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    I'm on my 2nd one and it's failing now. It doesn't charge. The laptop says it's connected but not charging the battery. The green LED doesn't come on. If I jiggle it around sometimes it works, then it stops and nothing move. Ridiculous piece of junk from such a great company.

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    Wish I could put ZERO stars -- stopped working

    I have three of these on three different MagSafe 1 adapters (from previously owned Macbooks). They stay connected just fine (surprised that others are having problems), and with the addition of "Magcozy" sleeves/ties/whatever-you-call-them they are definitely going to stay.

    BUT!!!! These don't do the one and only thing that they are required to do: consistently transfer power from the MagSafe 1 power adapter to my new Retina Macbook Pro. Sure, like many others, these worked fine for the first month or two. But now I am in the same boat as so many of the other reviewers: I plug it in and nothing happens. SOMETIMES I'll get an orange charging light to come on; other times I might get a green light (which I know is impossible because I'll be plugging into a nearly dead battery). But 90% of the time I get nothing: no light and more importantly NO CHARGE.

    I began to wonder if I had a problem with my actual laptop, since these worked fine at first. But every time I plug in the one MagSafe 2 adapter that came with the laptop, it works perfectly. I double-checked that the wattage output is the same for all my adapters, and that part is fine. I'm basically in a position of having to charge with only the supplied adapter -- which is very frustrating when I travel often, and have permanent workstations at home that I need to leave an adapter setup at.

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    Truly a terrible product

    You'll find you need to wiggle the adapter until it lights up. Then keep checking on it to see if it's working, cause it will very frequently fail on you.

    While this is a great way to encourage customers to buy new $80 power cables, I think it damages the Apple brand to ship something this awful.

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    This product is as unreliable as the pre-magsafe power adaptors were. Fortunately, they only cost $10 because they only last a couple of months before "Battery is not charging" becomes the message of the day.

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    Every function is unreliable. Sometimes I can get it to charge, sometimes will only power the laptop, and sometimes nothing at all. Even the charge light is unreliable when it is charging, sometimes will show orange, sometimes not. Poor result for my 2.5k+ macbook air/display combo.

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    Must wriggle it like a worm

    Be prepared to wriggle it like a worm in order to get it working after a couple weeks of use. Like others have noted, I have been caught off guard when it is not charging my laptop and I end up with a very low battery. Very disappointing considering the $2500 investment (MacBook Air + 27" display) made.

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    Simply not good enough by any standards

    One week in with my new Thunderbolt display and I now have to spend 5 minutes to align the converter to ensure it delivers power to my laptop before I switch it on. That just cannot be right.

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    Often does not connect properly

    First Apple adaptor I've ever owned that doesn't "just work". I have to wriggle it every time to make it connect. Saving feature is that it lights up so when it suddenly dumps out with an accidental wiggle, I can see. But I've had my laptop die several times because I just expected it to "just work". Very disappointed.

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    Saved a issue.

    I have recently moved house and couldn't find my new charger for the MacBook Air that work allows me to use so I brought this but it does come off extremely easily.

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    Wears out

    Don't expect this adapter to last. I had to get a new one after three months. It appears that the small connectors inside the converter wear out - I wonder if this is something to do with the heat generated.

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    TERRIBLE. I've bought 4. They all fail.

    Come on, Apple. This is ridiculous. I have 4 or 5x 85w MagSafe1 chargers; a few at home, one at a cabin, one at work, the power adapter on my Thunderbolt display.

    I'm not going to buy new chargers for every place I go to. I'm not gonna buy a new $1000 Thunderbolt display just because you changed the power connector. I'm not going to carry my 1 MagSafe2 charger everywhere I go. Instead I'm going to keep fiddling with these lousy adapters and hoping they work, rotating them 5 times, waiting to see if the green light comes on.. waiting to see if it charges, or just supplies power and no charge, or doesn't work at all.

    Make a MagSafe to MagSafe2 Converter that actually works properly and lasts more than a few months. And then send them to us.

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    poor design

    Rarely works as just a small movement/rotation of the converter doesn't make the power adapter work. Really poor design, Apple should do something to fix it

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    After around 1 year of usage...

