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    MagSafe 2(Poo)

    I've only had my MBPR 15" for a couple weeks now and I have already knocked it off of my bed twice because I tripped on the MagSafe cord and it yanked the MBPR off of the bed and onto the floor, and it wasn't on the edge of the bed it was at least a foot and a half away from the edge of the bed.

    This is a $3000 computer and has a huge design flaw in my opinion. My previous MBP with the original MagSafe adapter never had any issues, and I tripped on it countless times!

    To top it off when I'm charging on my lap the slightest little bump knocks it off, but when you pull straight out on the cord the magnet has amazing force. I think this is because of the new thinner design.

    Apple, listen up, your obsession with thin has gone too far and made a great invention terrible. The market has moved on, we don't care about thin anymore. We want products that work! You know the way you use to make products!

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    Great power cord

    Are people really whining about the power cord of their $2000 laptop falling out too easy?

    I like the design with the magnet, the battery on the 15" Retina lasts so long you should not have to constantly be connect anyways. Plug it in over night or when you are sitting at a desk. C'mon people.

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    Actually unbearable

    Cant believe Apple would ship out a product like this! I feel like the adapter owns and controls me. I have to constantly conscious of how I'm sitting, where the cables located, and the movements i make. Absolutely ridiculous! Fix this, i didn't pay a premium for shiny..

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    Magnet won't stay put...lousy design

    I am extremely disappointed with the new charger for the macbook pro retina. The magnet is weak and unless you put the laptop on a hard surface and don't touch it, it pops out constantly. It is too thin and the slightest movement (even if I just switch positions in my lap it pops out) causes it to fall out. What is worse is that it is so light and flimsy, you don't even realize it has popped out...there is no sound like on the iphone and/or ipad. Apple really needs to rethink the design and implement some changes. For how much I spent on this laptop, I'm not a happy camper that the very thing that gives it power, doesn't work properly. Far too expensive to have such a simple problem.

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    This product is a potential fire hazard - beware!

    The body of this power adapter overheats something terrible. It is dangerous and a fire hazard. Today the cable coming out of the main unit melted exposing the internal wires. In the process it melted a hole in the carpet it was sitting on. Overheating seems to be a recurrent problem with this design. Tomorrow I will see what the Mac Store has to say about this. I assume that they will replace the product for free.

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    No idea what they are talking about, this is awesome!

    The magnet power connector.. I know how to use it, this is probably why I like it so much, I have walked from one end of the room to the other, I have shook my laptop, TRYING to make it fall off, to no avail it stayed on, sad day for me trying to be a hipster.

    I just got a new fully geared and fully ready MacBook Pro /w Retina 15'', This thing converted me from a PC like a boss. I love this thing! Never going back to windows outside of the workplace.

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    Unplugged Again!

    Searched online to see if anyone else was having issues with this adapter, and see that others have experienced the same problem I am having. I usually use this computer while sitting on the couch, and move it back and forth from the coffee table to my lap. I have found the cord often becomes unplugged. Previously had an MacBook Air, which I used the same way and can't recall having any such issues. The magnet seems strong when plugged in, but if tilted slightly up or down from movement, it falls out. Nothing I can't live with, but mildly annoying.

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    PROBLEM : magnetic power connector new Macbook Pro Retina

    Very disappointing and bad design of magnetic power connector new Macbook pro Retina of 1.975 euro
    Why change? My old 2011 was perfect.

    Now it bigger, with a slight tension it comes off. Many times is loose ....

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    Apple fixed something that wasn't broken - and made it worse

    I can't believe they actually paid an entire team of engineers for more than a year to redesign the power connector on the MacBook Pro - and they blew it. They've got this so messed up it's unusable. Apple's new design is fragile, with just a slight weight of the cable itself will pull the plug out from the computer. We've got a $4500 Retina, and we have to duct-tape the power supply to the computer. If we don't glue it on, we look up to see the machine's battery surprisingly gone dead with the cord on the floor. Ridiculous.

