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    Giant step backwards

    I can't say how much I hate this new adapter. The magnet is so weak and it gets knocked out so easily. Not to mention that the shape just protrudes out of the Mac. It's terrible when you're working on the couch because it doesn't hug the machine. This makes it terrible because it bumps into stuff and exacerbates the problem.

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    Warning! Poorly made, potentially Extremely Dangerous! Expensive to replace

    I am on my 3rd adaptor in less than 12 months.

    I think Apple may have a major safety issue with these power adaptors!

    My first one, the cable sparked and popped then died! The second one did the same thing, after only 2 months! I purchased both from an Apple store!

    The cause, the plastic wire shielding on the thin power cable splits easly and exposes the live wire of the power cable!

    My experience demonstrates just how poor quality it is. I think it is Extremely Dangerous and it could potentially seriously injure someone or worse may lead to a death by electrocution.

    My bad run with this product is as follows. My first one stopped working because the shielding on cable split and shorted it out. I just went out and purchased a second one as I thought I must have damaged it. 2 months on, the same thing has happened with the 2nd one I purchased. This time, down the bottom of the cable were it kinks to rap around the cable laches that flick out. I am sure I have not damaged it as I don't unwind the cable that far and it is always rapped up this far down. I can clearly see where the plastic shielding has just split where the cable kinks around the hooks.

    These must be so cheaply made, but Apple charge AUD$99 for a new one, which is a total rip off so such a piece of junk. I have Apple power adaptors from other much older Apple laptops and I have not had this issue with them. The sad thing is, you are left with no choice but to keep buying these if you want to keep using your laptop.

    Also, as other have said, the plug fall off at the drop of a hat, which is a total pain.

    I can't believe Apple still sell these and have not fixed them yet after getting hundreds of poor reviews for this product.

    I think these power adapters are not fit for sale and are potentially very dangerous. The exposed wires could easily electrocute some when the insulation around the wire splits and leaves live wires are exposed!

    Apple, you realy need to address this issue!

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    Worst magsafe adapter I've ever used

    I've used many magsafe adapters, and never before had the problem of the cable detaching. This one falls off almost every time I move my Macbook Pro. At first I thought it must be catching on something, but I eliminated that possibility and through experimentation found that the cable simply detaches when the computer's moved — even when it's moved gently.

    It's incredibly annoying to have to keep reaching down to the floor to plug my computer back in. And then to have to do the same 30 seconds later. At this point I feel like returning the entire computer.

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    The previous one was much better. In this one the cable makes a longer lever, which, obviously, makes a stronger force and disconnect it very easily. Why did they "upgrade"? Also retaining the old magsafe could have been an advantage for users, like me, that use also old macbook at the same time.

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    less then 30 days the cable wrapping broke

    It's big, heavy, and the cable wrapping broke. Apple did replace it - but there must be a better solution

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    Not Good

    The cable's insulator got damaged

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    Great, just wish it was cheaper

    Very good design from electronics point of view, more then all required safety features - apple goes over and beyond what they are expected here.
    Loads people complaining about heat and such, but its a power supply - it will get hot. Live with it. Stop whining please.
    Cable wise, they got better over years - still a lot to be done I'm afraid.

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    keeps falling out

    The title says everything. everytime I move my laptop the cable falls out. I swap chairs multiple times over a day due to back problems. so im probably putting 5 battery cycles extra on it a day. im going to be upset when the battery looses its durance.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I have never had any issues with the Magsafe 2 adapter. It does never fall out when I don't want it to. It doesn't get hot and the cables is really strong.

    I love the Magsafe 2. Thank you, Apple!

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    Absolutely horrible

    By far the worst apple product I have ever owned, and I own quite a few. The original Magsafe (barrel type) charger was an improvement over the square type, and now they have gone back and made it even worst! I can't even begin to count how many times the charger has disconnected itself while charging because it simply doesn't stay connected.