    After around 1 year of usage (plugging and unplugging each day), it now takes me a couple times of attaching and detaching the converter (on both ends) to obtain proper charging (i.e. for the charge status light to turn on). I have two of these (one in office and one at home) and it's happening to both.

    Not sure if this is the result of wear & tear or some inherent design flaw but I would have expected a longer life expectancy (or reliability) on Apple products.

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    Give me a break

    I'd like to give this rating a 0 rather than a 1. Ok, it does do what it's supposed to do...that gets 1 point.

    But, riddle me this Batman, what was wrong with the old MagSafe design? From what I can tell, they added 1mm of extra metal and now charge $9 for an extra gizmo that sorta works when it wants to.

    Oh, least I forget, they go bad after 4 months.

    YES, a simple pass through wire job goes BAD AFTER 4 MONTHS--and it's not covered by warranty.

    Welcome to the new Apple.

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    Great little thing!!!

    So I had a spare charger from my old white-Macbook (mid-2007) days and I had paid about $99 for a genuine second MagSafe 60W charger then, years passed... and I now am using MacBook Air and I had a need for spare charger to juice-up my MBA while at home-office, buying another 45W charger did not make a whole lot of sense. Having read that I can use my old charger (no 60W doesn't charge any faster to 45W) I bought this little converter and it has done the magic for me. I got the product delivered in under 27 hours at door step and its been great.

    Highly recommended!!!

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    Works as Expected

    I still have the 85-Watt MagSafe power supply from the very first MacBook Pro (early 2006). This adapter allows me to use that power supply with my new MacBook Pro (late 2013). I does exactly what it says with no problems.

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    Poor tolerances

    This adapter (designed to compensate for the moving target of the Magsafe connector's physical design) is embarrassingly prone to being knocked out of alignment, nudged, or looked at funny, such that it is not only possible but painfully likely that you will leave your MacBook plugged in and yet return to find the battery completely drained. Was it designed by cavemen or just manufactured by them? A tiny thing, but not one of Apple's finer moments.

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    Probably the worst Apple product, ever

    Let me preface this by saying I'm a VERY loyal Apple customer, pretty much an advocate, fanboy, whatever. This thing, I have to say - is awful. As many other have said, it rarely works. At least you can look and tell when this is the case, as the LED doesn't glow when its not seated right. You can usually get it to work by wiggling it, but the difference between working & not working is hair-sensitive. You could just bump it and it will suddenly work. The problem is you bump it again and the opposite happens. I have plugged it in to charge overnight, with the LED glowing and assuming it would be fully charged the next morning. Well, come to find the next morning it is plugged-in, but the LED is no longer on - and it barely got any charge. Why is this thing so touchy? Why can't you guys figure out a way to correct the issue? My one proper MagSafe 2 power brick (the one that came w/ my MBP Retina) works great, all the time - as did all of my old MagSafe power plugs. This adapter is barely functional, and needs to be fixed. Please Apple.

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    The adapter's pins get stuck, sometimes forever. This prevents the computer from CHARGING. It may sometimes provide power to the device, but the battery wont charge (light wont turn orange). Sometimes pressing on it hard will get it to work again.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Life in the old adapter :)

    Been using for a couple of days and have to say it works well for me .

    Fits extremely well and strongly to the old magsafe and so pops off the laptop easily when any pressure is applied - as is the point of the magsafe connectors.

    Some other reviewer seem to be commenting on theirs getting very hot , i'm not getting that - mine is ambient temperature after several hours use. It would be interesting to see if those reviewers are using an official charger or a 3rd party one. I've owned 3rd party chargers in the past that have got substantially hotter then the officials ones

    Other are complaining that their laptops are slow to charge thru it - not noticing that at all.

    Then their are reviewers complaining they have lost theirs because its too small. I'm sure thats annoying for them, and I will be annoyed if I lose mine at some stage but small things are easy to lose. Its hardly a product flaw.

    if you have an old charger around that can be used with this rather than spending a small fortune on an official apple power brick then its a no brainer in my opinion.

    In fact, I'm pleasantly surprised apple makes this rather than going for the bigger sale of a new power adapter.

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