of the adapters was causing a problem, so I marked them as A & B. Sure enough, the one marked A caused random freezes. It's like sometimes it freezes, sometimes it doesn't.

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    Works for transferring MiniDV tapes

    I wanted to transfer my old MiniDV tapes from my HD DV camcorder to my Core i7 MacBook Pro. Given the reviews I wasn't sure if this would work or not, but decided to give it a shot.

    I used the Thunderbolt adapter to connect to a 9-pin firewire cable I got at Fry's, then connected the cable to my Sony DCR-HC65. Worked fine - was able to instantly import the MiniDV movies into iMovie.

    No complaints - worked just as the Firewire connection would have worked.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Update your firmware drivers of your harddisk

    Update your firmware drivers of your harddisk before wasting time with connection problems.
    Many drives are NOT Mountain Lion compatible with the driver instaled on purchase date.

    It worked for me and my 1 year old WD drive.

    Only 3 stars because I hate cable solutions.

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    Worked at first... Now, not so much

    Disappointed. If you are going to take it off of the computer, make an adapter that works. Apple was famous for FW800! Now clearly they could care less. Supppperrrr spotty using G-Drives. Killin me here.


    A professional user. (not a soccer mom)

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    Drives 'drop' while connected

    Drives mount when connected, then drop after 5 or 10 minutes. This has been tested on two different drives (one bus powered and one powered). Total frustration with this product.

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