    I hear Kensington is about to release a power supply with a "new" size, but with the old "L" shaped fitting that worked for 10 years (that actually stays put and doesn't fall out).

    We didn't NEED a new size. We didn't NEED a new connector. We didn't NEED to replace the "L" connector. It was all fine, Apple. Talk about missing Steve -

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    Horrible charger

    I am extremely disappointed with the new charger for the macbook pro retina. IT doesn't stay magnetised at all. Its far too thin and if not on flat surface then it pops out all the time. Apple should rethink the design and implement changes as I actually miss my old 15" macbook from 2007, this charger is so bad, and with the price I paid this shouldn't be happening.

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    It simply is not true that the connecter is too weak. It has the perfect balance and I much prefer the new magsafe 2 connecter on my mbp retina to the magsafe 1 of y old mbp...

    The only reason I am buying another, is that wires became exposed a the end nearest the transformer of the power supply…

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    the retina is amazing macbook! However the power cord is constantly falling out!!! omg! sooooo annoying! i can count how many times ive had to plug it back in!

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    not worth the $

    I got a macbook pro with retina display in october, I love the computer but the power cord not so much! It get rips in it when coil it using the little hooks, now mine looks like a mummy with all the patches of electrical tape. It also over heats if you try to charge your laptop for over an hour. Over all I was expecting a little bit more for my money, I take good care of my electronics they should last at least a year!

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    Multiple issues

    This charger has several bugs. First off, I have red marks on my hand because the charger for my Macbook Pro is so hot, it has burned me. Secondly, the charger rarely stays connected. With only having my Macbook for three months, I at first brushed these off, but recently my situation has gotten worse. The charger refuses to charge occasionally and will only begin charging after I have let the charger sit for several minutes. I hope apple is able to find a solution to these problems.

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    Not weak ...

    I have been monitoring the magnet and contrary to the previous review, is not weak. I have two young dogs and this feature has saved my MacBook a few times. Under normal circumstances it does not just fall out.

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    It's a laptop the thing should stay put with a little jostling

    I don't really care about the shape--T or L... just this thing doesn't stay put at all. Cat walks by, unplugs -- he doesn't even have to pull on it, just barely tap the cord. I think it's the magnets that are too weak. Whatever it is, FIX IT.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Mostly bad design

    The magnet is definitely not strong enough on this charger. I've been through 3 chargers for my retina so I know exactly what I'm talking about. The charger also runs very hot.

    Worst of all, the charger is extremely hard to find retail (I was left stranded when my puppy chewed one until it could be shipped), and costs a significant amount more than the other chargers. You have to find the exact charger for your macbook. I could be wrong here, but I think each model and screen size has a different charger. How hard could it be to standardize a charger?

    I like the T design, but as stands I much prefer the side fitting charger for its magnetic strength. That being said, it is still a lot better than many PC chargers - but Apple has disappointed me with its design.

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    Others must have a defective charger.

    I have had my retina for a few days now and I must say that I have had NO ISSUES WHATSOEVER with the charger falling out... If I did have an issue, I am certain that apple would replace it for a non defective unit.. It makes me wonder what the others are doing to have the cable fall out so easily...On a side note, THEY ARE NOT BUILT TO BE USED WHILE WALKING AROUND!!

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    Not just annoying but DANGEROUS!

    I bought the Macbook Retina at the end of August. I use it as a laptop not as a desk top so it is moved around a fair bit. However as I noticed that the insulation on the cord was quite thin and the type to wear quite quickly I was always very careful not to bend unduly where it leaves and enters/exits the power brick/connector.

    Despite taking particular care over how I used the power adapter by early November the insulation where the cord enters the connector had split and curled up leaving exposed wires. The adapter still worked though not ideal having exposed wiring. By early January where the cable leaves the power brick started to smoulder and burnt right through the insulation and is now unusable. Not just annoying downright dangerous.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Power cord falls out if butterfly lands on it.

    Between working on my bed and the couch I have to bend over and re-attach my power cord 5-7 times a day. no joke.

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