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    I’m Happy!

    It works! Well worth the price--made my 24” Cinema Display usable with my new 13” MacBook Pro w/Retina. Very happy!

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    Converter works sporatically

    This converter only works some of the time. I usually have to jiggle it before the light goes on and the computer starts to charge. But I often forget to check so my laptop doesn't charge until I remember to jiggle it. I have 2 of them and both have this problem.

    On the positive side the magnet is pretty strong so it won't get knocked off too easily - only if the cord is pulled on.

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    It's as good as MacSafe 2 itself

    Let's be honest here: the old L-shaped MagSafe 1 connector was far superior, it had a very strong and reliable connection. The new MagSafe 2 gets disconnected much easier.

    However, people who claim that this converter thing is loose simply don't factor in that the original power supply is exactly as loose. This converter is no worse than the new MagSafe 2 connector itself! So if you have a rMBP or MBA, then you have MagSafe 2, and nothing will change that. You either spend a lot of money buying a second power supply, or you spend $9.99 for this converter, and they're equally as good (or as bad).

    Using the converter is pretty much the same as using the new factory power supply. Yes, it gets disconnected too easily, like the factory power supply. We may complain about MagSafe 2 itself, but this adapter is as good as it gets. I'm using it with my TB display, and it does the same job as the laptop's power supply.

    If you want to give feedback to Apple, by all means complain about the new connector. But I'm giving feedback to other consumers here: this converter is a good purchase anyway, if it prevents you from buying a brand new full power supply.

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    Not satisfied

    The idea of this i very good, and the converter is very robust despite its size.
    But there are a few problems. It charges rather slow and it gets pretty hot pretty fast.
    Sometimes it has got problems with charging, and the % keeps steady at whatever % i started charging from. This is getting worse with time, though i have only been using it for a year :-(

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    MBP Retina not charging

    I am using this adapter with a Thunderbolt Display. MBP charges randomly and keep on loosing contact.
    I hope we get a better solution soon.

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    MacSafe 2 connector a step backwards

    Even without the adapter the MacSafe 2 connector gets easily detached and looses connection during work. The MacSafe 1 plug was smaller, could be used to charge the MacBook Air even within the cover. All impossible with the big MacSafe 2 plug. Due to the permanent detaching problem I returned to use my old MacBook Air. 12h of battery life is useless if you start work with an uncharged system.

    Please please provide a MacSafe 1 plug for the new MacBook Air!

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    Very positional, doesn't always work.

    I often find I need to wiggle this when in use to ensure the power is flowing through it and the lights come on to indicate charging. Very annoying to plug the computer in and have the charging lights come up, then discover later on that it hasn't charged much as all because I've moved the laptop some small degree and the charging adapter has stopped transferring the energy. Only rarely do I attach the MagSafe charger & converter to my Macbook Pro Retina and have the lights immediately come on, they almost always need a wiggle even when I've carefully aligned them on each other! :(

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    Disappointing that I have to buy a $9 part for something that worked fine before. In this case I own a very expensive thunderbolt display that is useless without this converter. Hard to believe that the Apple bean counters would not ship this required part with the new MacBook.

    The bean counters will ruin Apple's goodwill, if left to their own devices.

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    Loose connection

    Have 2 of them - both looses connection and they get extremely hot. The connectors on my Macbook Pro are miscoloured, and look burned. Would expect something this simple to work better.

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    BEWARE! This is NOT supported!

    I had an L connector for my previous MacBook Pro, which I gave to my wife when I got the MacBook Pro Retina. In order for us to share a charging space, we bought this adapter.

    The "mag-safe" connector on this is no good and fails to disconnect. My puppy ran by and it failed to disconnect. The wire actually tore completely in two and my puppy was left with the cord wrapped up in her fur, limping away.

    To add insult to injury (literally), the Apple Genius Bar says that I was not using the proper adapter since I was using an 85 W Adapter for the Power book with this adapter for the MacBook Pro Retina. They refused to support it and wants to charge me full price for a new one.

    A failure on Apple's part I think.

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    Doesn't work well - Retina?

    I don't have an issue of losing it because this one stays stationary on my desk. But it doesn't seem to always work. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Many people have already pointed this out. I should've listened. Btw, I have a 15" Retina. Laptop is less than 5 months old and adapter is less than 3 months old.

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    Works perfectly

    It's a hunk of magnetised aluminium - so it's very robust. The magnet is strong, so you can leave it attached to your power adapter without fear of losing it. It would be nice if you could use it both ways, but as it is you can only use it to convert a Magsafe power adapter for use with a Magsafe 2 laptop, but what it does do it does well.

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    Works 1 out of 10 times :( Bad design.

    I have a MacBook Pro with a Retina display, and a 27" Apple Cinema display with a power cable. Unfortunately this adapter has been working very poorly, and most of the time it does not properly supply power to the macbook. Light does not come on, the laptop shows it's powered on battery, and I have to literally wet both sides of the adapter to make it work.

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    Bad Design

    While this works as advertised, it is a very poor design. Please redesign this so that it will not easily get lost. You are Apple, supposedly renowned for your design prowess. Please figure out a way to put a string to attach this so it will not get bumped and fall off of my laptop, or a similar way to attach this to somthing (my backpack or laptop case). For 10 bucks, I expect more than this piece of ...

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    works but needs to be more secure

    would be better as a cable adapter, about 4 inches long and securely fixed to old cable

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    Works great!

    Thanks to apple for making this so I didnt have to re buy all my adapters!

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    I keep losing it!

    This converter works as expected, but I have an older MacBook Pro in addition to a new retina and I use the same power adapter to charge both. When I want to charge the older MacBook I have to take the converter off, and it is so small I keep misplacing it.

    This converter should have a clip attached so that I can clip it to the power adapter cable when not in use.

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    1 in every 5 times I connect, the power light doesn't come on. I have to jiggle it around and continue to reconnect it until I get a light.

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    Works really nice

    This works good

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    MagSafe to MagSafe 2?

    This converter is a must. Why Apple changed a perfectly working device to the MagSafe 2 is beyond me... the MagSafe 2 is terrible and pulls out twice as easy. And when you use this converter - it is even worse as far as accidental pull-out.

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