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    Really don't like the MagSafe 2 Power Adapter

    I love my MacBook Air but I really don't like the new MagSafe 2 Power Adapter. The previous one was absolutely fine and worked well. The new one comes out way too easily, especially if you are working with your laptop away from a desk. It is incredibly annoying.

    I am also a bit unhappy that the adapter has changed when I purchased a replacement computer even though it is exactly the same model of computer. Hmm. Feels like it's a ploy to make more money from the customer. But even that I don't mind. It's the fact that the MagSafe 2 is just really badly designed and doesn't take user scenarios into account, which is quite strange given that it's Apple's strength.

    I hope that Apple people actually read these comments and take note. Thanks.

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    Really unacceptable

    I have had so many of these power adapter fail over the last 4 years, I can almost make the leaning tower of Pisa. The strain reliefs break, they burn out. This is something that Apple has to address, but its probably part of their revenue stream controlled obsolescence. Other than that I love my Mac's.

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    horrible horrible horrible

    i hate the magsafe2. i cant believe how bad it is for something that costs $2800. Its so bad they should fix the problem and recall all the laptops and provide new ones. absolutely horrible.

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    Silly design decision

    The previous magsafe with the 90' cable angle was perfect, why change it? With Magsafe 2, every time I work with my mac on my bed it unplugs the cable.... FAIL

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    Poor design

    So glad I didn't purchase additional adapters - I'm having more luck with my original MBP adapter and the Magsafe (1) to Magsafe 2 converter. At least the cable then leaves at a sensible angle.

    Have the 27" Thunderbolt display so needed to buy some converters - so glad I did. The Magsafe 2 power unit spends most of it time gathering dust.

    Having looked at this, there are two design faults - and it's not the magnet strength. If you try and pull the cable out using pure horizontal force, it's really difficult - a vote for the magnets. It's just that the MS2 adapter plug is twice the depth of the MS1 barrel-shaped unit and by the laws of physics - levers and all that, the slightest downward pull (including the cable weight) will pull the darn thing out.

    Apple don't need to redesign the MacBook and for goodness sake don't give us MS3 - just go back to the barrel shaped connection with right angle cable. Is that too difficult?

    Oh - and offer an adapter swap for those loyal customers who are hacked off. For free.

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    Extremely loose. Terrible design.

    When I push my MagSafe 2 connector down, it will disconnect at the slightest push. It takes more effort to disconnect when pushing it up. This implies a design flaw, because it would presumably be equal pressure when pulling from below and pulling from above. Really not impressed, Apple. My Retina screen also has to be replaced due to ghosting, will get them to check the power con out when its in store.

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    Im about to go buy my 4th macbook pro charger as the first.. stopped working, the 2nd caught on fire and burnt my carpet quite severely, and my 3rd just decided to stop.. had enough of their lame chargers!

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    Bad Design - Disconnects too Frequently

    Apple missed the ball on this one. :( Magsafe 2 disconnects far too easily. No problem if your laptop is on your desk - but put it on your lap and expect annoyingly frequent disconnects. The earlier sidebar-type Magsafe did not do this but Magsafe does and is IMHO a step backward in design

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    Makes me want to return my Macbook Pro.

    This is by far the worst charger I have ever had the misfortune of using. It is near impossible to get the connector to stay attached to the laptop, It is just to weak.

    I love the Macbook Pro with Retina as a laptop but I doubt I would recommend one to friends or family purely because of how useless this charger is. If Apple don't do something about this issue soon I will return the laptop and start searching for another brand.

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    Thanks for going back to the T-Shape

    I was unhappy when Apple made the switch to the l-shape a while ago but now we're back on t-shape and that works much better for me. The L-Shape always disconnected when I pushed the MBP closer to the wall.

    Now about the magsafe 2, was it really necessary to come up with a new design for just saving 1mm in height? I was thinking Apple would put additional contacts on a redesign of the magsafe, like thunderbolt so stay tuned for the magsafe 3 soon.

    All in all a good power supply of good size and love the ability to wind the cable around it (plus the clip!)