    I would give it 0 stars if I could.

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    Strain Relief, Strain Relief, Strain Relief!!!!!!

    As my 2nd Power Adapter has now failed in EXACTLY the same way as my 1st, I will soon be shelling out ANOTHER $80 for this poorly engineered piece of garbage. What were you thinking Apple? Every time the charger fails due to inadequate stress relief where the cord is connected to the inverter. I store the charger properly by wrapping the cord around the flip-out tabs, NEVER lift the inverter by the cord, and generally treat the whole charger with the loving care I would a new-born infant as I have now spent $160 to keep my $2000 laptop running. Nevertheless, another failure. Your mechanical engineers STINK Apple, and frankly the quality of your products have fallen off SHARPLY since the passing of SJ.

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    Similar to other complaints

    Apple products are among the ones I count on to accomplish the work I do (Graphic Design, Film Editing, and (sadly) Medical Billing/Admin) I've used them for over ten years and have seen many advancements. However, this power cord seems to be a regression.

    It is easily bumped out of place and the cord is difficult to manage. The L design was great because it directed the cord to the back or to the front of the computer. This T design makes that difficult. I'm hoping they at least offer an L shape again. I'll buy it!

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    Why does Apple keep making chargers that melt? Mine melted at the base of the brick where the small cord comes out. My last one melted at the junction of the magsafe piece and cord. I went to Apple to get a new one since this one smoked and melted, thinking that they would replace my defective product. Nope! I am really losing faith in the quality of Apple's products.

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    Horrible idea

    I've always been a Windows user; I recently purchased a Macbook Pro because of the Mac-only music software required for school. The first thing I was appalled at was the flimsy power adapter that becomes unattached from the laptop at the slightest jolt. All the hype about Macs, and they can't even make a proper power adapter.

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    Just broke my screen

    Was already mad after the poor magnet of the MagSafe 2… I just broke my screen because of it. I KNOW i should have look closely before closing the lid, but being home alone, no animals, why would there have been something between the lid and keyboard? Why wasn't the MagSafe still plugged? I did not "slammed" the lid! How can this be so fragile? This is crazy… Hope it has a chance to be covered with all the bad reviews :( I take care of my mac!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    This is the worst power adapter you can possibly have.

    Another piece of junk comes from Apple again!!!!!!

    Magnet is extremely weak. Moving the laptop around a little bit will cause detachment. Connector gets too hot too quick. Get your act together Apple.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    I like the design! Just wish the cord was hardier.

    I personally like the magsafe 2 design. Mine stays in there pretty securely, but easily breaks away if someone trips on it or it get inadvertently tugged. I like that a lot, now my computer doesn't get yanked and damaged, the cord just comes out, protecting the computer. I do however wish the cable itself was hardier. Like a braided cable or something. It's pretty delicate for a laptop cable and I feel like I have to be careful to wind it up and store it. Wish at least the the cable was removable from the power supply- I find myself self having to replace them for the iPhone, but with this you have to buy the whole power supply at $80.

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    I've used a laptop with an L charger for years and thought it was the smartest charger ever. Now upgraded to a retina display laptop and have been lumbered with the T charger, it's terrible. All it does is fall out, constantly. How did Apple get it so terribly wrong?!

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    it is terrible

    I've had to reconnect it 3 times this morning in the hour I have been using my Mac. The magnet is simple not strong enough. The only way this is successful is to leave it charged in all night and if you use up the charge during the day, just discontinue using the Mac until the next morning. Does this make any sense at all? Why the stubborn resistance to correcting the problem.

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    Quality - I think not

    After spending over £2500 on a laptop I would have expected the charger to have lasted a little longer that 16 months. I am not a heavy user but the charger had now 'frayed' at the mag 2 connector showing the metal grading around the cable itself. It is a poorly designed and poorly constructed piece of equipment which lets down the whole product. I just wonder what Apple were thinking of.......

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